Current Journal - December 1, 2005

Tuesday - January 3, 2006 - Bob and I came back from Florida this afternoon.  I will start a new page tomorrow.  I have tons of pictures to share.  Plus, I'm going to re-do the website.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  Bob and I are going out to Ju-Rin tonight for dinner - that was Jarrett's FAVORITE restaurant.  But I still won't have sushi!  haha.  Thanks to everyone who remembered my sweet Jarrett on his birthday! Love you all, djb

Jarrett, Eric, Donna, Andrew, Bob on Andrew's birthday at Ju-Rin - Jarrett's favorite restaurant .  He always wanted to learn Japanese.  We never knew exactly why?  Happy Birthday to Jarrett!!!

Sunday evening - 12/18 - I went through my pictures and picked out some good Hobbes pictures over the years.  It's still sad.  bye for now, til we meet again, I hope you have fun, djb

Hobbes outside walking in the grass by the old daffodils

Hobbes is thinking:  "I own you."

Hobbes catnapping while Avis looks at photos - 4th of July weekend

Hobbes hiding in the tall grass

Hobbes on the driveway among the plants - that big green plant top right is catnip

Hobbes sitting inside near the flowers wanting to be outside - a classic cat picture

Sweet dreams, Hobbes...say hi to the boys from me.

still early afternoon - 12/18 - Here's some cute pictures of Hobbes and Bryar.  see ya around, djb

Bryar on the deck

Bryar looking in the big window at Hobbes who is inside - Karen in the bottom right corner

Hobbes looking out the window - why can't I be out there?

early afternoon - 12/18 - Here's some more pictures from yesterday... bye for now, djb

Avis sitting under Hobbes' afghan and Bergy relaxing

Me (with my glasses on top of my head) at the sink wasting water - you can see the SNOW outside and also the top of the boys' candles

Ron and Liz

Bob with his Christmas present - golf balls, of course

SUNDAY - DECEMBER 18, 2005 - It was 5 degrees this morning.  Quite brisk and chilly out there.  You know how every year they always ask about a "white" Christmas.  HA!  Haven't heard that one this year.  It's been a white December.  Thank you very much.  It does make the Christmas lights look pretty at night.  Although it got so cold, so soon that I never did get up anything other than my 4 snowflakes.  Next year, I'll put them up early.  Good idea.  After today - no more journal until Jarrett's birthday.  I'm taking a much needed BREAK.  Bob's still hacking and coughing.  We had a nice time yesterday with Bergy & Avis and Ron & Liz.  I'll put some pictures in for your viewing enjoyment.  I'll also put some more pictures in here later.  I must be going now.  later, gator, djb  P.S.  I have some more pictures but I didn't resize them so I have to do that first.

Avis and Bergy - having a fun time at our house

Ron and Liz opening something

Saturday - December 17, 2005 - Bob's doing better although he's still coughing, but I think it's a more productive cough.  Annoying but productive.  I've been up since 5.  I'm exhausted, and yet I have miles to walk before I sleep.  It's 9 degrees here this morning. brrrrr   It was so sweet of Jessica, our angel, to send us that gorgeous Christmas arrangement.  It just brightened up my day.  Thank you, Jessica!  (Yes, I did write her a thank you note.)  Then, in the mail, I got a sympathy card and frame for Hobbes from Krissy (and Brian and Milo).  How sweet was that.  If I think about him, I'll cry, so I won't do that right now.  I'm too busy.  I did ask the boys to let me know if Hobbes was with them - I asked them to give me a sign.  When Bob and I were coming home from Bennigan's on Thursday night, the bulb in Jarrett's candle was out.  I had replaced them both a few weeks ago.  So, I took that as my sign that Hobbes is with Jarrett.  It made me happy.  I still miss the little weasel.  Wait, that's Sable.  Oh shoot, I forgot to write back to Erin.  Hey, Erin, how's Miss Sable doing?  Did she have her surgery?  I'm running around in circles.  It's unbelievable.  Last night, I talked to your grandma, Aunt Gladys, for quite a while.  She had that 24 hour flu (on Wednesday) the really, really nasty one.  She was finally feeling better last night and wanted to chat - so, since I needed a break, we yakked for quite a while. It's always good to talk to Aunt Gladys.  Sorry, but I have to go.  First, I think I'll turn up the heat.  bye for now.  I'll have more pictures later.  see ya, djb

