Daily Journal - March 20, 21, 22, 2006
Above:  Jarrett's spring flowers that he drew in 2nd grade

Left:  Andrew and Jarrett with their cousin, Sophie, at
Uncle Ron's and Aunt Liz's house
Jarrett waving goodbye on his way to the bus
Andrew skipping at Ted and Vada's anniversary party.
Wednesday, March 22, 2006 - It's taken me an hour to get this far
on updating the boys' website.  I'm not sure if I can keep this up
when it warms up outside. There's SO much work to do in the yard
this year.  The grass looks horrible.  The heavy snow really took a
toll on the greenery.  Plus there are so many dead branches falling
out of the trees.  I guess that's a good thing but on the other hand,
it's a pain to pick them up.

Right now, I'm going to see if there's any more STUFF to throw
away.  This past week, I heard another story about an older lady
who died and left a huge amount of empty BOXES.  That sounds
eerily familiar.  hmmm  Boxes and BOOKS!!!  We could start a
library in our house.  Oh yeah, the library referendum passed after
9 tries.  Good for them!  See ya later, djb
later (3/22) - Usually, I put my latest writing on top, but I can't move
stuff around every time I write in here, it's too annoying and time
consuming.  I'm sure if you want to read what I'm writing, you'll find it.  
yeah!   Yesterday, I bought a 70's compilation album at Kiss the Sky
(music).  I love that store.  Andrew and Jarrett used to always go in
there.  It smells like incense...just like Cracker Jax.  I'm listening to
Y.M.C.A. right now.  It's such an oldie but goodie!

This afternoon, I filled up a large garbage bag with old papers, articles
and quite a bit of miscellany.  I'm always amazed at what I come across.  
I keep wondering if I threw something away what difference would it
make in my life?  Probably none.  But I did find some cool stuff.  Like a
copy of "The Story of Our Lives" written by Mrs. O.C. Leigh, who was
Bob's great-grandmother.   She wrote it in honor of their golden
wedding anniversary which was celebrated December 7, 1931.  I'll have
to put it somewhere easily accessible.  It's very, very sweet.  You'll see.  
Better go. see ya later, djb  
(written by Jarrett - not sure which year)

  • Cool, Strong, Smart, Nice
  • Brother of Andrew
  • Lover of cats, ferrets, and red-eyed tree frogs
  • Who feels joy, happiness, and excitement
  • Who finds happiness in Winning, Money, and
    Command & Conquer
  • Who needs more money, a house, and a car
  • Whose hobbies are Command & Conquer and
    the internet
  • Who fears Atom Bombs
  • Who would like to see lots of money, more pets,
    and Japan
  • Who enjoys eating sushi, lobster and catfish
  • Who likes to wear orange, yellow, and a mohawk
  • Resident of Elburn
Tuesday - March 21, 2006 - It's nice to be able to write that
date!!!  Oh boy, spring is here.  It's 27 degrees and feels like
14 - yikes!.  We're missing the big blizzard that has already
caused quite a bit of trouble but I do like to take pictures of
the snow.  Driving in it....not so good.

I found this Autobiopoem that Jarrett had written probably in
7th or 8th grade.  Even though I scanned the original, you
couldn't read it, so I just re-typed it myself.  It's pretty funny.

I AM going through my stacks of stuff I've saved, and I do
have quite a bit to throw away.  Finally, I'm getting organized.  
(insert hysterical laughing icon here!)

Gotta go.  See ya later, djb
Monday - March 20, 2006 - Springs starts at 12:26 p.m. CST today.

So, tomorrow is the first full day of spring - which is the day I always
remember as being the day spring began.  A few weeks ago,  I came
across this picture of spring flowers that Jarrett drew in second grade.  It's
just so adorable.  The detail on the sunflower is quite intricate for a
second grader.  It must have taken him quite a while to complete the
entire picture.  He did a very good job.  I love having this stuff!

As I go through their old drawings and paintings, it seems as though I
have more artwork from Jarrett than Andrew.  It's possible that Andrew
tossed his in the garbage on his way home from school.   He never liked
art as much as Jarrett did.  His preference was always VIDEO GAMES!

And later on, computer games!  I'm sure he'd have a great time with all the
new electronic gadgets that are now out there in the world.  Plus, he'd
surely have a phone that could take pictures.  "Mom, I need that phone.  I
can take a picture and send it to you.  How cool is that?"  haha

It's getting late.  I'd better get this put up on the www.  bye, djb