Saturday - March 20, 2004 - I think spring started last night.  Yes, I'm pretty sure it did!  It makes me want to say that poem about spring.  But I won't because I can just hear the boys saying, "Oh, mom."  But anyone in my family knows the one I'm talking about.  When I went out to get the newspapers, it was quite springish out there.  I know that's not a word!!  lol  Bob and I are going into the cemetery today to pick up the flowers and stuff that are in there.  They like to get the cemetery cleaned out ONCE a year.  So, we'll take everything back here and then bring it back later.  Of course, the cut flowers will be put on the compost pile so they can become food for another plant.  That's a good idea.  I can't wait to get out in the garden and do some digging in the dirt.  Wait a minute, I was going to plant those bulbs today.  I'd better get going before it rains or snows!  Trying to figure out what picture to put in here.  Let me look around and see what I have.

Grandpa Berg, Grandma Berg, Grandma Burkholder, Grandpa Burkholder - in Port Charlotte FL a few years ago.

Okay, so I found this picture I hadn't put in here yet.  If you're smart, you can tell that these are Andrew and Jarrett's grandparents.  We were glad that they all lived in Florida, because that's where the warm weather is, too.  haaa  see ya later, djb

...later this same day (3/19/04) - Karen and Bryar got here about noon or so.  We went out and about.  Bryar is a very good shopper.  We went into the fish store and I got some more fish for my big tank.  A few zebra danios and some platys.  I still take care of Andrew's gigantic ciclid in the tank in his room.  Plus, there's a very large algae eater in there, too.  I hadn't cleaned Andrew's tank in over a year.  Before we went to Kauai, I had to clean the filter - yuk and double yuk!  I think that algae eater has done a very good job keeping the tank clean!  I'll have to take their pictures some day.  When you walk in Andrew's room, the big guy runs (swims) and hides behind a rock!  It's pretty funny.  Andrew did love his fish.  He'd like to clean out his tank at 9 o'clock at night.  And I always had to clean the filter because I knew how!!  Sounds like a scam to me.  "Gee, Mom you do it the best, can you please clean my filter."  How could I say no?  And to tell you the truth, I was the best filter cleaner!!!  Well, I'm going to pull myself together because Bob and I are going to Rosita's.  So, here's a picture of Bryar and Karen.

Bryar and Karen at our house this afternoon. 

See ya later, gators.  It's been real.  It's been a hoot, but I have to go now.  I'm just writing nonsense, so I fill up the line. bye, djb

TGIF - March 19, 2004 - It's VERY foggy outside as I write this.  I went out earlier and it was clear.  It is supposed to be close to 50 degrees today!! That is a total hoot!  I found this picture of Jarrett taking a picture in the mirror, but now that I look at it, I can't tell for sure.  There's someone behind him giving him bunny ears.  I think it might be me.  I know it's not Andrew because I have another picture with Andrew in it.

Jarrett taking a picture at Uncle Ron & Aunt Liz's house.

Cousin Muffin Marie, young Andrew, young Jarrett many years ago. 

Andrew's wearing that blue shirt that he liked so much.  It must be me doing the bunny ears.  I'll have to see if I have some more pictures somewhere that will clear up this mystery.  It always amuses me when someone takes a picture in a mirror or they turn the camera around and take their own picture.  I suppose I do need to get out more!!! haha  Karen and Bryar are coming over to visit today so that'll keep me busy.  Whenever I'm around the youngsters, they completely exhaust me.  They NEVER stop moving - they just wear me out watching them!  Better go.  See ya later, djb

...later this day (3/18/04) - I've been making a birthday card for Karen, and I came across a picture of her and Krissy when they were very, very young.  I'm guessing it was 1984, so she was 5.  Bob and I had gone over to Avis and Bergy's house.  Maybe it was a Christmas party.  Anyway, we walked down 10th Street and saw the girls, so they did a little kick for me.  At least, Krissy managed to kick, Karen was checking it out.  Can I get my foot that high without falling?

Krissy on the left and Karen on the right kicking up a storm in 1984.

