Pictures of Andrew & Jarrett

When they were little, the boys loved to put on Bob's tennis hats.  Of course, anything Andrew did, Jarrett had to do, too.  It just makes me laugh to see these two pictures. 

Andrew wearing Bob's tennis hat and wristbands plus Bob's sandals and flexing his muscles for the camera!.

Jarrett wearing Bob's golf hat and holding a hat with the sandals on the floor in front of him.

Here are some pictures of the boys doing the things that they did and usually managing to smile for the camera.  Many of these pictures are my all-time favorites!

Andrew's photo that was used for the drawing on the stone and Andrew's senior picture.

Jarrett's photo that was used for the drawing on the stone and a favorite picture of Jarrett.

The above pictures are the ones that I choose to put on the plaque for the Andrew and Jarrett Memorial Scholarship that will be on the wall at Kaneland High School.  I waited for a long time (well, almost a year) to decide what I wanted on it.  Bob suggested the pictures we used for the drawings on the stone and then I suggested that I put an inset picture of each boy on the big picture.  I kind of like it.  Although now that I see them both together, I think that Jarrett's picture is a little bit smaller than Andrew's.  That will NEVER do.  I'll have to go back and tweak it.  Let me know if you think it looks goofy.  I won't change it, but I'll appreciate your honesty!  lol  hahaha

This is the plaque that we give out every year to each student who receives the Andrew and Jarrett Burkholder Memorial Scholarship.  After the boys died, we received more than $20,000 from many wonderful people (some we didn't even know) for the scholarship fund.  We decided to add to it so that we can give out 10 scholarships a year until Jarrett's class graduates next year. 


Jarrett, Andrew and Bob - The Mowers

This picture above is the culmination of many shots.  I followed Bob and boys from the side of the house to the front of the house where this picture was taken.  Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that they would end up mowing behind their dad in single file.  This is truly one of my favorites because you could NEVER get them to pose like this!

Andrew, Kit, Cody, Jarrett posing for a picture while they wait for the swimming pool to get ready in 1995.


Grandma Berg, Andrew, Jarrett (with goofy smile) and Grandpa Berg - first day of school.

The Bergs must have been in Illinois visiting at the time school started.  I never took pictures of Andrew and Jarrett in the morning unless it was the first day of school and they knew that I HAD TO take their picture (it was on the same sacrosanct basis as the Christmas card picture).  Of course, Grandma and Grandpa would always let me take their picture.  Well okay, not ALWAYS! 

Eva Leigh (100 years old), Andrew, Jarrett, Bob - Bob's grandma and the boys' great-grandma

Andrew and Jarrett hugging - this picture was out of focus but I love their expressions, so here it is!


Bob and I had to attend an Eby-Brown annual meeting/golf outing that was held at Bay Hill Golf Course in Orlando, so we brought the boys along and they stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Berg.  We rented a car, so I drove over to Casselberry to see the boys and take them to the mall with Aunt Diane.  Afterwards, we went back to her apartment and the boys used one of those laser lights to play with Saki.  She totally loved it.  The funniest thing was that they'd shine it near the closet doors and Saki would run to catch the light and slide right into the door.  She didn't get hurt, she has too much fur surrounding her 6 pound body.  It was pretty funny though.  I'm laughing now as I recall it.  Years later, they'd do the same thing with Hobbes.  Of course, they always treated Hobbes like a dog.  Saying things like, "Fetch the ball, Hobbes!!"


Saki and Andrew in an unintentional artsy shot at Aunt Diane's in 1998.

Saki and Jarrett at Aunt Diane's - posing in front of a painting I did for Diane.


Andrew and Jarrett playing on the alligator at the Polynesian Hotel in Wisconsin Dells in 1995.  I love this picture!


Andrew and Jarrett under the umbrella fountain at the Dells in Wisconsin (1995).

Patrick holding up the fish he caught at the big fishing derby in 1994.

Patrick and Jarrett with the fish that Jarrett caught - Andrew's in the background fishing.

Cousins fishing - Joseph, Philip, Chris, Andrew - and Uncle Ron helping by waving at the fish.

Joseph, Philip (who caught a fish) and Andrew trying to catch fish using hot dogs.


Andrew with a crooked smile and his Notre Dame hat on in 1995.


Jarrett with HIS Notre Dame cap on looking slightly serious - in 1995 at the Wisconsin Dells.


The brothers - Jarrett and Andrew in June 1992 - Andrew was getting ready to go and plaay a t-ball game.  Jarrett was too young to play that year but a few years later, he was on MY team (see photo below).


Andrew and Jarrett on the same team for one year when I was a coach - Andrew pitched - Jarrett was the catcher.


Jarrett looking bored while leaning against a palm tree with Andrew giving the peace sign plus one in Florida at Grandma and Grandpa Burkholder's house.  I wear that Cub's visor in the summertime.



