One year later...

On Saturday (May 1), Teri gave me the following additional seven photographs of the one year anniversary of Andrew and Jarrett's accident.  I love the festiveness of the balloons, I love all the kids who remembered my sons, and I love the second picture below with the apparent haziness of their spirits coming to comfort their friends.


It appears that Andrew and Jarrett's spirits are watching over their friends.  Isn't that wonderful!




























It's April 13, 2004.  These are the pictures from the one year remembrance of Andrew and Jarrett's accident and deaths.  I was completely taken aback at how beautiful it all looked.  Of course, I should have known that their wonderful friends would come through once again!  Krissy, Linda and Tigger took the above pictures.  I don't think each picture needs an explanation.  They seem to be self-explanatory however, if you have a question, you can always send me an e-mail or call me.  But don't call me tomorrow, because I'll be on my way to Florida!  I'm going to put in a copy of the service they had out at the high school.  Bob just listened to the entire tape and I listened to part of it and it sounded so sweet and heartfelt and comforting.  I don't think we can ever thank Tigger, Gary and Bruce enough for what they did to put it all together.  Plus, I know there were others out there who did something that we won't ever know about.  Just remember:  ANDREW & JARRETT know what you did!!!!!  Plus, God.  So that should be enough.  I'm going to put in a copy of the program for the Service of Remembrance that was held at the high school.  I saw this for the first time last week and I still think it's awesome.  Thanks again to everyone who participated and remembered my sweet boys.  I still can't believe they've been gone over a year.  Dear God, please watch over dem guys!!  Thanks a lot!  See you later.  bye  Love to all, djb

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Wasn't this a wonderful tribute that they had for Andrew and Jarrett!  I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such kind and caring and loving people.  These are people who when confronted with a difficult situation don't see it as a problem but as an opportunity.  Instead of saying, "What can THEY do for US?"  They say, "What should WE do for THEM?"  They do inspire me to be a better person.  Thanks again one and all!!!!!

Andrew and Jarrett - 4ever in my heart - no matter where I am!