Daily Journal - May 7, 8, 9, 10, 2006
Sunday, May 7, 2006 - It's a nice
day today.  Earlier, I went on some
the blogs on myspace.com.  
Mercy!  I am a certified OLD FOGEY
because even I said to myself,
"WHOA!"  It appears that my
website is rated G compared to
what I saw on there!  Although I will
say that it is very interesting and
quite creative - a peek into the
minds of the youngsters.  If you
have a kid in middle school or high
school, I'm sure you know it well.

The thing that is most interesting to
me is that the kids just say
whatever is on their minds which I
think is a good thing on one hand,
but the problem I can see with it is
if a person ever wants to run for
public office, there's a paper trail -
okay, not real PAPER but a trail of
words that could come back to
haunt a person in later years.

Of course,  that's the trait I love
about Andrew and Jarrett's friends
- they speak from their hearts.  So, I
can only imagine what they would
have on a myspace space??????

I decided to put in the pictures of
Jarrett's kindergarten class and
fourth grade classes.  Just for fun.  
see ya later, djb  
Jarrett's Kindergarten class at Kaneland Elementary School
Jarrett's 4th grade class at Kaneland Elementary School
Monday, May 8, 2006 - It's already Monday!  This month has flown by.  It seems like only
yesterday, I was shoveling snow, and putting on my boots and looking for a hat to wear!

Jessica sent me an email to okay putting in the picture of her with Andy at the prom this
(that's the photo on the left).  So, as I was searching through my pictures to find that
one, I came across the famous Nelson Lake photos
(below).  Then, I thought, "hey, we
have a picture of us with Andy
(see below right).  Finally, it all came together when I
thought, "wait a minute, I have to put in a picture of US with Jarrett and our own Andrew"
(below left).  It kind of reminds me of seven degrees of separation.

Summer is officially here.  Bob and I sat out on the deck last night with the candles lit and
just enjoyed the peace AND quiet.  Could be just a "tad" warmer!!  bye for now, djb
Andy & Jessica dressed up for the
prom. She's gorgeous and he's
handsome - what more can I say?
Bob, Andy and me - last year Honor's Night
Bob, me, Andrew, and Jarrett in Florida
Jessica and Jarrett at Nelson Lake on
a kindergarten field trip.
Lewis, Mitchell, Julia, Jarrett, Jessica -
you know where they are!  Nelson Lake.
Tuesday, May 9, 2006 - Yesterday, I noticed that my hair is starting to
get either grey or white around my forehead.  Pretty soon, I won't have
to color it because it'll color itself!!  I'm so excited about that!

It's a weird looking morning.  Supposed to rain this afternoon.  Has
that humid, hazy feel to it, but then at the same time, it's coolish.

I'll probably write some more later.  Right now, I've gotta go, djb
Andrew, me,
Jarrett.  I like to see
pictures of me with
the boys.  Don't
have that many
because I always
took the pictures.
Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - Today is some sort of anniversary of something
but I can't remember what!!  This morning, when I came on here, the
keyboard was dead, so I had to go into Best Buy to get a new one.  Now, I'm
back in business.  I also found my ferns
(don't tell Bob) at Wal-mart.  It was
so exciting.  I also got some mulch and some potting soil at Home Depot.  I
brought the mulch into the cemetery and mulched the flowers and trees
around the grave.  The hosta are from Andrew & Jarrett's great grandmother,
the perennial geraniums are from our house in North Aurora where we lived
when the boys were born.  The daylilies are called Stella D'oro - Stella was
my Grandma O'Malley's name
(she was my Godmother).  The evergreen tree
on Jarrett's side came from our yard at this house.  Andrew's evergreen
came from Wal-mart in Plano, Illinois.  Go figure!  Must be going because I'm
running out of space.  We're supposed to get 4 inches of rain tonight and
tomorrow and 40 mph winds.  Can't wait for that!!!!!!!!!!  Not!  bye for now, djb