Uncle Dave and Bob attacking ribs in Minnesota - probably in 1984 

Friday - December 16, 2005 - It's only 10 a.m. and I've been awake since 4 a.m.  I awoke to the sounds of Bob hacking and coughing - it's almost like a really startling alarm clock!!  Although I tried to go back to sleep, once I wake up, I'm awake for the day.  Finally, at 10 til 5, I got up and made some coffee, put some clothes in the dryer, washed some more clothes, etc.  The coughing continued.  Finally, I realized that the time had come for me to take control of the situation.  Remember when I said that if Bob wasn't better by Wednesday, I was going to make him go to the doctor?  Well, you can just about guess the next thing I'm going to say.  At 10 til 6, I went upstairs and asked him if he was awake.  He answered in the affirmative.  I told him that I was going to take my shower and get ready, and then I was taking him to the Emergency Room - stat!  Of course, to add to the drama was the fact that it had snowed just enough to cover the driveway and all the roads and all the parking lots.  Ever since I drove over to DeKalb last Sunday, I'm not afraid to drive in the snow any more.  I told the boys they have to watch over me, please and thank you.  But I still don't like it.  People have some compulsion to drive really close to my bumper.  Of course, I tell them to back off.  Jarrett used to say, "Mom, they can't hear you."  I'd reply, "Yes, I know but I feel better yelling at them."  Back to my story.... We finally got to the ER just before 7 a.m.  We were the first ones there.  At about 7:20, the doctor told Bob he had bronchitis, prescribed the z-pack and albuterol and we were on our way out of there.  Had to stop at McDonald's to get a little something to eat.  Down the road to the grocery store.  Finished my breakfast burrito in the car, and then it was 8 a.m. - time for the pharmacy to open.  I got the medicine, drove home, gave Bob his medicine, and now he's sleeping peacefully.  whew.  There were more things that happened that I haven't commented on - like the crabby nurse (with no personality) who (sort of half-heartedly) took care of Bob in the ER.  She needs to find a new profession.  Kind of a downer first thing in the morning.  However, the doctor was hilarious.  So, he can stay.  She needs to go.  Maybe she could get a job in customer service somewhere.  So GLAD that's over with.  Now, I have to get busy with my chores.  Tomorrow is our Berg Christmas party at our house so there is some cleaning that has to be done.  Presents to be wrapped, etc.  Plus, I get to shovel the driveway again.  Oh boy.  That's fun - fresh air and exercise.   see ya later, djb

Me and Bob at Christmas 1984 in Rochelle - the basket was given to us by Bob's grandmother.  I remind myself of Kathy Berg in this picture. 

Thursday - December 15, 2005 - I'm better today.  Not great but better.  Considering that this is yet another death/loss to deal with, I'm experiencing similar feelings to the grief I felt the year after the boys died.  Especially since Hobbes was their pet.  I had been trying to maintain a certain balance between extreme sad vs. happy before Hobbes' abrupt departure.  Of course, when Andrew and Jarrett died, I was in SHOCK and also on antidepressants so it wasn't until the next summer that I experienced unbridled grief.  Kind of weird.  I heard somewhere (can't remember where) that after their child died, they were in shock for six months.  So, when you multiply that times two, it equals a year.  I'm trying to make sense out of this - I don't think I can.  I know that there are people who can't come to this website because it's too sad.  Okay, so that makes me laugh.  Subject change:  Let's talk about the weather....  30 degrees and foggy.  It's more like January than December.  The only reason I mention it is because once again, I have to go into town.  I sound like a farmer, don't I?  Going to town.  hahaa  see ya later, djb

Jarrett with Hobbes and Andrew with Miss Sable - 2000

later today - 12/14 - This morning, before it started snowing, I went outside and took a picture of the last paw print of Hobbes.  He went outside yesterday and thought he could walk on the snow but it was too cold for him.  later, djb

The last paw print of Hobbes in the snow on the deck.


