Jarrett, Donna, Andrew, Bob - Christmas 1989
Jarrett, Donna, Andrew, Bob - February 2003
These two pictures fascinate me because we're all in the same position in each photo - approximately 13 years separate
the two moments in time.  Who knew that two weeks after Andrew's 17th birthday, they'd both be dead?  Not me.
Where are they?

Where'd they go---
I'd like to know.
Where are those boys of mine?

Except for their last
fateful day,
they always came home on time.

Now, they're gone---
far, far away
to a place I can only imagine.

No forwarding address.

No Zip Code.



1/25/2009 ~djb
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March 3, 2013 - TEN YEARS years since 03/03/03 -10 years
equals 1
20 months, equals 3,653 days (including 3 leap days) since I've
seen Andrew and Jarrett alive on the planet.  Still unbelievable.  Sad and
pitiful.  That's me.

I incorporated most of the photos I had of the visitation into two Slideshows.
They came out really well but I'm still going to leave the old photo pages
linked up to the right for no other reason than it took a long time to do them.

Gone but not forgotten.  Forever in my heart.  God bless Andrew.  God
bless Jarrett.  God bless the saintly boys.  love you forever, Mom
March 3, 2011 - Eight years since 2003  - Eight years equals 96 months
equals 2,922 days
(including two leap days) since I've seen Andrew and
alive.  How unbelievable!  

Two thousand nine hundred twenty-two days -- one sad, pitiful,  
heartbreaking day at a time.  That's incredible.

For some wonderful, unknown reason, I created this page two years ago
choosing the lilac with clouds and a calmer feeling rather than the black
background --- nice choice.  However, I do like the way the b&w pictures
"pop out" on black but I'm moving toward the light at least for now.  You
never know when the darkness will return.  I never know.  It just comes
whenever it wants....  I know the boys don't want tears.

So glad I put the flower photos that were sent when they died onto the
slide show - they're so gorgeous!!!!  Believe it or not, I still have a few of
the plants.  That's nice.

Last year, we met the boys' friends for our annual Loved Forever *
Forgotten Never get-together at the new restaurant in Elburn (Schmidt's).
It's a really nice place and a more centrally located site so it's easier for
everyone to get there.

We're planning to meet up there again  this year.  It matters less about
how many people show up, it matters that the ones we want to see are
going to be there.  They've been with us for the past 8 years!

It seems as though it's been longer than 365 days since I worked on
these pages.  Time has a weird way of either going at warp speed or
slogging along at a snail's pace.  Eight years???!!!  Unreal.  God bless
Andrew.  God bless Jarrett.  God bless the saintly boys - forever in my
heart.  bye, djb
My dear friend, Ginny, wrote this poem for the
boys in 2004.  I typed it over the picture of the
boys' heart I drew in the sand right next to the
Pacific Ocean in Kauai on March 3, 2004.