Current Journal - May 17, 2006
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - I got an email this morning
from Erin, in which she said that they're going to have to
put Sable to sleep this morning.  I imagine by this time
(11:59 a.m.) she's together again with Andrew and Jarrett
and her arch-enemy, Hobbes.  Rest in peace, old girl.  You
were one heckuva great ferret!  Jarrett
had to have a ferret
because it rhymed with his name.  I'm not sure what Sable
rhymed with.  But I think he called her Sable because of the
color of her coat.  We saw her a few weeks ago at Scott
and Erin's house.  She was looking very old and feeble.  
I'm glad we saw her one more time.  

Note to Hobbes:  Don't be mean to Sable!!

I got my dumpster.  Must be going now.  bye, djb

P.S.  That picture totally cracks me up because Hobbes
wanted to "get" Sable more than anything else in the world!
His expression is priceless to me.  Not only that, but it's
nice to see Jarrett's hand.  I miss my boys.
Hobbes with Sable - and Jarrett's hand!
Thursday, May 18, 2006 - Yesterday, Bob came home from work a little bit earlier
than usual, and we filled up the dumpster with "stuff" from the shed.  Now, you can
actually walk in there without risking life and limb!  I knew for sure that I had to get
the dumpster when our neighbor's little grandson came over and said, "How do
you get
 IN there?"  And I said, "You don't."  oops, time to get a dumpster.  There's
still a bit of room for other miscellaneous items that are in the garage that also
need to be tossed in it.  No yard waste and nothing toxic!  Thank you.

Yesterday morning, before it started raining AGAIN, I was mowing the lawn and as
I came near the driveway, the tractor
STOPPED.  Yes, it's true.  My new tractor
stopped in its tracks.  I asked my lawn mentor, Ron, to check it out and see if he
could get it started - and he couldn't.  So, this morning, they came and took her
away to see what's wrong.  I hope it isn't ME!!!   I love that little tractor because she
does such a great job cutting the grass so much more evenly than the other one.

I have to go into town soon.  But, I'm going to put some pictures in here of the
bridal wreath and the iris.  I noticed that the pictures look the same as they did last
year.  I can't help it.  When I see the irises blooming, I HAVE TO take a picture.

On the right, are two pictures I took last year when I was at Berg's house in
Florida.  Marc figured out that they are monk parakeets.  Well, guess what?  
They're back this year and they brought all of their friends with them.  The other
day, there were four of them on the bird feeder (
the one we gave Grandpa for
).  Apparently, the birdies like the food at Berg's feeder!  It totally cracks
me up.  Bergs have become "birders."   You really can't help it because it's
stunning when you see these birds in person.  They're SO exotic.

Time to skedaddle.  The sun is out now.  That's always nice.  see ya later, djb
Monk parakeets at Berg's house in Florida 2005
The bridal wreath in the back yard.  So lovely that I'm putting
in three different views of it!
Irises (that Aunt Vada gave me) a few years ago blooming in
the front yard
later Thursday (5/18) - After I got back from town, my tractor was
sitting in the driveway waiting for me.  I don't know what was wrong
with it but I figured it was okay, so I mowed the yard.  It's a bit windy
out there today.  Plus, we have millions of helicopters that fell off the
maple trees.  The exact same thing happened last spring - and then
we had the drought.  The ground is totally covered - looks very messy.
 I think the trees produce more seeds when they know that a drought
is coming - survival of the fittest!  Have you ever read
The Secret Life
of Trees
?  very interesting...  I'd better go.  bye, djb
Mr. Cardinal in
Florida last year.
The cardinal
always reminds
us of Grandpa