Wednesday - December 14, 2005 - I'm just too sad to write.  djb

Hobbes just sitting around thinking about catnip

Hobbes by the back door waiting for it to open so he can go outside

later - (12/13) - A little after noon, Hobbes starting meowing really loud like he saw a critter outside the sliding glass door downstairs.  I went down and he was lying under the coffee table.  I figured he just wanted to go outside.  Bob was sleeping in the chair in the living room while I went into town.  When I came back, Hobbes was still meowing in a purely pitiful yeowl.  It was not right.  He hadn't moved since I left.  I called Dr. Larson (the GOOD vet) and they said to bring him out there across from Conley's farm.  I had to dig out the shed door because it was covered with snow.  I got the cat carrier out and Bob put Hobbes in it and I drove over to Dr. Larson's office.  He examined Hobbes and checked his blood.  Hobbes was diagnosed as having severe diabetes, cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) and he couldn't stand up or feel any stimulus to his legs.  He started to explain insulin and heart medicine.  Through my tears, I said that I wouldn't do that to Hobbes.  I made the decision to have him put to sleep so he could go be with the boys.  I always promised him and them that I would NOT let him suffer.  He was so miserable all afternoon that I just couldn't let him go on like that.  It happened so fast.  Apparently, he hasn't been well for a while but being the tough guy and the trouper, he carried on probably longer than most cats would have.  So, Hobbes is gone to be with his boys.  God bless Hobbes.  I'll miss you, my little orange man in a fur coat. My heart is broken once again.  too sad for words, djb

Jarrett holding Hobbes and Andrew "helping" him - together forever.  

Tuesday - December 13, 2005 - We're supposed to be getting SIX inches of snow tomorrow, beginning during the morning rush hour.  You know what the means, I'm on the WEATHER WATCH once again!!@!  Plus, I have to put on my skedaddling boots and go out into the world today.  I'd rather stay home and make cookies and finish my chores.  However, that's not going to happen.  Bob's still sickly although I think he's a bit better.  I've become fanatical about washing my hands - Say NO to Germs.  Thanks to Veralee, here are some pictures of Zoe and Hope.  See ya later, alligators, djb 

Zoe putting a decoration on the tree

Hope is rearranging the manger situation

Zoe and the gingerbread house

A Christmas tree decorated by little girls

later at night (it's dark) - 12/12 - I wanted to put Scott's picture in here for Erin, and then got carried away, so here's some more pictures from our get-together yesterday.  God bless Malvin.  We do miss him.  He always had a joke to tell.  Plus, Don and Pat can see the pictures over in Wales.  Isn't the internet wonderful.  Yes, it is.  bye for now.  I'm tired.  see you all later, djb  P.S.  Medical Update:  Bob seems to have congestion in his chest and he's coughing but no aches or unusual pains and no fever.  So, that's good. 

Nice picture of Scott for Erin. 

Erin pouring water to make coffee - REAL coffee, thank you.

Sara and Brandon

David with Lauren


Sue pushing the cart full of food - and was it ever good.

Aunt Gladys - she throws one heckuva party!

just after noon - (12/12) - It's already up to 17 degrees - just got back from the post office, and I stopped and picked up the newspaper.  It's worse than I thought.  It's a HUGE picture of me on the front page (5 x 7).  It's one of those sad, grief pictures that I don't particularly care for. 

