Sunday, March 19, 2006 - I heard on the news that
they're having more rain in Kauai and they're afraid
that another earthen dam will give way.  The one that
broke last week was built a hundred years ago - I
think that's what I heard.  All I know is, it is a beautiful,
tranquil place.  Probably the most gorgeous place I've
ever been.  Certainly the nicest people I've ever met.

I just realized that the birthday frenzy begins now.  
Yesterday was Karen's and today is Daniel's.  A week
from today are Avis and Gayla's birthdays.  Then on
Tuesday is Krissy's birthday.  Then, a few more days,
it'll be Aunt Diane's birthday.  The day before her
birthday was Sadie's birthday, I think.  I'm not fact
checking any of this, I'm relying on my memory!  haha

Gotta go.  You know why - I can smell the coffee, djb  
View from our table at the breakfast buffet
Saturday, March 18, 2006 - I had to get rid of that green background from yesterday.  It was pretty intense.  
Bob and I went to Bennigan's last night.  I had corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes and carrots.  It was delicious
and I didn't have to do the dishes!  Yesterday, I was much too busy cleaning the house to find time to cook.

I want to find some more pictures of Karen but these that I found are pretty cute.  It takes me a long time to update
this every day.  At least an hour.  Probably the most time-consuming thing is finding a thought for the day
because once I start reading the thoughts, I get totally "into" them.  Then, of course, I have to find a picture (or
pictures) for the day, etc.  Right now, I'm going to the grocery store.  It's still early.  See ya later, djb
Krissy and Karen (the birthday girl) playing
music for us at Christmas!
Krissy, Andrew, KAREN (birthday girl) and Jarrett
(gum in mouth) at our house in 1989
Friday, March 17, 2006 - I'm looking for those pictures of
Andrew and Jarrett wearing their GREEN outfits...... Just
found them.  There are so many places on my computer
where I have pictures stored that it's like a scavenger hunt
trying to find them.  These are pretty funny.  Yes, boys, we
have to wear green today because it's St. Patrick's Day.  

I got a phone call from Ed a little while ago wishing me a
Happy St. Patrick's Day.  What a sweetheart!  Then, my
sister called me - she's as much Irish as I am.  Of course, I
got a card from O'Granny who is 100% Irish.  We always
say faith and begorrah, but we're not exactly sure what it
means.  Maybe I should go find out.  Or not.  Have a nice
St. Patrick's Day.  Yes, I am wearing green.  bye, djb