Daily Journal - Monday 3/06/06
This is the
page for
March 6.  I
could hardly
believe it
when I
reading it!
Andrew & Jarrett's candles and a few "orbs" on March 5, 2006
The view out my kitchen window on March 6, 2006
As I was driving to Malta this morning, I got stopped by a
train in DeKalb.  The sign reads:  STOP ON TRACKS  (I didn't.)
Here's Bob with  their new poodle, Rusty.  They got him in
September.  Very good natured - never heard him bark once.
Here's Bob and Joan's puppy - Rusty the poodle.  He
is so sweet.  And he loves to play with his toys.
Joan told me that whenever they leave the house,
Rusty sits on the sofa and looks out the window.  As I
was leaving today, I looked up, and there he was
sitting and watching me.  Of course, I had to get out of
the car, step in the snow and take a picture!!  
later Monday (3/6) - This morning, I went over to visit Joan and Judy.  Bob Berg was back from delivering 4 or 5 loads of gasoline. It
snowed on my way over there (2nd picture down on the left).  The first picture was taken last night.  It had stopped snowing, so I went
outside to take a picture of the boys' candles and THAT is what I got!!!  It's ORB CITY out there!  (kitchen picture this morning.)

Medical report:  Joan is doing much better.  She's still recuperating from her shoulder surgery.  Judy is taking the most excellent
care of her!  She has a really neat ice pack cooler thing that helps keep the swelling down.

I talked to Ron last night and Liz is going to try and get to the orthopedic surgeon before Wednesday with her broken finger!  If you
are in our family, chances are you're going to seek medical care some time in the near future.  If past events predict the future...

Bob and I are going to the Compassionate Friends meeting tonight.  We found out that Rob Anderson is going to be there speaking
so that's always a good thing.  We like him a lot.  He's very compassionate!  Better go.  see ya later, djb
Monday, March 6, 2006 - Most every day, I read a book of
prayers and positive thoughts that was written by a lady named
Betty Eadie.  She died for a short time and then was revived but in
the meantime, she went to heaven and saw Jesus.  Obviously, it
wasn't her time to leave the earth, so she returned.

For some reason, I'm drawn to the stories of people who have died
and then came back.  They absolutely fascinate me.  I know the
reason - because I always wonder who, what, why, where...  Why
can't I see my children????  WHERE are they exactly??  Not just
some amorphous destination.  I'd like the exact coordinates,

NOT ever try to convince anyone to believe what I do.  How
can they?  
I have my own path.  To my way of thinking, that's
what Jesus meant when he said not to JUDGE others - that's
God's job.  That's one of my big deals.  I have a huge problem with
judging other people and their actions.  I suppose once I figure
that out, I can die.  It seems like I'll be living a long time!  

One of the other problems that keeps coming up is the extreme
uncomfortable feelings people have toward death.  Fact is:  we are
all going to die.  I think people associate death with pain because
it always seems to occur after a grave illness and horrendous
accidents.  To my way of thinking, living is harder.

I'm no expert on anything.  I do want to be an expert.  You know
when they have the disasters and they call in an EXPERT.  I totally
love that.  One time, I told Bob, "I'd like to be an expert."  He
informed me that I would have to know more about one subject
than anyone else.  (ponder that idea) hmmmm  I'm still working on
that one.

Must go.  I may be involved in an adventure today.  We'll see how
that works out.  Plus, I have a few great SNOW pictures to put in
here but I have to shrink them first.  see ya later, djb
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