Have a nice day - the universe just gave me a lesson.  I hate it when people win the lotto.  hahahaa!!  The really BIG ones, like $33 million.  I'm so funny.  Gee, do you think I'm sad because my kids died?  Damn straight, mister.  But it's like a roller coaster.  Up down up down happy sad on and on ad nauseum.  The thing that I've noticed is that I never know when I'm going to cry for the whole day or not.  It's just a weird, sad ride.  That is a fact, Jack.  I feel such total empathy for any parent who has lost their child or children - especially at Christmas.  Note to Everyone:  We will NEVER, EVER get "over it."  It's not like we've got a cold or the flu.  It's like someone ripped our hearts out and stomped on them.  Kind of like that.  It's hard to find the exact description - indescribable despondency.  You don't know how it feels until you've been there.  It's like trying to explain cramps or labor pains to a man.  (Note to the ladies:  stop laugh hysterically and get up off the floor.)  I'm not sad today believe it or not but they're always on my mind, and as long as I have a mind, they always will be.  Before I went out, I checked on Bob, and he is still sleeping.  I did give him some night-time flu medicine.  I wish he had gotten a flu shot because he's high-risk for complications from the flu (remember the quadruple bypass?).  This time, however, I'm going to call the doctor and drag him in there BEFORE he gets pneumonia.  When he got sick last March, I said that was what I was going to do and I am.  So there.  Okay, I have to go out into the world again after I do quick assessment of my patient.  Let me put in some pictures of Erica's little girls.  They are SO CUTE!!!  byebye for now.  see ya around, djb

Sisters hugging - isn't this sweet!

Girls at the table

Erica with Alyssa

Andrea at the door - this picture was originally too dark and I lightened it so it's not quite as clear as it would've been if the flash had gone off like it was supposed to do if I had remembered to turn it on.

Luke with Alyssa

Andrea with her lefse, olives and pickle

Monday - December 12, 2005 - I went online right before 7 am and there's my picture in the newspaper!  Oh my goodness.  It was SO cold out there at the farm last night.  I had two pairs of socks on but my feet were freezing.  Bob said that I might not be wearing the right socks.  After some thought, I think he might be right!  After seeing my picture this morning, I knew I had to put it in here for Granny and Grandpa because I told her about it last night.  However, I can't talk right now because I have to go and check on Bob.  He's sickly.  Of course, he didn't get the flu shot.  He's doesn't have a fever - just feels bad - so I don't think it's the flu.  Although, it could turn into that if we're not careful.  You know me, I'm WORST CASE SCENARIO mom.  bye, later, djb

Berg Christmas party at Avis and Denny's house a few years ago 

Sunday - December 11, 2005 - Well, I decided NOT to go to the Christmas party last night because it started snowing blizzard-like, and I told Bob that it made me feel very creepy.  He said that he didn't care if I went or not.  I was almost all ready to go and my hair looked perfect so this wasn't a whimsical decision.  But I did stay home.  When I looked on the radar, we had the heaviest snow over Kane and DeKalb counties - no one else.  Yikes!  It was weird.  He said the party was all right, but the room was not Pheasant Run, if you know what I mean...  say no more.

This morning, Aunt Gladys invited us to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in DeKalb for the Sunday service and she made lunch, too!!  She had gotten flowers for the altar in Uncle Malvin's memory.  He died 8 or 9 years ago on 12/12.  I woke up at 5 am and got ready to go.  When Bob got up, he felt congested and, it wasn't a hangover.  He didn't drink anything at the party because of the bad condition of the roads.  It could've been that he spent an hour outside at Woodhaven yesterday in the snow.  Plus, shoveling the snow (with ME) on Thursday night.  Boy!  He's getting a lot of fresh air these days.  Not one to be deterred by the snow, I drove over by myself and had a great time.  Although driving down Keslinger covered with snow and blowing snow was EXTREMELY CREEPY - but I think I had to do it.  When  I went by the boys' crosses, I only saw the big cross.  I don't know if the other ones are there and they fell down or someone took them (probably not).  Anyway, there was a guy behind me just a little TOO close, so as I drove by, I opened my window and waved at the cross and laid on my horn.  THEN, he backed off.  I would too.

