Mary sitting next to Steve who is holding Jarrett (wearing
Andrew's old outfit) and Andrew on the right
Mary and Steve in Florida at Berg's house when we all
wore BIG glasses.
Jarrett - I totally love this picture!
Andrew with a fake knife (with blood) attached to his shirt
Jarrett and Andrew with the fake vomit on Grandpa's arm - we
must've gone to the dollar store and bought some props
Jarrett tackling Mary - she would always get down on the
floor with the boys.
Current Journal - 3/12/06
Jarrett sliding down his rail.  I remember taking this photo.
Sunday - March 12, 2006 - The sun is shining right now.  Don't
know for how long.  I've been looking at so many pictures the
last few days, my head is spinning.

I came across these pictures of the boys with Uncle Steve and
Aunt Mary when we were in Florida in January one year
(and I
do mean the entire month of January!
).  They completely crack
me up.  This takes so long to do .  I'm sure there must be an
easier way.  hmmm?

I like this picture of Jarrett sliding down his rail.  He was so
intense about practicing and perfecting his moves.  Even when
he was real little, he had an unusually finely honed sense of

Have to go make some coffee and get my papers.  The usual
business.  See ya later, djb