Daily Journal - March 27 & 28, 29, 2006
Karen's holding Jarrett, Krissy is happy and Andrew has that cute
little smile - well, they all seem very happy.  I'm not sure what was
said right before this picture was taken.  I can only imagine!!
This is Jarrett's kindergarten class (there's Miss Pierson) outside and getting ready for the "Say NO to Drugs" parade around the track at the high school.
 I think their theme was:  "Don't Monkey Around With Drugs."  I have some other pictures somewhere around here.  I like to put these in because they're
all so little and cute.  This was 13 years ago, eh?  That would be 1993.
Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - Today I went to lunch with the girls.  Kathy and Brenda are
still teachers, and I like being around them and pretending that I'm a teacher.  Of course, I
retired in 1975.  That's kind of funny.  Kathy taught with some of the same people that I
taught with - it's kind of interesting and weird at the same time.  We didn't realize this until
a couple of years ago.

We always go to Olive Garden in St. Charles.  This is the sangria that the girls had.  I
brought my camera along because - well, you know how I am.  Isn't this a gorgeous
picture?!  yes, it is.
 Down below on the right is our waitress, Amanda, and she was most
excellent.  On the left down below is a picture of the sangria with the special menu.  Also
very lovely.  

Bob has bronchitis.  He's upstairs coughing as I write this - came home from work early.  
Kind of annoying for him.  He didn't go to Scottsdale to play golf after all.  too bad - so sad.  
Maybe next time.

This morning, the entire state of Illinois did not have Mediacom internet service.  WOW!  
Isn't that a riot?!  Of course, I called them as soon as I realized that it was out.  They'd just
found out about it five minutes beforehand.  When I called again a few hours later, it was
still out but they had a recorded message - smart move on their part.

Better finish this up.  It's taken me all afternoon to get my computer to act normal again.  It
was very sluggish for a while.  Now, it seems a little better.  Maybe it has a virus!!!  (that's a
computer joke - but really, not funny when you think about it.)  see ya later, djb
Tuesday - March 28, 2006 - As I was typing the date, I realized that it's
Krissy's birthday today.  She's on a big adventure - going to Disney
World with Kylie, Adelyn and her mom.  Lots of fun!  You know,  it's the
happiest place on earth.  I just checked the Orlando paper and today is
going to be cool (69 degrees) but tomorrow and the next day are going
to be close to my favorite temperature:  82 degrees!  That's perfect.

It's supposed to get sunny this afternoon here in northern Illinois!  Right
now, it's in the upper 30's and cloudy - that doesn't even sound close to
being warm.  There's a lot of work to be done in the yard.  As I looked out
the window when I was upstairs in the kitchen, I noticed that the bulbs
are coming up at lightning speed.  I'll bet if I put a camera out there, I
could actually catch them growing!!

Now that I think about it, I'm going to have to get the tractor taken in for
his yearly check-up.  Glad I remembered that!  Last summer, we put in a
new battery, new starter and pumped up the flat tire.  It's always
something.  bye for now.  See ya later, djb    
Monday - March 27, 2006 - I'd never seen this picture (on the right)
before we were in Florida for the anniversary, then I came across it on
Berg's computer.  So, I sent it to myself, and here it is.  I'm digging into
the hard-as-a-rock clay to construct the Andrew & Jarrett Memorial Pond.
Grandpa asked me where my shovels were.  I said, "THIS is the only
shovel I need.  If I use a bigger shovel, I won't be able to lift it because
this clay is so heavy."  Enough said.

This year, I'm going to get out there earlier to clean it out.  Last year was a
very smelly disaster.  I think the same principle applies to ponds as
applies to fish tanks - the bigger, the better.  The more water you have to
work with, the less magnified are your problems.

They still aren't sure what happened to the lake/pond here in our
subdivision.  Last summer, all the fish died of some kind of oxygen
situation.  Smelly.  It's really not a lake, it just looks like one.  It's really a
retention pond.  When I was on the homeowners board, we were going to
have it dredged.  The cost was estimated at around $40,000, and that
was 10 years ago.  Yikes!  So, we sent that idea to Davey Jones locker.  

I have to go outside and see what kind of work I can get done this
morning before the rains come this afternoon.  bye for now, djb
This is how the Andrew & Jarrett pond looked the next day.  
I finished digging out the bottom of the pond and then I put
it all together.

Grandpa and Grandma Berg were here on the last leg of
their western tour of the national parks.  That was during
the second hurricane of 2004...can't remember her name?

After I went in and bought two tons of rocks, Grandpa
helped me haul them over to the area.  It's amazing how
nice it looked so quickly.  Today, it's full of leaves but the
bulbs are starting to come up.   One of these days, I'll be
able to take a picture!
Me in my green "Fresh Produce" digging a hole in
the earth for Andrew and Jarrett's pond.  It was dry,
harder-than-concrete clay.  Yikes!!