When I got to the church, I found a really GOOD parking spot right up front.  Next to the open spot was a handicapped sign, so I didn't park there, but I parked in the one next to it.  (When I came out after church, and the snow had melted, there was a big old handicapped symbol right under my car.  oops.  sorry.)  As I walked up to the front door of the church, Uncle Butch was there greeting people.  Since he can only see with tunnel vision (and I knew this already), I got real close to his face, and I asked him if he knew who I was.  He said, "Oh yeah, hi, it's you."  That made me laugh.  The service was very nice and afterwards we went over to Aunt Gladys' place and she had reserved the party room, and we ate some extremely delicious food.  AND lots of it, too.  She made lefse and krumkake, plus some other cookies.  Very tasty.  After we finished eating and got everything picked up, I was able to STOP everyone in the name of Kodak, and I took a picture.  I have some other cute ones, but it's getting later than I thought or I'd put those in, too.  I promise I'll do it later maybe tonight, definitely tomorrow.

Tonight is the night that the Compassionate Friends and anyone who has lost a child (or children) all over the world light a candle and the light the floodlights, etc. at 7 p.m. in each time zone.  This results in a light circling the globe.  I'm sure there's someone much more eloquent than I am who would describe it as the light of our love circling the world so all of our dear, sweet children in heaven can see it - something like that.  We didn't do it last year because it was too cold.  It's too cold this year but I don't care.  I want to go.  They're doing it out at Conley's Farm in Kaneville.  The first year we did it, some guy from the newspaper interviewed me.  Can't remember what I said, but it was pretty good for off the top of my frozen head.  I'll have to find that paper - it's around here somewhere!!  All right.  I'm out of here.  This is like one big letter.  yak yak yak.  see ya later, djb  P.S.  Let it snow*****

front row:  Erica holding Alexandra, Lauren, Aunt Gladys, Sara, Erin, Scott

back row:  Luke, Taylor (right in front of), Sue, Dave, Roger holding Andrea, Brandon

in front:  Me taking the picture



My Aunt Gladys and Veralee's Uncle Butch (but we ALL call him Uncle Butch)



Malvin's flowers - Rod did the arrangement.  It was quite large.

Saturday - December 10, 2005 - Today, Bob and Bill are going out to Woodhaven to begin the process of selling Grandma and Grandpa's casual getaway Woodhaven property and mobile home to some guy.  He's getting a really good deal whoever he is.  Plus, the location is superb.  It seems like a bigger lot than it is because of the woods behind the property - it's quite expansive.  Let me go and look for a picture.  Okay, I found one.  We're supposed to be getting more snow***  Can't wait for that.  It's very beautiful but for some reason, it got much colder after the snow fell.  It's only 15 degrees this morning.  Once again, Hobbes insisted that I open the outside door to let him go out.  He just stood there and looked at the snow for a little while and then turned around and came back in.  I'm sure it's all quite confusing to him.  If you ever really stop and think about snow, it is quite odd.  The rain freezes into these beautiful little flakes (no two alike) and falls in piles all over the place.  How strange and wonderful it is.  I'd better go and take care of business.  see youse guys later, djb  P.S. I'm not sad like last week, but I miss the boys.  Then, when I see Grandma and Grandpa's picture, I realize how much I miss them, too.  Especially this time of year.  Grandma always made Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve!!!  (P.P.S. I never ate it or the pickled herring.  yuk!)

Grandma, Donna, Andrew, Bob, Grandpa - photo taken by Jarrett

later tonight - (12/9) - More wedding photos. bye, djb

Karen and Derek

Those lovely bridesmaids...

