Daily Journal - March 2 & 3, 2006
The crosses that mark the spot where Jarrett and
Andrew went to heaven.
This picture of the stone was taken on August 1, 2003
Two weeks later, Bob had open heart surgery.  Mercy!
Phil, Anthony, Andrew, Jarrett and Joe - the cousins
Andrew & Jarrett's Scholarship plaque
Thursday, March 2, 2006 - I feel like I'm in limbo land today.  
Very weird day...

interesting tidbit - Bob and I went to the Olive Garden last
night and had a wonderful dinner.  I think people love
restaurants that have the garlic bread smell when you walk in
the door.  Okay, so I do.  After we ate, Bob got up from his
chair, and he said, "there's a penny on the floor" - (which he
picked up).  Of course, you
know what that means.

As usual, I had to go to the ladies room before we drove
home.  Guess what song was playing on the piped in music in
the bathroom?  Yup, "Pennies From Heaven."  I could NOT
believe it.  If that isn't a message from my saintly boys, I don't
what is!  Not even subtle.  Thanks guys!!!  It was sweet.

This morning, I scanned a bunch of pictures from the
visitation and other pictures from the school three years ago.  
There are pictures on here from 2003 but these are different.  
I'm going to make a new page.  I hate to always have the
background BLACK - that seems so depressing.  So, that's
my project for this morning. It takes forever to do it.  Grief
work is very hard to do.

Better go.  I have miles to walk before I sleep.  see ya, djb
FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2006 - I'm cheating today.  I didn't start
a new page.  I just have a few things to say.  Number 1 is
that Joan's surgery went quite well yesterday.  She's home
and Judy and Bob are taking very good care of her.  Judy is
coming over to the cemetery when Bob gets back from
work.  It will be SO good to see her.  Let me go find that
picture of her boys and my boys together in the hammock!!  
(be back in a flash)~

Yesterday, I got a call from a reporter for the Daily Herald.  
She wants to do a story on the Andrew & Jarrett scholarship
since this is the LAST year we're going to be doing it.  She's
coming out to the cemetery this afternoon.  We have NO
idea how many kids will show up.  Guess it doesn't matter
how MANY as long as the ones who WANT to come are
there.  We will be there.  How I wish they were here. bye, djb