It's starting to get foggy here.  Very weird weather.  And everyone knows I'm obsessed with weather!! ha!  If I ever won the lotto, Tommy Skilling's the only news person I would talk to!  Isn't that a hoot?  See ya later, djb 

Thursday - March 18, 2004 - KAREN'S BIRTHDAY - Today is Karen's 25th birthday.  Yikes!  She's gettin' old.  lol  Any picture I have of Andrew and Jarrett when they were little (and KrissyKaren are nearby), Jarrett is velcroed to Karen's hip.  She wasn't that much bigger than he was, but she'd tote him around like he was as light as a feather.  Here's Karen in December:

Karen in December 2003.

Now she's married to Derek and has her own little dolly.  I have a picture of Derek and Bryar somewhere around here.  I'll have to shrink it before I put it in.  Happy Birthday to Karen.  Now, I have to go outside and get newspapers in the *SNOW*.  see ya, djb

Wednesday - March 17, 2004 - ST. PATRICK'S DAY - It's finally St. Patrick's Day.  We heard that my aunt, Andrew and Jarrett's great-aunt Anna had been in the hospital in February, so Bergy and Ron and I are going up to see her today, because after all, she's one of the few people I know for sure is 100% IRISH!!  Well, so is Granny, but I'm not flying to Florida today.  haaa

Mary Margaret, my cousin and Aunt Anna (my aunt) who is 100% Irish. 

Yes, I did vote.  It was fun.  I saw Nancy Eckman there.  She's been an election judge for years and years.  It's nice to see a friendly face when you go into vote.  And, she's VERY friendly.  Okie dokie.  Have to run.  Faith and begorrah.  God love ya on St. Patrick's Day.  See ya later.  bye, djb

...later this day (3/16) - I found a picture with Kylie and the boys when we all went up to Minnesota for Uncle Ted and Aunt Vada's 50th wedding anniversary.  She always had to sit near one of the boys.  This time, she's next to Jarrett!

There's Trisha, Krissy, Andrew (hat), Jarrett, Kylie (with the scarf) & Karen (hat) eating lunch at the farm in June 2000. 

Most of the snow is gone now.  So, we've got that going for us!!  Okay, I didn't vote yet, so NOW I'm going to vote.  I'm not kidding this time.  later, djb

Tuesday - March 16, 2004 - Well, I got up early today.  We have *SNOW* covering the ground.  It's very exciting.  Right!  Even though it's NOT St. Patrick's Day yet, I put my page up a day early on the website.  I couldn't help myself.  It makes me laugh.  Especially the pictures of Andrew and Jarrett wearing GREEN with green balloons and the shamrock in the background.  What a hoot.  When they got older, they loved corned beef and cabbage for some reason, I don't know why.  Grandma Berg is Irish (O'Malley, doncha know).  So, the boys were 25% Irish.  I figured that was enough to allow them to wear green and celebrate with a shamrock cookie or two.  The picture with Hobbes and the oxalis in the green flower pot hat and the leprechaun was totally spontaneous.  A couple of years ago, I put the stuff on the counter and he just decided to plop himself right next to it.  He knows I don't allow him on the counter, but since it was a photo op, I couldn't dislodge him until I took a few pictures.  I wonder what picture I should put in here... hmmmm

Jarrett holding Hobbes with Andrew helping - notice the snow in the background - we have MORE than that today! Yikes!!

Better get going so I can go and VOTE.  I asked some of the youngsters if they were registered to vote and they said, "No, what's the point?"  It's hard to counter that sometimes, but I figure it's part of my job description.  Besides, I like to get out and about and then I get a sticker that says I voted.  God bless the USA.  see ya later, djb