Let's dance

Derek and Linda (his mom)

The bride on the dance floor

Friday - December 9, 2005 - We probably got around 7 inches of snow.  It's very light - like sugary snow - not the wet, heavy snow that's good for building snowmen.  Of course, it's much easier to shovel.  It took Bob 3 times as long to get home last night because everyone was driving slowly.  Good idea.  It makes us cringe when people drive too fast on the snowy roads!  Of course, the Southwest airplane that slid into the street last night at Midway was nightmare that I'm sure everyone who lives around there has considered a time or two.  Personally, I don't care for landings.  That's one reason, I always have to take a direct flight.  I can only handle one take-off and one landing per day.  God bless that little boy who died.  How sad for his family.  If you didn't hear about those two brothers who died in Bowling Green in separate car accidents that occurred 5 miles apart and within 30 minutes of each other, you can go to and then go to Kentucky to the Bowling Green newspaper and read about it.  It is just beyond bizarre.  In fact, I do know how their parents feel.  It just reminds me once again that our children do not belong to us, they belong to God.  The sadness, the grief, the anguish, the complete and utter devastation of their lives - very familiar with it.  God bless those parents.  It sounds like they're getting a lot of support which they will need for a long, long time.  Speaking of kindness - last night one of Andrew's friends, Joe, came by and plowed our driveway.  He told Bob he was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and take care of business.  Bob and I had shoveled earlier but it just kept snowing and snowing so it certainly helped me a lot with the shoveling I had to do this morning.  The township always plows a big pile of snow at the end of our driveway that turns into a frozen barrier if not removed in a timely manner.  It is easier to shovel since we got our NEW and improved driveway.  So, we've got THAT goin' for us.   Here's some pictures of the snow.  Stay warm.  Good luck to you, djb

Snowy driveway - newspapers have been delivered

The big snowy evergreens

Snow piled high

Snow, snowflakes, angels on the bench, candles and more snow

The SNOWY slide

Snowy view off the deck - seems like yesterday when we were out there swimming!

Cathy and Steve's snowy tree - quite lovely

later today - (12/8) - Here are some pictures of the beautiful snow!  It's started snowing at 1:20 p.m. and is still snowing that very fine light snow as I write this.  It's 6:18.  When Bob gets home, we're going to shovel the driveway.  Oh boy!  That sounds like fun.  I LOVE to shovel the driveway in the peaceful quiet as the snow falls gently to the earth.  No, I'm serious.  I do.  Can't stand to hear the snowblowers - that's so disturbing to the wintry ambiance.  byebyebye for now, djb

The view out the kitchen window - snowplow hasn't been through yet

Same view a little while later - you can see the Christmas tree lights reflected in the window

The boys' bench and candles during the day

The boys' bench and candles with the snowflakes lit and the snow falling from the sky

Picture out back of the snow flakes close up and personal

The tree on the left is 3 feet tall and the tree on the right is 4 feet tall

Thursday - December 8, 2005 - We're getting ready for a big huge snowstorm to come rumbling through here any time now.  The weather forecasters are so funny.  They make it sound like the end of the world (somewhere I have a cartoon like that - I'll have to find it).  Since they managed to scare me sufficiently, I went out to the shed and got the shovels.  Our driveway is covered with snow/ice but it's been too cold to shovel it.  We used to scoff at people who didn't clear off their driveways.  That's pretty funny.  Now, we have to look in the mirror and mock ourselves!!!  What goes around comes around, I guess.

