Daily Journal - March 15 &16, 2006
Jon and Jarrett at the fourth grade
picnic.  I took this picture into the sun
so there's a backlighting issue involved.
 But I still like their smiles so I'm putting
it in here.  I'll move it over to the Jarrett
pictures page at some point.
Jarrett in 1990 looking in the mirror at his reflection.  
pretty darn cute.
Andrew is sitting in the green chair at this house
smiling for his mom
(that would be me).  nice
Here we are again at the Berg's 60th anniversary party.  
This picture was taken by my cousin, Debbie.  Veralee
must have also taken a photo of us guys.
Jarrett, me and Andrew - the saintly boys at
Ju-Rin in Geneva on Andrew's 17th birthday
later on Thursday (3/16) - This is the picture I put in
when I feel sad.  It's the LAST picture I have of me with
Jarrett and Andrew.  We had so much fun that night.  No
one was being rude or out of sorts.   It was Andrew's
birthday, and Jarrett had beat three old men in chess
earlier in the day.  It was sweet.

I'm not crying tonight, although I could cry at the drop of
a hat.  I just miss them so much -- there are no words to
convey how I feel.   I don't know
where they are.  That's
what bothers me more than anything else -- the not
knowing WHERE THEY ARE exactly.

When you look at this picture, you see the familiarity -
the casual intimacy of a family - how much we loved one
another.  They were my life.  When they died, I was out
of a job.  I took care of them from day one.  We were
inextricably  bound.   My little weasels...

Pardon my sadness.  I just love them so much that it
hurts me more than anything else to know that they're
gone from my sight and my touch.  I know I'm pitiful.  
Maybe that's why people don't ask me how I'm doing.  
My answer would be, "not so good"  (and who wants to
hear that!?)  love ya, djb
Thursday - March 16, 2006 - I just spent 10 hours (from 6
am until 4 pm (CST) waiting for my website to be uploaded to
the Yahoo mother-ship.  It was unbelievable.  Plus, I've been
on the weather watch.  You just can't imagine the stress out
here in the heartland!!

I tried to put the Loch Ness Monster video on here yesterday.
 Well, that didn't work out since

However, there is a bit of good news from yesterday. I'm
finally able to copy a DVD.  Forget Pinnacle - they're nuts!   I
found something else, and then there was an update to Roxio
in my inbox today, so I'll look into that.  I couldn't do anything
else today because of the serious situation I found myself in.

Apparently, these files were bigger than a house!  Remember
when our picture files were really big and we didn't know how
to shrink them?!  The good old days - that's what today
reminded me of.  gotta go.  bye, djb

P.S.  It just started snowing again - no coverage yet.
Wednesday - March 15, 2006 - I have to take out the
recycling bin and the garbage cans, plus it's the ides of
March - so beware!  Mercy!  I'll be back later - maybe, djb

...later this same day - P.S.  I got busy elsewhere.....