Journal (2/23/2004)

Happy 58th Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Berg in Florida!

Friday - February 27, 2004 - Today is Andrew and Jarrett's grandma and grandpa's anniversary.  58 years.  Yikes!  That's a long time.  I was going to put in the picture from the 50th with the boys in shorts and those cool ties, but it's already in here somewhere.  I tried to put some other pictures in but they were as big as a house or a horse!  Whatever.  It's a lovely day here in Illinois.  I remember hearing that 58 years ago it was kind of cold in the land of Lincoln!  It's steadily inching toward the 50's.  Hurray!!!  Must go now.  See ya later, djb

Thursday - February 26, 2004 - I can't believe how gorgeous it's going to be here.  They're talking about 50's for the weekend.  That is just phenomenal.  Hopefully, it doesn't get TOO warm or my flowers will start coming up and then it'll freeze again and I'll have to put down mulch.  Anyway, it's a long, drawn-out process but extremely FUN for me!  Since it's getting close to March Madness, I decided up in the picture of Andrew's BIGGEST trophy.  In 1997, he won it for the three point shooting contest at the Community Center.  I have better photos of Andrew, but this is one of the best ones of the trophy:

Andrew holding the trophy for the 3-point shooting contest during March Madness in 1997

Somewhere, I have Jarrett holding a gift certificate for a spaghetti car that he made.  I'll have to look for that.  It's getting bright here, so I'd better go and do some stuff, doncha know.  See ya later, djb

Wednesday - February 25, 2004 - It's a wonderful early spring morning today.  I went outside and could hear the birdies singing.  It's not brutally cold any more.  I found another picture of the boys with the critters.  It's funny because Hobbes is laying (probably should be lying) on Andrew's lap trying to get Sable who is being held by Jarrett.  funny!

Jarrett holding the ferret, Andrew holding the upside down Hobbes.  It makes me laugh to see this picture.









 Andrew up on the rooftop in the fall helping to clean out the gutters.  It always made me very nervous, especially when he got close to the edge!

...later this same day (2/24) - Yesterday when I was searching high and low for cassettes, I came across a color photo of my cousin, Kathy, taken at her sister, Judy's wedding.  I didn't know how to "backlight" photos back in those days.  Heck!  I could just barely drive my stick-shift Rabbit.  Anyway, I decided to do my magic on the picture that I had, and this is what I came up with.  I think she looks like an angel.  We miss her very much.  God bless Kathy.  See ya later, djb

My cousin, Kathy Berg.  She's in heaven with the boys.  Ain't she sweet?

Tuesday - February 24, 2004 - On Sunday, I found an index card with some GREAT pictures of Andrew and Jarrett and Hobbes and Sable.  It was one of my attempts at getting a Christmas picture taken.  BUT, I can't find the APS cassette that has the actual photos inside.  GOOD NEWS!  I found the cassette with the clearer picture on it and here it is!  hurray!!

Andrew holding Hobbes with Sable on the attack and Jarrett getting ferret claws in the back!

I went into Jewel Osco and got the missing cassette copied.  There were some great photos on it.  Now, I have to match all the cassettes with their index pages.  Oh sure, an easy job if I didn't have thousands of pictures!  See ya later, djb

Monday - February 23, 2004 - The snow is starting to disappear!  It's really kind of a shock to actually see the grass again and I can go outside and not have to get bundled up like I'm going to the Arctic.  I talked to Joan and Judy last night.  To members of my family:  you know what this means - NEWS!!!  Joan had pneumonia the first week in January and was in the hospital.  Judy & Steve and the boys finally moved into their house just recently, so hopefully, they will e-mail me and I can keep you up to date on their adventures.  Remember that book by John Steinbeck, Travels with Charlie?  The story told of Steinbeck's travels around the USA with his dog Charlie and he wrote about his adventures.  I wish I could paint better word pictures like he did.  Wait a minute.  I have a great book about writing.  Maybe I'll get that out and read it.  I seem to start a lot of my sentences with "I."  Ha ha  that was a joke.  Must go now.  I'll put in a picture below.  See ya later.  bye, djb

Aunt Mary holding Jarrett, Uncle Steve with his arm around Andrew - I think they were all saying CHEESE! 

After I wrote the above entry, Uncle Bergy came over and I typed some letters and labels for him.  That was fun.  He's enjoying his retirement immensely!  Everyone asks him what he does all day.  I think he's starting to find that kind of annoying.  It's like people asking me the same question!!  Oh, here's a picture of Bergy and me.  See ya later, djb

Donna and Denny in Capron many, many, many years ago.  Ain't we cute?  (love those socks!)