I didn't realize how close we were to Iowa when we were over in Rock Falls last weekend (we went from Kane County through DeKalb, Ogle, Lee to Whiteside County.  Actually, on Friday, Bob went from Kane to DuPage back to Kane, etc.).  I surely would have gone over the Mississippi River just for fun to say that I was in Iowa.  Although I suppose it sounds better to say that you went to Colorado or Hawaii.  haha  You do know that the Mississippi River starts in Minnesota?  Yes, it does.  Of course, it ends down in New Orleans.  Those poor people down in Louisiana.  I feel so sorry for them and I have since day 1.  All their stuff is gone - their way of life is gone.  It's a nightmare.  You don't just get over it because you moved somewhere else that's dry.  By the way, I wonder how Wanda (Ussery) Austin's son and his family are doing?  Maybe they've gone back home.  I haven't heard.  Of course, the Rochelle paper is NEVER updated anymore.  They did all right for a while and then Ka-boom....nothing.  Don't understand why they can't take care of updating their website in a timely manner??  hmmm.   It does take a dedicated effort as I know from my firsthand experience.  Okay, enough chit-chat!  I seriously must get my skedaddling boots on.  catch ya later,  djb

Andrew in the SNOW

Jarrett has Andrew pinned in the snow

Jarrett and Andrew by the apple tree that isn't there any more

Wednesday - December 7, 2005 - It's so cold here - the thermometer outside says 8 BELOW zero.  Brrrrrrrrrrrr.  My trip into the crawl space yesterday was basically uneventful - no mice and one spider.  Everything is under control.  Last night, Krissy sent me this picture with her and Milo that I took at the front of the church.  For some reason, I can't access the other pictures.  When I get them, I'll put them on here.  Also, I have the engagement picture taken by their photographer (the most excellent Dan Royer).  He's in Dixon and we all highly recommend him.  Not only is he a fantastic professional, he's also very nice.  Unfortunately, I have to go out into the world sooner rather than later.  So, I'll see ya later, djb

Krissy and Milo before the wedding 

Krissy and Brian

a few minutes later - (12/6) - I'm so funny.  I'll put in some more wedding pictures (have to do a quick resize).  Now, I'm totally confused.  Okay, I must go into the crawl space (creepy) and get out my Christmas decorations - finally!!  I'll see ya later, djb

Dancers dancing on the dance floor

Brian and Krissy cutting the wedding cake

Grandma holding Bryar who is looking at the snowflake ornament

Kylie - junior bridesmaid

Tuesday - December 6, 2005 - It's a heat wave this morning - already 7 degrees.  Wow!  Hobbes didn't even go out.  He looked out there and I think he thought, "Why is she opening the door to the freezer?"  That reminds me, here's a cute picture of Hobbes.

Baby Hobbes decided to sit in the frying pans by the fire place.

later this am - (12/5) - It's warmed up to 3 degrees.  brrrrrrrrr  I have more wedding pics.  Here they are.  bye later, djb

Brian and Krissy cut the cake - you can see the wedding video on the screen in the background (pretty cool)

Those lovely bridesmaid all in a row...

Kelly with Bryar eating a piece of cake

Bryar totally getting into eating her cake

The head table

Linda holding Bryar and Orv holding Zegan

Monday - December 5, 2005 - I woke up very early this morning so this will be updated before I usually turn on the computer.  After a while, I'll put more wedding pictures in here but I do want to mention that I heard from Jessica over the weekend.  She told me a Jarrett story that I want to put in here.  Jessica was always in the same (advanced) classes as Jarrett since they started school.  While they were freshman in Algebra II, there was a discussion involving some sort of calculation which somehow related to bench pressing heavy weights.  All the guys were bragging about how much they could bench press.  So, of course, never to be outdone in any arena, Jarrett got up out of his chair and said, "Oh yeah, well I'll bet you can't do this."  He did a one-armed push up, stood up and just smiled.  They all laughed.  Truly a very funny moment.  Many, many thanks to Jessica for sweet memory.  I'll be back later.  Have to go make Bob's lunch and let Hobbes back in the house - he's in the garage because he has to go somewhere and it's only ONE degree outside - oh no, I just looked, it's now ZERO at 7 a.m. - we have NO degrees.  Yikes!!!  see ya later, djb

Lewis, Mitchell, can't remember her name, JARRETT, JESSICA at Nelson Lake in 1st grade