...later this same day (3/15) - I had to go outside into the world!  Yikes.  Krissy and Karen told me yesterday that there were bulbs attached to the silk iris plant at the boys' stone.  So on my way to the post office, I stopped and took them off the flower pot.  I thought to myself, "that's a good idea, eh?"  No, I didn't say eh.  But, it is a good idea.  I'll be planting those once the SNOW STOPS FALLING!  I hope you've seen the pictures I put on the Boys' Stone webpage.  They're awesome pictures taken by Krissy.  She sent them to me by e-mail and I couldn't get them opened.  Last night, when she was here, she couldn't get them opened, either.  So it wasn't just me!!  Then, today by some miracle of the world wide web, I got them opened.  Amazing!  It really does touch my heart to see what their friends did and I know Uncle Bergy came by and Uncle Bill and the girls were here Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!  What great nieces we have and what great cousins Andrew and Jarrett had.  It was funny that when Kylie (she's the boys' first cousin once removed) would come over to the house, she'd always say, "WHERE's the boys?"  And I'd always say, "they're down in the computer room."  And Jarrett would yell upstairs, "don't tell her where we are!"  She didn't care, she'd just march right down there and check out what they were doing.  Now that I think about it, maybe they didn't WANT her to see what they were doing, eh?  haaa  I was looking for a picture of Kylie to put in here but I have to shrink it down and work my magic, so I'll put this one in because it's funny.  Jarrett and his buddy in Florida pumping up.  see ya later, djb


Monday, March 15, 2004 - THE IDES OF MARCH!!  It's another cool morning.  Hobbes is in the garage eating his special food.  I'm afraid to let him out - after all, the Soothsayer did warn about March 15th.  If he does go outside, I'll have to be his bodyguard.  That's a real funny image.  Here's hoping that you all have a nice day.  I wonder what cute picture I can find to put in here.  Let me see.

Andrew hugging his brother.  This picture is so cute. I gave Grandpa that staghorn fern and he thought I was nuts!  Now, he has LOTS of them!!!  lol

Must be going now.  I know I haven't said much here, but it's very early.  Not only is it "lighter-later" it's also "lighter-earlier."  Once the sun comes up, I wake up.  I don't even need to hear a rooster.  Oh rooster picture.  This guy is so darn cute: 

Roy Rooster in Kauai strutting his stuff!

I managed to distract myself for a few minutes.  Now, I REALLY must be going.  See ya later.  Have fun, Granny!!  bye, djb

...later this same day (3/14) 5:00 p.m. - Krissy called me earlier today, she and Karen were taking their mom to the airport and then they were going to stop at Woodfield Mall.  But they took a different turn and ended up at IKEA.  So, I talked to them about 3:15 or so and they were in South Barrington.  We assumed they'd be here around 4.  I just called Karen's phone and they got onto Randall Road (Krissy's favorite road) and found a GREAT Kohl's up in South Elgin.  I told Bob once they hit Randall, they'll have to stop somewhere and I was right!!  lol

Krissy holding Andrew and Karen holding Jarrett with his finger in his mouth (Christmas 1988)

Since they're not here, I have time to put in a picture of them from quite a few years ago!  Karen always held Jarrett and Krissy always held Andrew until he got too big and squirrelly and then she'd just chase after him.  They're gonna flip when they see this, but if they'd gotten here earlier, I wouldn't have had time to find this picture and put it in here!!!  bye, djb

Sunday - March 14, 2004 - As I was setting up this page, I saw a critter slink by the window.  It looked gray.  I'm going to have to go investigate right now.  Hobbes is outside, so who knows WHAT's going on out there!  Well, Hobbes and the gray cat apparently got into it!  Hobbes was at the back door looking quite disheveled.  Tufts of hair were sticking up all over the place.  We've been warning him about Mr. Gray for months now, but I guess he had to find out for himself.  He's not bleeding or anything but it was a cat fight.  I didn't hear anything though but I imagine it was quite loud!  One good thing, I think Hobbes will think twice about going outside. 

Yesterday afternoon, Bob and I met Bergy & Avis, Ron & Liz and Larry & Kathy up in Elgin at Prairie Rock.  Last summer, the day after Bob's quadruple bypass (and he was just barely able to take a teaspoon of broth), the rest of us went down there to have some spinach/artichoke dip.  It's the BEST.  When I eventually told Bob about it, of course, he wanted to go, too.  FINALLY, we were able to get together yesterday.  The dip was just as good as we remembered.  yummmmm  Plus, it was good to see everyone and chat and talk and yak and go on and on.  It was basically Family Business, doncha know.





Most of the time, I don't put my picture in here, but I'm wearing Andrew's sweater, so I thought it'd be okay to put myself in.  Over the years, I'm hardly ever in a picture because I was always the one TAKING the pictures.  Better go.  Must check on Hobbes and have some more coffee.  See ya later, djb