Current Journal (beginning with 2/9/04)

Sunday - February 15, 2004 - I already wrote a bunch of stuff on the Boys' Stone page, so I won't go into that angst again.  I did go through Andrew's baby book and found some pictures that I took of Bob on the day Andrew was born.

   Bob holding Andrew the night of February 15, 1986.                                    Bob trying to get Andrew to smile on the night of February 15, 1986.

Andrew's mom holding him (notice the position of his hands) while he took a rare snooze.

When he was born, Andrew weighed more than 10 pounds, so while we were in the hospital, he'd wake up more often than the other babies because he was so big and ALWAYS hungry.  Of course, he'd start crying and when they'd bring him in to my room, they would say, "Here's your baby.  Please feed him.  He just woke up all the other babies."  Thus, began Andrew's life of always trying to cause a commotion wherever he went.  He generally succeeded at that!  ha.  Must go now.  see ya later. bye, djb

Saturday - February 14, 2004 - VALENTINE'S DAY   It's cold but sunny, so we've got that goin' for us.

Bob and I are going to the cemetery to put some heart balloons out for Andrew and Jarrett.  My job is to look for a brick to secure the balloons so they don't blow away.  I'm pretty sure I can find something heavy enough.  We went to the Kaneland ladies basketball game last night in Batavia.  It was so much fun.  So exciting!!  Our team is awesome.  The just never give up.  In fact, let me put a couple of pictures on here to prove we were there:   

Kaneland Knights Ladies basketball team at Batavia - Friday the 13th.          The Knights having a roundtable meeting before the game - very cool.

We certainly wish all the ladies good luck next week when they play Rosary at West Aurora. 

Now, I'm going to add a picture of the flower that Sadie Anderson (KHS class of '03) gave Bob and me for Christmas.  Sadie, if you're seeing this picture, you are NOT going to believe how beautiful this amaryllis is:

I don't think I ever wrote you thank you, so THANKS, Sadie!  You know, there's that old superstition that you aren't supposed to thank people for plants or they'll die, but seeing as how this puppy is grown and has already bloomed, I'm going to take my chances!!!  I love to have blooming plants in the house in the winter.  It gives me hope for the spring!  Enough chatting and pictures, I must be going now.  Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!  bye hearts and hugs, djb

ter on this Friday the 13th - Okay, I put a bunch of pictures of Andrew's previous birthdays on his Andrew pictures page.  I also put a big copy of the birthday ad on there, too.  It would take me quite a while to go through all my pictures to find every one of his and Jarrett's birthday pictures.  When they were younger, I ALWAYS took a lot of photos, but as they got older, they weren't quite as accommodating, if you know what I mean.  Don't take my picture!!!  Something like that.  Either that or hands in front of the face.  OR a complete ignoring of my photographic efforts.  Anyway, it brings back a lot of good memories to see these pictures.  I hope you can enjoy them and have a good laugh...especially at the cone heads!!  haha  bye bye see ya, djb

 Friday - February 13, 2004 - Do you have triskaidekaphobia ?  If so, good luck today!!!  later, djb  Guess what, I'm having trouble getting some pages published to the web.  That's VERY funny.  I had to call Yahoo to find out what was wrong.  Really, nothing much.  I'm going to put some other pictures on here, too.  Last year, Jarrett and Eric went to a Chess tournament.  That was pretty interesting for them.  Eric's dad took pictures on Sunday (2/16).  Okie dokie, see ya, djb

Jarrett, Eric, Donna, Andrew, Bob at Ju-Rin in Geneva, IL

Eric and Jarrett posing at the chess tournament during the weekend of 2/15 - 2/16/03

Jarrett playing chess with some guy at a chess tournament last year.

...later this same day (2/12/04) - The ad for Andrew's birthday came out in the paper today and it's in here up above!  I scanned it but the picture didn't come out real clear, so I just put the original picture on top of the blurry picture.  For some reason, the scanner is very touchy.  Most of the time, I'm copying color or black and white photos and the scanner just LOVES those!  haha  I'm going to go now.  I've been working on this picture for an hour.  So, I must have something to clean or cook or read or find.  Okie dokie.  See ya later.  bye, djb 

Thursday - February 12, 2004 - It's Abraham Lincoln's Birthday.  Happy Birthday to Abe.  I wrote a really long musing about Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address and today's politicians and it got messed up, so enough about that.  I do suggest reading the Gettysburg Address just because it's so cool.  Yesterday, I scanned some negatives of the boys eating cotton candy at Lion's Park many, many years ago, so I'm going to put those in and you can see how amazing our technology is nowadays.  Although if you're reading this, then you already know!!!  That is funny.  Have to go to the store.  I know, I'm just busy, busy, busy.  See ya later.  Bye, djb

Andrew and Jarrett enjoying the Eby picnic at Lion's Park many years ago.