Sunday - December 4, 2005 - Saturday was Krissy and Brian's wedding in Dixon (hometown of President Ronald Reagan and the annual petunia festival, plus it's the county seat of Lee County).  We went over to Rock Falls on Friday afternoon and got back this afternoon.  We had a wonderful, wonderful time.  The bride was beautiful and the groom was very handsome.  It was fantastic.  It was lovely.  It was gorgeous.  It's was great fun.  Bob wore a tux.  Well, let me put some pictures in here and you can see for yourself because as we all know a picture is worth a THOUSAND words. see ya around, djb  PS I'll write more tomorrow.  byebye

Krissy dancing with Bob and Brian dancing with his mother

Krissy the Bride

Me (in my first outfit of the day) and Bob in his tux

Me pointing at what I don't know with Uncle Bergy and Aunt Avis - you can see one of the flower girls behind my head

Kylie - she looked so cute and grown up and Karen and Derek smiling in the background in front of the Christmas tree

Bob and Bev (you can see Karen in the background)

Zegan and Adelyn - adorable great nieces

Bob, me Bergy, Avis - someone else took this picture - obviously a little shaky!

Saturday - December 3, 2005 - Brian and Krissy got married today!  I wasn't here, I was there. bye, djb

Krissy and Brian on October 30, 2005 - at Bryar's birthday party

Friday - December 2, 2005 - It's VERY cold here today.  So, right now, it's up to 9 degrees.  I don't have a lot of time to write.  I won't be able to write in here for the next two days.  If you want, you can call my cell phone - although only 7 people have the number!!! haha  That's a joke.  you can laugh any time.  It was really nice to hear from Jess. I always think of Jarrett whenever I see her.  Isn't that odd?  She and her brother were always involved in our baseball team one way or another - long ago memories.  It's starting to get more difficult to get through each day because everything reminds me of Andrew and Jarrett.  You'd think that looking at their pictures makes me sad, but it doesn't.  Actually, it has the opposite effect - it makes me happy.  So, I'm basically conflicted from morning til night.  It's part of my journey.  There's really nothing anyone can say or do that's going to change anything - I can't go around it, I can't avoid it, I have to go through it!  Well, as usual I have a lot more to say but I really have to go to town.  TTFN, djb

Christmas 2000

Christmas 1997

Christmas 1999

Christmas 1989


Christmas 1993

Thursday - December 1, 2005 - I forgot that I had to start a new page today.  I wasn't quite prepared to do that.....but I'm doing it anyway because I have to have order in at least ONE area of my life.  haha  It snowed during the night.  It's almost 10 am and I haven't downloaded the pictures that I took of the snowy beauty that surrounds us.  It's not even enough to shovel but apparently early on people were having a hard time driving in the snow.  I noticed that when the cars drove by they were going slower than usual.  That reminds me, last night Bergy told me that they're giving out $375 tickets for speeding in the work area near Dixon.  That's where I drove 45 mph for 5 miles.  See what happens when you do the RIGHT THING!!  You don't get a ticket.  Hopefully, all those people who were driving behind me found out that I saved them some money by obeying the law.  Their little sign scared me because they said they were going to take a picture of me and I hadn't had my hair fixed yet so I certainly didn't want my picture taken.  Oh yesterday, I brought the Nativity set (aka creche) into the cemetery and put it right in the middle in front of their gravestone.  Someone had brought a wreath but it had fallen on the ground upside down so I put that back up.  I'm going in later with the little Christmas tree (had to get new batteries) and then I'll take a picture.  I heard that it was supposed to snow today so I figured why not take a picture with a snowy background instead of dirty dirt.  I'm putting in some pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with anything except that I like them.  Yes, I think I will have some more coffee.  Thank you.  see ya later, djb

We were doing some work in our kitchen in North Aurora - Andrew thought he'd help Bob by holding the ladder.

Jarrett at the Burkholder's house in Rochelle

Andrew with his great-grandma, Mammy