KANELAND HIGH SCHOOL *** March 7, 2003
A picture is worth a thousand words so
here are 22,000 words worth of pictures.
WARNING!!!!  Some of the photos on this page are
very sad.  There's one wide-angle, faraway picture of
Andrew and Jarrett in their
(creepy word alert!)
caskets.  But I put it in here because it shows all the
people who were standing in line at the high school on
March 7th to pay their respects to us.  Maybe some of
the new people at the high school who don't understand
what happened that week, three years ago, can look at
these pictures and get a clue.  Maybe some of the
people who were there have forgotten how intense it
was and how much all of the students were affected by
their deaths.  Remember one other poignant fact:  they
had just left school -
this was the LAST building in
which they were alive - Kaneland High School.