Daily Journal - May 11, 12, 13, 14, 2006
Thursday, May 11, 2006 - Yesterday was mostly overcast but the
temperature did get up to 72, I think.  My throat started to hurt about 5
o'clock.  Bob stayed late to do some work on the Lions Club
scholarships, so I ate some spicy guacamole because I thought that
might help to burn the germs away from my throat...it worked for a
while.  Then, I decided to take Advil and put some Vick's on my throat
and went to bed.

However, I was awakened by the loudest thunder I've heard in years - it
sounded quite bizarre.  Of course, I know that it was from a very tall
cloud system.  Tommy Skilling has explained it many times!

This morning, my throat is still not quite right, but it doesn't hurt as
much - hot coffee helps it.  We got 1-1/2 inches of rain last night.  I'm so
glad that I mowed the lawn in back really short the other day.  We're
supposed to have cold, wet, cloudy, disgusting weather for the next few
days.  Although I don't mind because that forces me to work inside!!

Better go and get this up and running.  bye for now, djb
Shannon & Hannah on the bus coming back from
the trip to Nelson Lake.
Friday, May 12, 2006 - We did have
some wind yesterday.  In fact, last night, I
went outside to bring in some of the
flowers and the table and umbrella
the chairs were headed into the
swimming pool.  I didn't get too wet
trying to drag the umbrella over to the
side, stack up the chairs and make sure
the table was flat!!  Such excitement.  

Yesterday, I got my zoysia grass.  It was
totally hilarious.  I didn't even know it had
been delivered.  It was outside on the

green carpet near the back door.  
There were two boxes of it and they each
weighed 79 pounds!  I had to take all of
the grass out of the boxes and put it
outside blade side up so it could get
wet.  It's brown and ugly and I hope
someday to plant it so that it will be able
to turn into
GREEN grass.  Better go.  see
ya later, djb
Here's Jarrett's kindergarten class after getting back from Nelson Lake
Here's Nelson Lake - looks like an alligator's in the water!  I'll bet
someone even said that
(I wonder if was me?)  
Getting off the bus after the trip to Nelson Lake - Jarrett's
kindergarten class
Saturday, May 13, 2006 - Yesterday around noon, I got a call from Granny, and she got my
Mother's Day cards.  Glad to hear they got there in time.  I always use the two day express
mail just in case.  One time, the cards I sent didn't get there until the day AFTER whatever
holiday it was.  mercy!

This is the first year that Grandma Burkholder won't be here for Mother's Day.  We're going
to visit her grave tomorrow (my idea - kudos to me!).  I bought some red peonies and two
Stella d'oros which I'll plant out at the grave.  They're the types of plants that require little or
no care which is what we need out there since it's w-a-y out there in the country.

In fact, it's near Chana where we lived for 6 months when I was 4 years old.  I wonder if I
could even find that place any more.  Wonder if it's even there (maybe Bergy knows).  The
farms and farm houses are disappearing so fast and being replaced by large
subdivisions and McMansions.  Very strange.

It seems as though as the years have gone by so quickly - let's see 2003, 2004, 2005, now
2006 - WOW!  That's four Mother's Day holidays that Andrew and Jarrett have been dead.  
At first, I heard from a lot of people - got a lot of support but now, this year, only Gayla sent
me a card.  God bless her.  Of course, I didn't send a card to anyone else either - well,
except MY mom.  So, there ya go.  I'm trying to pretend AGAIN that it doesn't bother me but
you know it does.  I don't mean the cards, I mean the MOTHER'S DAY hoopla.  It's sad,
sad, sad, sad....

How can ANYONE avoid the Mother's Day madness!?  It's everywhere.  Buy your mother a
gas grill for Mother's Day.....special Sale.  Whatever.   I do have something to do today.  
Ironically, it involves Andrew and Jarrett.  I didn't even remember that today was the day
BEFORE Mother's Day when I made my plans.  I'm sure they're laughing at me.  Nice
move,  mom!   see ya later, djb
Mother's Day - May 14, 2006 - Thirty one years ago today,
Grandma Berg died.  She was buried on the 17th of May -
siten de
(Norwegian Independence Day).  I  guess we'll go by there to
pay our respects to Grandma on our way to the other cemetery.

I talked to Granny last night for quite a while, and my Aunt Anna
(Granny's sister) has been given 10 days to live.  She's 97 years
old and I think her body is just wearing out. That's a long time to be
on the planet.  She was proud of the fact that she lived the longest
of anyone else in their family.  When Andrew and Jarrett died, she
asked, "Why wasn't it me?  Why did they die?"  Well, you know,
WHY questions are never answered. At least, she always kept her
mental faculties and knew what was going on.

When I was a little toddler (
QUITE a few years ago), she and my
uncle were watching me when I had a febrile convulsion - just like
Jarrett.  That's about one of the scariest things that you can ever
see happen to your child.  Except for seeing them dead after a car
accident.  I guess that's worse.  I'm feeling sorry for myself, BUT I
do have
MY mother still here with us and celebrating today in
Florida.  Bob doesn't even have his mom alive this year, so I
should just count my blessings and shut the hell up.  Thank you, I

I remember a few years ago, Andrew and I went to the mall and he
bought me that Jivago perfume.  I don't think either of us knew that
it had gold shavings in it.  I'll wear that today and think of him.  And
when I think of Andrew, I think of Jarrett.  And I remember that I was
once a mother of children who were alive.  Thanks, Andrew.  
Thanks Jarrett.

I'm out of here...............djb
Granny, Howard, Opal, Anna, Sister, Russell
Front: Opal, Anna, Sister, my mom, Grandpa
Back: Howard, Russell, Grandma hiding in the back