CURRENT JOURNAL (week of 3/21/04)

Sunday - March 28, 2004 - It's KRISSY's birthday today!!!  Happy Birthday to you.....  I took a picture of her last night at Rosita's, so I'll have to shrink it and put it in here.  I got some good pix.  That camera is so awesome that it's hard to take a bad picture.  I know it's Sunday and I'm supposed to start a NEW journal page, but I have a cold and I'm sniffing and I don't feel particularly great.  I thought it was allergies, but I took Claritin and I'm still sniffing and sneezing, so I guess it's a cold.  Haven't had one in such a LONG time that it takes me a while to figure out that I'm sick.  That is funny, too.  All right, here's Brian and Krissy:

Brian and Krissy at Rosita's in DeKalb last night celebrating Krissy's birthday which is really today.

Bob and I got there a little early and while we were sitting at the round table that we always sit at when we go with my brothers, I saw three balloons in the other room and it reminded me that I was going to get a balloon.  So, I asked the cute little chica if we could have the balloons on our table and she said, let me check.  Then, she brought them over to us.  It was quite festive.  Muy bueno.  So, we had a good time.  I think I need some more hot salsa to clear out my nose. sniffffffff  Better go do something.  Maybe I'll stand on my head.  That might actually help.  Okie dokie.  See ya later, djb

Saturday - March 27, 2004 - It's looks like spring outside, so that's good.  Even Hobbes is happy.  During the winter, he would go outside and walk on the frozen ice in the swimming pool.  Now it's thawed, so he's given that up.  I have a picture somewhere of him out there on top of the winter cover.  He's funny.  Bob and I are going to Rosita's tonight.  Again, you say?  Sure, why not.  We LOVE Rosita's.  Their food is most excellent and basic.  No weird sauces on anything.  Although, I do love a weird sauce from time to time.  I'm trying to decide WHAT picture to put in here today.  Let me go and look in my files and see what I have.

Hobbes looking for a fish in the swimming pool last winter before it snowed.

Okay, now I'm really going to get busy and do some stuff.  lol.  It's time.  I read the newspaper that Illinois lost last night.  I know Bob stayed up late to watch the game.  so sad.  That's the way the ball bounces, I guess.  See ya later, djb

Friday - March 26, 2004 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO the boys' AUNT AVIS & the boys' cousin GAYLA.  I have pictures, don't worry.  And it really doesn't matter how old they are except to say that Avis is older than I am (by a few months!!) and Gayla is younger (by a FEW years).  It's QUITE warm and the grass is getting green by the minute!  That is very exciting.  We had some rain which is:  1) needed for the lawns, flowers, aquifer, etc.;  2) nice because you don't have to shovel it; 3) I just LOVE cloudy, dreary days - NOT!    So, here's some pictures of the birthday girls:

Happy Birthday to Aunt Avis (older & wiser than I am!).

Jake and Gayla on their wedding day in Maui. 

Happy Birthday to Gayla holding her cousin Jarrett and chatting with her cousin Andrew (those wise guys).

It's amazes me when I go through my pictures and see how MANY I have and how we've all changed over the years (especially the color of my hair!!).  yikes!!  Time to clean the house.  At least, that's my plan!!!  See ya later.  Bye, djb

Thursday - March 25, 2004 - The temperature right now is 56 degrees, so that means spring is here!  Of course, I've seen some of those goofy little lady bugs.  yuk.  Yesterday, we FINALLY got to see the entire DVD from Andrew and Jarrett's funeral. You might think, "Oh, that's kind of creepy, djb."  Well, it isn't.  When we first started watching it, we were quite overcome with emotion.  But, the first DVD froze while Ryan was talking, then the second one froze while Gary talking about Narnia.  Then, the third one went all the way through (third time's a charm!).  Bob and I came to the conclusion that it was better this way because it was too hard for us to watch the entire service at one time - at least the first time.  It is an awesome DVD.  Dave did an EXCELLENT job of putting it together.  I'm so glad that Linda suggested that we do this.  It means a lot to us.  To hear Gary's words of comfort again and to hear the Kaneland choir singing like angels, is just awesome.  And to hear Andrew and Jarrett's friends telling stories and making us laugh was so great!   Then, last night for some reason, I decided to burn a DVD with our Kauai pictures.  The music stops in the middle, so I'm going to have to go back and tweak it.  The bus just went by!  Must be 7 a.m.  Back to business.  I found this picture of Andrew and Jarrett with their fishing poles.  It has absolutely nothing to do with anything I'm talking about really, but it's so cute.  So, I'm putting it in here.  gotta go, bye, djb

Jarrett and Andrew with their fishing poles near the lake catchting some food for dinner.

Wednesday - March 24, 2004 - I decided since I put in a picture from Andrew's picnic, I'd put one in from one of Jarrett's.  At first, I thought it was first grade, but I think it's kindergarten.  I'm sure some of the kids reading this will recognize themselves!  Weren't you all cute?  yes.  I have to go see my doctor this morning.  I go every two months whether I want to or not!  I'll find out how many platelets I have.  The last two times, they were 304,000, so I don't even know what they might be.  It'll be fun to find out!!  So, see ya later, djb

Kindergarten munchkins at Kaneland Elementary School quite a few years ago.

Tuesday - March 23, 2004 - It's nice out this morning.  Bob heard that it's going to get close to 70 some day soon.  That's incredible!  oh boy!  I have to get some of that stuff to put on the grass to make it happy and weed free.  Maybe I'll get out my aerator.  One time, I put dishwashing soap on our grass.  It was supposed to do something.  I can't recall what it was.  It didn't work anyway.

Andrew at the 3rd grade picnic at Lion's Park holding up a ribbon he won in a race.

