Daily Journal - May 4 & 5, 6, 2006
Thursday - May 4, 2006 - I woke up this morning to the sounds of
sirens and fire truck horns.  There was an accident on Hwy. 47
sometime before 6 a.m.   Then, I heard on the Chicago radio station
that 47 was closed between Smith Road and Hughes Road.  When I
went outside on the deck and looked toward the west, I counted 5

Later, another helicopter came.  At the time, I thought they were the
medivac helicopters but then I realized they were probably from the
TV stations.  It was a very bizarre sight.  They looked like bugs
hovering in the sky.  

I just downloaded the pictures, and the blue helicopter is WGN, so I'm
going to go and turn on the TV and see what happened down the
street from our house.

talk to you later, djb
4 helicopters - they look like bugs
later Thursday (5/4) - It's only about an hour later, but I checked the
TV stations and they didn't have any video of the accident.  
Apparently, it wasn't gory enough to be on the news.  I rarely watch the
morning news shows but they sure are happy on there!  

I'm going on a road trip with Donna this morning.  Whenever I see her, I
always say, "Hi, Donna."  And she says, "Hi, Donna."  hahaha  That
cracks me up.  Then, sometimes I say, "You have such a nice name!!"

Later on, I'll put more pictures from the prom on here.  Plus, I got some
photos of Berg's zig zag plant's flowers that are absolutely stunning. It
was given to them many years ago by Ken or Louise.  We are the crazy
take-a-picture-of-a-flower-anytime-it-blooms family.  ha!

see ya, djb
later Thursday (5/4) - Tomorrow is cinco de mayo - and I don't mean

Here's some pictures of Jarrett's classmates dressed up for the prom last
Saturday.  I think it's wonderful that Colleen shared her pictures with me.  
Sure, it makes me sad, but why shouldn't they have fun and let me be happy
to see how much fun they're having.  I can only imagine Jarrett being there
with them.

I had a very busy day today.  Donna and I went to heaven on earth - a nursery,
that's what Painter's Palette is -- I think they call it that because they have
every color of plant in the world.  Fabulous!

Plus, in the middle of May, they're getting Persian shield.  I'm ecstatic.  I've
been looking for that plant for years.  It is stunning.  Can't wait.  

Must be going now, I had a very busy afternoon.  The flowers at the cemetery
are looking very good, plus I fertilized the evergreens!  bye, djb
Austin, Kevin and Kevin at the prom
Colleen and Ryan at the prom
Colleen and Andrea, dollies
Colleen, Kevin (eyes closed) and Jackie (love her dress) - this
is such a sweet picture....
viernes - cinco de mayo, 2006 - They're bringing my new tractor here this morning -
so I have to go outside and do some work.  I hope that I'll be back soon with pictures!!
 It's VERY exciting.  hasta luego, djb

later tonight (5/5) - so the tractor didn't come until about 11:30 or so.  They took the
lemon away!  Then, about 1, Gabriel came with a shadow employee and fixed the
water softener.  He's absolutely hysterical.  It was a very busy day.  Plus, I had to
mow.  The lawn looks gorgeous!!!!

Bob had a stress test early this afternoon - they do them every so often.  It seemed to
go fairly well.  He'll find out the results next week.  

We're still waiting to hear about Andrew & Jarrett's table for Lion's Park.  Apparently, it
won't be delivered THIS week.  haha   Whatever.  I have the chess pieces ready to go
at a moment's notice.  (The King is 6" tall).

We saw some of Andrew's friends out at the golf course tonight when we had dinner.  
They're all getting older.  Isn't that something?  hmmm  Gives one pause.  see ya
later, djb
My tractor looks just like this.  I got this picture off of the
John Deere website.  cute as a bug.  Every time I
remembered to take a picture of my tractor, I'd already put it
back in the shed.  duh!
Saturday, May 6, 2006 - I don't have much time.  It's about 6:30 at night.  I've been up since
6 a.m.  Some guys who work for my neighbor, Tom, came over and helped me in the yard
today edge my trees and flower beds and put down a ton of mulch.  I haven't gone out to
take a picture yet because I had other things to do.

Bob spent the day out and about looking for a new car.  He's at the car dealer right now
taking care of business.  He's getting another Honda - silver like mine, but a two door with
a moon roof.  Oh boy!  He's very excited about it.  For some reason I've never gotten totally
"into" buying cars.  Grandpa Burkholder loved to do that!  Now, if you want to talk about
flowers, I'm in THAT conversation!!!

The nice thing about being outside is seeing all the neighbors and waving at everyone.  It's
so much fun.  Today, I saw Ron, Chad, Chris, Bonnie, Parker, Phyllis, Barb, then James
waved as he drove by.  Then, I saw Greg and Princess Grace, Ryan and the baby.  I know
his name, I just can't remember it right now.

On the phone, I talked to Bob, the Bergs and Diane.  She had just gotten back from
watching the Kentucky Derby at the Jai Alai....spelling could be off.  I'm exhausted.  We
might be going to Rosita's.  Bob wants to drive me around in his new car so maybe that
will actually happen.  It was cool here but very sunny.  I got windburn.  bye, djb
Yes, I put their pictures on top of the flowers,
but I like it.
WGN's helicopter