I am now a visitor to your last resting place,
A holy sanctuary, most precious of space,
Visions in my mind and I picture your face,
And I leave my soul at your tombstone's base.

So everywhere I go I know I'll be right by your side,
The thoughts of you I couldn't forget if I tried,
Memories I'll hold with me until the day that I die,
Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry.

But we wouldn't feel pain if joy wasn't in our lives,
And in mine you've really played a very large size.
It's like they say, we learn from our mistakes,
I'm learning from the two that God happened to make.

And I know in time that we'll surely meet again,
No telling how soon, or how close I am to the end,
But I know that through time, these wounds will mend,
And I know one day, that I will see you again, my friend.

You will forever live on in my mind

I love you guys, Joe Thill
Joe was a very dear friend of
Andrew's.  He wrote this poem
last year on the first
anniversary of Andrew and
Jarrett's deaths.  We have
always treasured it.  In fact, I
had on the refrigerator for the
first year.  God bless Joe.