Jarrett riding in the golf cart with me and seemingly having a good time playing golf.


 Andrew swinging the golf club at Deer Valley in Big Rock, and of course, he's wearing a golf glove.



Jarrett getting ready to swing the golf club; he was a pretty good golfer.


Bob and Jarrett & Andrew at a hole near the corn field in Deer Valley.


Philip, Anthony, Andrew, Jarrett, Joseph - cousins forever - on the hammock at a Berg picnic.


Jarrett, Joseph, Philip, Andrew eating watermelon at another Berg picnic fest.


Here are Andrew and Jarrett at Woodhaven watching the fire burn. 


Jarrett and Andrew eating cotton candy in Lion's Park at the Eby picnic a few years ago.


Jarrett would practice these moves for hours and hours and hours until he was sore and bruised and bleeding from his knees.  I'd always ask him why he didn't wear a helmet and he'd say that he never fell on his head, just his knees.  What a riot!  He usually had a big rip in the knees of every pair of pants that he wore.  It took him a while to master these moves, but we also had spent a lot of time at the various skate parks around the area.  Most of the kids who hung out there were plywood pushers (Jarrett's term for skateboarders!!!).  He also subscribed to Daily Bread magazine - the ONLY magazine for in-line skaters!!

Jarrett catching some big air on his quarter pipe.



*   *   *   *   *



I'm pretty sure I was out in the driveway watching Jarrett for quite some time before he mastered this move.  It has some kind of a weird name that I can't remember.  While he was practicing these jumps, I would be out in my flower beds pulling weeds and retrieving basketballs or baseballs.  Notice that he DOES have some elbow pads on.  Good boy!

Another one of Jarrett's HIGH jumps and I'm not kidding!

* * * * *

Jarrett jumping rope so fast you can't even see the rope.

Sometime in the winter of 2001, Jarrett decided to subscribe to Men's Fitness magazine.  Every time it came in the mail, he'd start doing some new type of fitness routine.  Whether it was lifting weights every night for 30 minutes or jumping rope or doing sit ups.  Whatever they suggested, he'd start doing it.  Apparently, it worked because he was able to bench press 200 pounds.  Yikes! 


* * * * *

Jarrett jumping out of the elm tree (nice shot!)

Even before Jarrett started doing his boldacious moves on the quarter pipe and the rail, he was performing feats of derring-do by jumping out of trees, climbing trees, building a tree fort, etc.  This picture was taken in the afternoon in the summer of 1998 or thereabouts.  We had invited some of the relatives over for a picnic and were all sitting in the back yard.  Of course, I had my camera ready to take spontaneous pictures at a moment's notice!  I really love this picture.  It reminds me of Jarrett's energy.  Plus, you can see vestiges of his earlier-in-the-summer Mohawk haircut!


Andrew with his teammate and the other team walking at Hughes.


This was the day that I finally went out to the golf course and got a cart to follow Andrew.  Apparently, I didn't know how to follow golfers because Andrew told me I made too much noise.  Well, it didn't last very long anyway because it started to lightning and then thunder and a huge storm was moving in.  I had to load 4 or 5 golfers onto my cart and drive them back to the clubhouse.  It was totally hilarious.  Then, the storm came and Mr. Hughes bought dinner for all the golfers.  Our team and their team.  He said the boys were very well-behaved and he'd be thrilled to treat them.  We'll never forget that night!



Andrew on his 16th birthday (2/15/02).      

On Andrew's 16th birthday, he didn't want to go out to eat with us old people.  He was ready to go out with his friends early in the afternoon because after all, you only turn 16 once.  Of course, when he got his driver's license, he had to take the test TWICE because the first time he took it, he drove perfectly around the streets until he came back into the parking lot and drove over the concrete block that you weren't supposed to drive over.  He begged me to not tell his friends that he failed the test.  Instead, he told them all that I wouldn't take him over.  Of course, they all thought I was a real witch.  Then, the next week, we went over to DeKalb and when we walked into the place, everyone wished him Good Luck.  It was pretty funny.  That time, he passed the test!  You can see the birthday cards in the background.


        This is Brian's vet.

When Brian and Krissy came over for Grandpa's birthday party in September 2002, he let Andrew drive the Corvette!! even though Bob had asked Brian if he'd just give him a ride around the block.  Andrew was positively thrilled beyond words!  Bob said that he knew then that Brian was a great guy because he made Andrew's day. 


Kyle and Andrew with white faces and RED hair.

I don't remember the exact circumstances behind this interesting photo but I always kept Halloween face paint in a drawer upstairs.  Apparently, Kyle and Andrew had a brainstorm to look like Kabukis.  I was completely and totally taken aback when they came out of the bathroom after their face-painting, hair-coloring hijinx.  Never one to miss a photo opportunity, I grabbed the camera and started shooting.  This is another one of my favorites.  I seem to have a lot of favorite pictures, don't I?