Daily Journal - May 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 2006
Friday, May 19, 2006 - I'm going on a big adventure today, so I
don't have time to chat.  I'll be back later.  I saw this picture of the
boys from Mother's Day last year when I was in Florida.  So, of
course, I had to put it on here.  The picture down below is one
that Jarrett drew years ago.  I found it this week when I was going
through some old notebooks.  I LOVE to find treasures like this.  
It makes me happy.  see ya later, djb
Saturday, May 20, 2006 - I needed to take a break, so I decided
to come in here and update the website.  I've been working in the
yard because it's low 70's and sunny today.  I had some helpers
paint the deck and the back of the shed and the picnic table!  It
all looks awesome.  They did a great job!!!

In the meantime, I was planting grass plugs in the yard (remind
me NOT to do that EVER again).   Bob had to buy some stuff for
the Lion's Club scholarships.  Then, he came back and chopped
down some trees that were growing in the evergreens.  Then, I
put the flowers back on the deck.  They look absolutely
gorgeous!!   Now I have to clean up all the tree seeds that have
fallen on the outdoor green carpet.

In this picture (on the right) that Jarrett drew, he has a BAG of
MONEY.  I didn't even see that before when I had the picture on
the refrigerator.  Bob brought it to my attention.  It so hilarious.

When I saw their funny faces in the picture from yesterday, I
cried.  Now, I'm crying so I can't write.  It's too sad.  I miss them
every second of every day of every week of every month of
every year.  So, I've gotta go do some more mind-numbing
chores.  Bob went golfing.  Good for him.  see ya later, djb
Jarrett playing video games in the family room downstairs
with his bag of money nearby!!!
Jarrett sitting at a table in the kitchen eating something
hot.  I'm not sure WHY he drew these pictures.  There
are no others.
Sunday, May 21, 2006 - It's very clear today but a bit cooler
than yesterday.  At least, the sun
is shining.  So, that's good.

When I put this picture in here, I realized that I have to go in and
water these plants that I hung on the shepherd's hook on Friday.
When I went into Jewel early in the morning, Donna and Shawna
were unpacking new hanging baskets.  I thought these were
quite lovely although I suppose the boys would have preferred
anything other than pink!  

Another note to myself:  bring window cleaner in to clean off
the gravestone because it has grass clipping all over it.  thanks

We still have the dumpster, so Bob and I are going to go through
some more STUFF in the garage.  I have tendency to save

better go.  see ya later, djb
Andrew & Jarrett's grave on Friday, May 19, 2006
Monday, May 22, 2006 - I have so many things to say but not enough time to say them, so I'm going to put a BIG picture in here
today.  Last night, I was thinking about when I got diagnosed with ITP.  Jarrett was only in second grade.  He spent almost all of his
school years with me, at times, being critically ill.  When your platelets go
BELOW 20,000, you can bleed to death in your brain and not
even know it.  My platelets regularly went below 20,000.  Normal is considered somewhere between 150,000 and no more than

Once they were
ZERO (although I must've had a few).  Oh my gosh!  I just realized that was on Memorial Day in either 1996 or 1997.  
We were all going to the mall (video game arcade) & I got my blood checked first.  After the zero count, we went to Elmhurst Hospital so
I could get some IVGG.  WOW!  It must've been 1997.  That's the year I had cataract surgery on both eyes because the corticosteroids
made me go almost blind.  WOW!  That's so weird to recall.  No wonder Jarrett always mentioned my ITP when he wrote a story.

Yesterday, I had an optical migrane.  Haven't had one in years.  It's so weird.  That's what made me think about how the boys had to
live with a sick mother almost half of their lives.  Now that I'm in remission, it all seems like a bad dream.  A nightmare of needles, blood
tests, worrying that if I died, who would take care of Andrew and Jarrett.  Well, yeah, I know Bob would but he wasn't their mom and
someone has to go work around here.  They always told me they were glad I was here when they got off the bus. Well, except for
March 3rd when I was here waiting and they never came home.   bye bye for now, djb
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 - The angel on the left hand side below was given to us by a group of Jarrett's female classmates after he
died. During the winter, I keep it inside but on Sunday, I moved it out to the Andrew and Jarrett pond garden - the pond is clean and the
fountain is working!  On the left of the angel (hard to see) are buds of the rose called Mr. Lincoln (it's
RED).  The peachy iris below on
the right came out yesterday with all the purple irises.  They're so hardy, yet so delicate looking.  The flowers soothe my soul.  -djb
Jarrett's angel
- from his dear
My peachy iris from
Mother Nature
1995-1996 SCHOOL YEAR