Daily Journal - January 20, 2009
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - We now have a new president and
Sammy Squirrel has returned to the bird feeder.  An historic day
all around.  I'm sure everyone is overdosed by all the TV
coverage so anything I'd write would be redundant

But it is interesting to hear what the elderly black ladies have to
say about not being able to vote, segregation and how things
have changed in their lifetimes.  Good luck to our President and
all of the rest of us, too.  Amen to that...

Before we left for our Christmas vacation in Florida, I saw
Sammy out there one day looking for food but I hadn't put
anything outside  because I didn't want to attract rodents.  Then,
it was too cold and then I put it off until I saw the
five red

I failed to mention the significance of the cardinals when I put
the pictures in the other day.  When I was writing in here on
Friday morning, all of sudden I realized that I had forgotten to
remember that
Wednesday, January 14th was the 7 year
anniversary of Grandpa Burkholder's death.  It bothered me that I

should've understood what was going on when I saw the FIVE
all together in the tree.  But still, I didn't get it.

Later on in the afternoon, while I was downloading the photos
and putting them on here, all of sudden, it hit me -- exactly seven
years ago, at the exact same time the birds appeared -- just after
1:00 p.m., Grandpa's spirit sat next to me in my car right after I
bought that heavy, black, winter coat
(on sale) for his funeral.  

It was Grandpa's way of saying, "Hello, Donna. Forget
Here are five BIG HUGE RED REMINDERS!!!"

Grandpa's favorite bird was the cardinal.  He loved watching
them. That was the only thing that Bob brought home from
Woodhaven -- a ceramic cardinal that had been broken and was
glued together.  Interesting choice seeing as how Grandpa had
open heart surgery and all kinds of other medical procedures.  
Coincidence? hmmm

I'm not sure why Grandpa had to recruit
 FIVE cardinals to get my
attention - but it worked, didn't it.  Right on, Grandpa!

Then this morning, there was another interesting development.  
I don't know what the heck is going on with the number FIVE but
there were
five RED hibiscus blooming on my two plants that
live in the garage in the wintertime.  Of course, I had to take a
picture or you might not believe me.  I wouldn't believe me.   haha

I've spent more time than I planned taking pictures, downloading
them and so on -- although it's fascinating, so that's why I do it --
mainly to amuse myself.  I have another very important project
that I'm working on and time is of the essence so I'd better get
my skedaddling shoes on once again and get busy.

It's supposed to freeze in Florida tonight.  Brrrrr in the sunshine
state.  Hopefully, it stays above 32 because no one wants the
flowers to get nipped in their buds.   Icicle ya later, djb
One of the cardinals I saw on 1/16/09 - he's
puffed up because that was the day it never
got above 10 below zero.
Sammy, the prodigal squirrel, has returned
to the feeders.
1/20/2009 -
temperature outside 15 degrees
above zero.
Andrew, Grandpa and Jarrett at our house back in the day.  
It may have been sometime around 1999.
Grandpa's watching Jarrett & Andrew posing with bunny ears
by the fire at Woodhaven - it was an eternal flame.
Once he got on this side of the road, he slogged through the
snow to get to the bird feeder.  
Here are the tracks Sammy left in the snow as he ventured out
of the safety of the woods to find food!
Here's another photo of the pink geranium.  Seeing this guy, makes
me positively giddy.  Spring is just around the corner.....
While I was in the garage, I decided to get a photo of this
single hibiscus.  It makes me happy to see them.