Daily Journal - May 15 & 16, 2006
Monday, May 15, 2006 - Yesterday, Bob and I took a very long journey around the countryside visiting cemeteries.  It actually started
out as an idea to visit his mother's grave.  Then, it turned into paying our respects to many other mothers.  Most everyone wants to
avoid the tragic figures (like us) on happy occasions.   However, there were certain people who did remember me yesterday, and I
appreciate it very much.  You know who you are!  Here are the beginning pictures from our day.  It was QUITE an adventure.  We had
a great time dodging the rain drops.  Although toward the end, I got drenched and my shoes were full of mud.  We had to stop at the
Wal-Mart in Rochelle and buy new shoes.  I'm going to put these pictures in here for now and then I'll come back later and put the
rest of the pictures in. There are some good ones.   It takes forever to do it.  blah, blah, blah... who cares?  see ya later, djb
First stop:  Andrew & Jarrett's grave.  I put two silk roses on
those plant hangers and put Jessica's glass rose back in
the ground - it is quite beautiful and sturdy
Picture through the windshield as we're driving in to Creston
where a lot of my Berg relatives lived.
We're driving south on Woodlawn Road headed for the
North South Church.  Also known as Calvary Lutheran.
Here's my great grandparent's grave at the South
Church in Steward.  I put the roses by Bekka's side.  
Here's a view of what surround this cemetery in the middle
of corn country on Perry Road.
This is the farm house that my 2nd & 3rd
cousin (Sharon) lived in when we were
in high school.
Yesterday was the day that Grandma
Berg died 31 years ago.  Her mother
was born on May 13, 1864
George & Sadie (my grandpa and
grandma) it's hard to read their stone
with all the rain on it!  I put the silk
peony in the flower pot.
Ludwig & Sarah Berg - my great
grandparent's stone.  I put  the silk peony
among the real peony bushes for Sarah.
You can see the peony in front on the
left and the daylilies hiding behind them
next to Glen & Jewell's stone.
As soon as I got the flowers planted, it
started sprinkling and then I picked up
stuff and it started raining really hard.
Aunt Gladys at home yesterday waiting for Dave and Sue
and Taylor and Lauren to take her out  to eat.
Aunt Gladys with me yesterday on Mother's Day.  
We had a great day - all of us!!!
Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - The sun is shining (for real) after 6 days of clouds and rain.  We only got 2 and 1/4 inches in all that time
but it has been quite dreary.  It forces a person inside when all you want to do is be OUTSIDE!

Yesterday, was one of those very weird days that seem to occur more often than not.  I lost ALL of my e-mails from the past year and
a half - the incoming and sent (more than 2,000).  But I still have my deleted and blocked ones (oh boy!).  I'm lucky I have another
address (
andrewjarrett1715@yahoo.com) - those are still intact.  I don't know what happened but it seems as though in spite of all
the anti-virus stuff I have on here, I'm still vulnerable to attack!  Dr. Nick saved the day once again!!!!

GREAT NEWS:  Doty and Sons are delivering Andrew and Jarrett's chess table to Lion's Park this morning at 10 a.m.   The table has
been waiting in Sycamore since November to be delivered to Elburn.  
It's very exciting!  Later, I'll take these pictures out of here and
put in pictures of the table.  I have to skedaddle.  see ya later, djb
later today - I went into
Lion's Park and watched
Tom Doty install the boys
table.  Here it is.  It is

I'll chat more later because
Bryar wants to go to the
store now.  

It's an interesting story....

see ya later, djb
The water tower at Kaneland High School on Keslinger
Road.  The last place that Andrew and Jarrett were alive.