Daily Journal - May 28 & 29, 2006
SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2006 - Today is the day Jarrett would have graduated from high school if
he hadn't died on March 3, 2003, when he was 15 years old.  He would be 18 now - I wonder
what he would look like and where he'd be going to college????    When I saw this template, I
decided to put it on for today because as you can see, the orange matches Jarrett's shirt.  He
loved to wear bright colors.  That goldenrod color and even red from time to time.

When I look at the picture of him so alive, it's just weird to think that he's dead.  Yesterday,
Mary brought me some old videos that were taken at the school on March 6, 2003.  Ryan & Jon
were asking the kids what they thought about Jarrett.  We never got them until yesterday, and
we never heard from Ryan again.  Maybe once he saw Jarrett in the casket, he couldn't handle
it.  Gee, I know how
THAT feels.  I imagine at some point it was too emotional - too sad!!

When I watch the video and see the kids at the high school getting things ready for the
visitation, it brings back the days before the funeral when Bob and I were making
"arrangements" and the kids were trying to deal with the fact that they'd lost two classmates
and there they are with the loud music (well, it sounds loud to me) in the background, making
signs, milling about, etc.  It's poignant.  It's heartbreaking.  They were all so wonderful to us.   

I just read the story in the
Daily Herald - Leslie Hague wrote the story and Laura Stoecker took
the pictures.  It is completely and totally
AWESOME.  I'm thrilled with the way it came out.  They
were so delightful to be around for the past few months.
 They did an excellent job.  I think
they both deserve a raise!   
Kudos to Leslie!  Kudos to Laura!  

Talk to you later.  bye, djb
On the left:  There's Jarrett sliding down his rail
in the yard.  He'd practice and practice for hours
on end.  Don't take my picture until I get it right.

On the right:  This is the last good picture I have
of Jarrett.  Andrew had just taken a shower and
came into the kitchen and they started goofing
around.  I told them to stop for a second, let me
take your picture. Thank God I did that.  It's one of
my favorites.  Of course, most of them are my
Monday, May 29, 2006 - Today we celebrate
Memorial Day.  We used to call it Decoration Day
because that was the day people decorated the
graves of the soldiers in the Civil War, I think.

I noticed when we were in the cemetery on Saturday
there were people there decorating their loved
ones' graves.  I guess every day is Decoration Day
for me.  I'm always in there tending to the boys'
grave.  In fact, here's a picture of me doing just that.
later, djb
Photo by Laura Stoecker, The Daily Herald newspaper