Daily Journal - March 25 & 26, 2006
Here are the flowers I got this past week - they smell good, too.
Original photo of Judy, Joan and Joseph many years ago.
Same photo with the cutout around it - very cute & artsy.
Andrew in his tux at Grandma & Grandpa
Burkholder's 50th wedding anniversary
wedding or is that re-wedding?
Zoe in her extremely awesome & colorful
Halloween outfit.  I love the way the stars
pick up the colors in the photo.  Very cool
picture.  It speaks to me.
Kylie & Kenneth in the heart shape - cute!
Alyssa in the artsy heart shape.  The face has to
be positioned "just so" to be able to capture this
effect.  This came out great.
Andrew & Jarrett in North Aurora around the time we were moving to Elburn.  I'd never tried the photo collage
before.  You pick the pictures and it basically does it for you.  One of the photos was in there twice, so I flipped it.  
This is the bouquet of flowers using the kaleidescope feature on
my Paint Shop Pro.  It's totally perfectly awesomely lovely!!!
This was a fake butterfly laying on the snow and I applied the  
kaleidescope feature and it turned out like this.  So extremely cool.
Avis sitting on the patio taking a cat nap with Hobbes.  
Notice Hobbes has his "own chair.
Andrew and Gayla holding Jarrett at Rosita's.
later (3/26) - This morning, I was listening to that Josh Groban Song, "You're Still You" on
my CD player.  I parked my car and walked into the Jewel and THEY WERE PLAYING THE
SAME SONG IN THE STORE!  I mean, how many times have you EVER heard that song?  
In a grocery store?  No, Andrew & Jarrett did that.  It was sooooooooooo  AWESOME.  It
totally made my day!  I think being open to whatever messages they're trying to send me
and being happy sure beats being sad and mopey all the time.  I know they don't want me
to cry - they told me that. -djb

Sunday - March 26, 2006 - Last Friday, I went into the post office to mail some books and
yarn to Diane.  While I was in there, I started talking to an amazing woman who was also a
"retired teacher" and was one of 9 children.  She didn't know I was the mother of "those
two kids" who died - was that 3 years ago?  Mercy.  Anyway, she asked me if I had ever
read the book or seen the movie, "What Dreams May Come?"  No, I hadn't.  She said that
she thought I should read the book before seeing the movie.

So, when I mentioned it to Bob, he said, "No, let's see the movie first."  Okay.  We were at
Rosita's in DeKalb last night so after we ate, we drove over to Best Buy to find the movie.  It
was kind of weird (well, not really) but we walked in and I found the movie in less than 90
seconds of entering the door.  hmmmm.

We watched it (only one pause) and were astounded and amazed.  Some of it at the
beginning was difficult to watch - especially the part where their two children die in the
accident and you see two caskets in the church.  That was pretty creepy. But there were so
many other amazing things that happened to offset that.  It's like I've always said, "we
DON'T know what's going to happen when we die, but it will surely be much more
amazing that we could ever imagine!"    

Now when I think about it, I do remember a long time ago someone said that there was a
movie that we should watch but they didn't think we were ready.  So, we were ready
yesterday.  Serendipity.  I think so.

I'm very excited about going to the gambling boat with Bergy and Avis on her birthday
today.  We were in the same class in high school, so that'll give you a clue as to how old
we are!  haha  see you all later, djb

Happy Birthday, Gayla.  Happy Birthday, Avis!  Have some fun today
you two birthday girls!!!
Saturday - March 25, 2006 - When I woke up earlier this morning, there was
snow on the ground!  Now, it's gone.  Last night, I saw on the news that by the
end of next week, it's supposed to be in the low 60's.  When I go out to get the
newspapers in the morning, I see that the daffodils are all up and about.....just
waiting for warmer weather so they can burst into bloom.

That reminds me.  I bought some gorgeous flowers the other day at Jewel.  
They have some extremely excellent arrangements - not that expensive.  Of
course, I have to
buy flowers since I am unable to cut my own....oh sure, I have
cut a bouquet or two from time to time, but I prefer to let them

Earlier, I put in a picture of my garden out in the front yard but changed it at
10:30.  Instead, here's what I was talking about. They're so beautiful.  I love to
look at them.  I had my Special K but I didn't drink any more coffee.  It's VERY
cold outside.  I'm not sure why - must be the wind.  Down below this writing are
some of my artsy photos I've been working on and then I put some more down
there.  They're so much fun.  see ya later, djb