A young Greg at the same 3rd grade picnic.  It was a great day for the kids to be outside.

I remember that picnic.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids were running around everywhere.  Andrew's teacher in third grade was Mrs. Edwards.  She was one of the BEST grade school teachers ever!  Probably one of the reasons she was so excellent was that she treated the kids with respect.  I wish I could've been a teacher like that.  Instead, my teaching career lasted only a short time.  Of course, I got the challenge of my life when the boys were born.  Speaking of Andrew & Jarrett, last night we started watching the DVD from the funeral.  Oh my gosh.  It is absolutely AWESOME!!!  There was a glitch in it, however, and it just stopped while one of Jarrett's friends was speaking!  I'm sure he had NOTHING to do with it - lol.  It is not like anything I've ever seen.  It is so cool and so wonderful.  We were just totally amazed and thrilled to see it.  It's truly a work of art!!!  I'll let you know when we get it reviewed and completely ready and Dave said I can tell people that they can buy it if they want.  Something like that.  Whatever it is, I'll let you know.  He's an amazing artist with the video camera.  I don't think I could've seen it before now.  Some people might never want to see it, BUT I've always been a visual person, I have to see things for myself.  Anyway, that's the scoop.  It's time to go.  I'm not proof-reading this right now so if it sounds jumbled, EXCUSE ME.....see ya later, djb

...later this same day (3/22/04) - Well, today I took a picture of Andrew and Jarrett's orchid.  It had TWO blooms on it and one of the flowers finally opened up (the Andrew flower).  The other flower is waiting (the Jarrett flower).  I have it by the sink and every time I look at it, I think of the boys.  I always think of the boys, but it makes me smile.

Jarrett's flower is on the left and Andrew's flower is open. 

Cattleya orchid that I bought in Hawaii to put on the table of our lanai (balcony).

When Bob and I were in Hawaii, we had to stop at the Kmart to get toothpaste.  While we were in there, I saw this orchid.  It was very, very inexpensive, so I knew that it was meant for me.  The whole time we were there, it was just totally enjoyable to have it on the table.  It reminded me of the boys' orchid only purple!  ha ha  Yesterday, I was so sad because the boys were gone and I asked them to give me some kind of sign.  Well, today I got the DVD from the visitation and the funeral.  Isn't that amazing and cool?!  Those guys really come through for their mom.  Bless my boys.  It's time to get my skeedaddling shoes on.  Talk to you later.  bye for now, djb

Monday - March 22, 2004 - It's another COLD day here.  The other day, I found some cute pictures of the boys.  I know the one of Andrew is from third grade, so the one of Jarrett must be first grade.  Andrew was passing out programs for the Christmas concert and I have no idea what Jarrett was doing, but I love the green hat that Jarrett's wearing:

What a sweet look on Andrew's face.

Jarrett looking cool with his lime green hat.

I think I have to clean out some cupboards today.  Every time I open a door, all those plastic containers fall out on the floor.  That's so annoying.  Okay, must get busy.  Right!  see ya later, djb

...later this day (Sunday - the Lord's Day) - I'm so sad.  I just keep crying.  I can't stop.  I miss them so much.  When I feel like this, I usually write them a letter, so here goes:

Dear Andrew and Jarrett,

It's the beginning of spring time and you're not here.  I thought I'd start feeling less horrible after a while, but I don't.  If anything, I feel worse.  I know you're somewhere around me, but I can't see you or hear you or touch you or hug you guys.  You know how much I've always loved you....even before you were born.  That's funny because Andrew was the squirmy one and Jarrett was the calm one.  Of course, being a Berg, I'd get panicky if one of you weren't moving, so I'd have to move around and start poking my stomach just to make sure you were okay.  haha  That's funny but I'm still sad.  Please ask God or Jesus or Grandpa to HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND THIS because I can't.  It makes no sense to me at all.  I keep trying but I just come up empty every time.  Everything makes sense except the part about you guys dying.  So, please get me clarification if you don't mind.  Give me a sign - a fairly LARGE one because you know my eyes aren't that great.  Thanks for being my kids.  You know what I hope?  I hope that people who have kids that are alive, appreciate them and love them and hug them and treat them like little humans instead of little dummies.  Damn, you never know when some kind of crap is gonna happen and everything is changed forever.  I guess I feel a "little" better (not really).  I'll look for one of my favorite pictures of you two weasels.  Night, sweet boys.  Love you forever, Mom

Andrew's getting ready to bust out laughing and Jarrett knows why.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.  God bless Mom, God bless, Dad, God bless Andrew, God bless Jarrett.  Amen.

Sunday - March 21, 2004 - When I was a little kid (and boy! was that ever a long time ago!!), we always said that spring began on March 21st.  Isn't it funny that now we know EXACTLY when the seasons begin?  Like it makes any difference - because it's colder today than it's been for quite a few days.  VERY cold!  Brrrrr  Some day, it'll be hot and everyone will complain about how HOT it is.  But I never do because I always remember winter.  Here's what it's going to look like soon:

A picture of me swimming in Aunt Diane's pool last year.

One of these days, I'm planning to go to Florida to visit.  It'll be nice to see everyone, plus it will be nice to once again be WARM!!  I'm not really complaining, but I do love the water.  I took swimming lessons in Sycamore many years ago.  Whenever Andrew played the golf course in Sycamore, I'd say, "That golf course is at the place where I didn't learn how to swim."  Of course, he'd say, "You ALWAYS say that!"  It just seems that some people never learn to swim.  The boys always made fun of me because the only thing I could do was doggie paddle.  But, it got me where I wanted to go.  Okie dokie, that's all for now.  see ya later.  bye, djb