Daily Journal - 3/4/06 and 3/5/06
Judy and Donna - cousins at the cemetery
Bryar - big girl cousin of Andrew & Jarrett
Flowers from the Kedzie's
Flowers from Judy for the boys.
Here's how Andrew and Jarrett's grave site
looked yesterday.  Very colorful!  (and very cold!)
Judy at the cemetery yesterday - all the way from
by way of Malta!
Bryar is sitting on Karen's lap holding the roses in
front of the boys' grave.  See that heater on the right.
Karen brought that over to keep us warm.  I know it
helped and it had enough kerosene to last all day!
Sunday, March 5, 2006 - Today's the day that Andrew officially died
although he was never conscious after the accident at 2:40 p.m. on
03/03/03.  You know the 3,3,3 is kind of weird.  So, I was trying to
figure out more 3 involvement.  I came up with twenty minutes until 3 is
1/3 of an hour before 3.  Okay, so I'm weird but I thought it was
interesting.  I'm sure I can come up with more...

snow alert - right now, I'm waiting for the snow to come.  We're
supposed to get from 1-2 inches.  I should be able to get some good
pictures of the flowers covered with snow.  Years ago, I used to freak
out when it would snow on the flowers.  I'd have to go out and cover
them up.  Andrew and Jarrett would make fun of me!  It doesn't really
matter what you do.  Although one time, I did pick a lot of the daffodils
because it was going to freeze.  They did smell good.

I'm still trying to figure out how to configure these journal pages.  I just
heard that snow is falling in the northwest suburbs.  I'm assuming that's
Rockford and it's headed our way!!!  Oh boy! ~djb
Saturday, March 4, 2006 - The interesting thing about yesterday's
three year anniversary of the boys' accident and Jarrett's death  was
the realization that we made the correct decision about our
scholarship (2003-2006).

Yesterday, one of the kids said that they had to explain to a younger
student why so many of the seniors were wearing shirts that said,
"Burke forever," "you will always be remembered," and the picture of
those two boys (one of them not wearing a shirt).  They didn't KNOW
about Andrew and Jarrett.

After Jarrett's class graduates this year (Class of 2006), very few
students remaining in the high school will even know who they were.  
It's so much more meaningful to us to be able to help those students
who lived through that traumatic time.  

We knew there wouldn't be as many kids coming out this year as last
year (probably half as many), but there were still a lot of them who
did come out to pay their respects.  It helps us to see them, and hug
them, and take a peek into their world for a short time - a world we're
not privy to except on rare occasions.

So many wonderful things happened yesterday.  I can't write them all
right now but it was magical because we experienced serendipity
unfolding right before our eyes, and it was awesome.  

Must be going now.  We spent 7 hours and 15 minutes outside
yesterday.  If Karen hadn't brought the kerosene heater, I think we
would surely have been frozen.  bye for now, djb