Daily Journal - 3/10/06 & 3/11/06
Friday, March 10, 2006 - It's Jenni's birthday (Linda Kelley's daughter) -
she was born 25 years ago today.  I'm sure a lot of people don't know what
to say or do on the birthday of one of our precious children who have died.
 How about, "it's Jenni's birthday, isn't it,  I'm thinking of you today."  

There are people who instinctively know what to do.  I'm reminded of a few
sweethearts - they give you a phone call, a card, an email.  Something!!!  It
is the thought that counts!  We don't want our children to be forgotten.

After all, we
DON'T forget the births of our kids.  In my case, how can I
forget 10 pounds of baby - twice!?  Well, I haven't.  Thankfully, they
weren't twins.  Yikes!  Whenever I wonder if they were really here or was it
just my imagination - I check the stretch marks - yup!  They were here - big
boys, loud and in person.  Those larger than life saintly boys....

I'm having so much trouble figuring out how to do the scholarship
application form on-line that I'll probably just put it on here and the
students can print it and mail it back to me or give it to the school.  It's
driving me crazy.  Time to go.  Happy Birthday, Jenni.  God bless you.  djb
later Friday (3/10) - Karen, Derek and
Bryar are coming over this afternoon to
get the big fish tank.  They were coming
over tomorrow but decided to do it this

It hasn't been easy to clean out the stuff
underneath because the last time I did a
lot of work on it, the boys were still alive.  
So, it's a little bit emotional.

Here are two pictures that I did my magic
on with my new program - Paint Shop Pro
X.  It seems to be quite advanced.  It'll
take me a while to figure it out but I had
fun with these.

Better go.  Have to round up all the fish
stuff.  At least, they'll enjoy it.  Karen
keeps buying pregnant fish!  That's funny.
Saturday - March 11, 2006 - It's supposed to get up
to 60 degrees today.  We had a change in plans
yesterday, and the kids did not come over to get the
fish tank - they'll be over here today.  We'll be happy
to see it back in use again.  It is an awesome tank.  
Once it gets back up and running, it pretty much
takes care of itself - except that once a month, the
filters need to be cleaned and of course, some
vacuuming should be done.  Smaller tanks are more
work because they're smaller.  haha

WOW!  The sun just came out.  What a shock.  
Yesterday, I wandered around the yard and picked
up sticks.  It's fun to be outside now because a lot of
the birdies are back.  I did notice that the squirrels
had dug up some of my bulbs.  Hey!  that's why I
plant so many.

I used to plant a lot of stuff because the boys would
always manage to get some sort of basketball or
baseball in the flower beds and knock something
over.  In later years, it was Andrew's golf balls - which
by the way, are still there!   I'll probably write some
more later.  Now, I'm going to make some fresh
coffee because I like the way it smells. djb
Here's the picture of Jarrett with Caroline, Alex
and Breece in 1996 at Berg's 50th wedding
anniversary -- bunny ears all around.  I'm not
sure where Andrew was unless he took the pic.
This was Andrew's birthday party.  Caroline (in
pink), Andrew, Jarrett (Superman), Breece
and Alex - I call this the Teenaged Mutant
Ninja turtle conehead party
Alex and big girl Breece all grown up.  
Actually, they look just like themselves
only taller.