This reminds me that I do have a picture of a snowman that Jarrett and I made.  Then, after it melted, I took a picture of the snowman's scarf and sticks.  It's pretty funny.  I'll have to look for that....once again. byeeeeeeeee, djb


Jarrett and Andrew with snow up to their waists probably 1990 or 1991.

     Jarrett and Andrew outside by the plastic swimming pool.                           Jarrett attacking Andrew, but Andrew is laughing so that's good!

Wednesday - February 11, 2004 - This morning, I found these pictures of the boys in the snow.  I think it was either the first year we lived here (1990) or the second year (1991).  They had so much fun playing outside in the winter.  Well, until they got older and their dad wanted them to shovel the driveway.  Of course, that is one of my favorite winter activities.  Not only does a person get exercise but also fresh air and that wonderful peacefulness while the snow falls - well, that lasts until someone revs up their snow blower!!  lol  This is it for now.  I have LOTS of work to do.  talk to you later, djb

...later that same day (2/10/04) - I've been working on my pictures and files, etc.  It's going to take a long time to get everything organized.  I've found some great pictures, too.  Here's one of Andrew that I took on Christmas Eve in 2002.  It was right after he got his NEW telephone.  You can see the pictures of Jarrett and Andrew in the background - nice frame. 

When I figure out how to do some other things on here, I'll be sure to let you know.  So far, I just moved Andrew's picture to the left, so that's something huge!!

Somewhere, I have a picture of Jarrett and Hobbes on that  same Christmas Eve.  Jarrett had pierced his ear at Kevin's house the weekend before.

I remember it well because when I picked him up, both Jon and he had gotten their ears pierced.  I didn't care as long as he didn't get a tattoo.  Anyway, to make a long story even longer....when I took the picture of Hobbes and Jarrett, it was  quite hilarious because Hobbes has those scary cat eyes in it!!  OK, must go find some H20.  hasta la vista.  bye, djb



I finally found the picture of Jarrett with the earring!  Here it is!   You can see it if you look really close.  Plus, check out those strange and wacky eyes on Hobbes.  I think it has more to do with the camera than with the fact that Hobbes is really a stuffed animal sitting on the sofa.  HA!!!  See ya later.  djb


Tuesday - February 10, 2004 - I just checked Weather Bug's radar and there's a huge blue blob of snow right over the top of us!!  That's very exciting.  It looks like winter.  Oh yeah, it is winter!  Bob asked me to go through all of the "stuff" that I saved from last year after the boys died.  It's all been sitting on the hutch near the table.  Kind of like a shrine.  I have cards, letters, books, pictures, etc.  I started separating them into piles but, of course, got distracted by the snow.  I've been kind of resisting doing it because I didn't want to.  Now, it's time.  It's not necessarily easier, just not as hard.  If that makes sense.  Okay, here's a picture of the blizzard:


     Lots of little flurries outside in the backyard.                           View from the computer room - lots of snow.

The palm tree enjoying some snow outside.

This is the end of the snow pictures.  You won't believe this, but the SUN is now coming out.  What wacky weather we have.  I see that yesterday, I put in two pictures of Jarrett.  Today, I'll find some pictures of Andrew to even out the balance of pictures.  That's the way it always was with the boys - if Andrew got something, Jarrett got the same thing or an object of equal value and/or importance to him.  Their computer time was regulated the same way.  Jarrett would say, "It's 5 o'clock, Andrew has to get off the computer now!  It's my turn."  haha  That's funny.  Okie dokie, I'm outta here.  bye, djb

***later this same day(2/9/04) - Earlier this afternoon, I went into Elburn and ordered an ad in this week's Elburn Herald for Andrew's 18th birthday which will be February 15th.  The paper comes out on Thursday, so it will be interesting to see what they do for Andrew's ad.  I'll put in a picture of a copy of Jarrett's birthday ad because it came out SO GREAT!!  Whoever put it together did an absolutely fantastic job.  Here it is:

I scanned it so it's not perfectly smooth, and you can see a few wrinkles in it.  I just fixed it so it's a bit smoother.  I'm learning so much by assembling all these pictures from various places.  It's always good to be learning something!  Plus, I try to do the crossword puzzle every day.  They say that helps your brain keep active so you won't get Alzheimer's.  I don't know if that's true.  It seems as though every other day what was good the day before isn't good any more!  It's time to go look in the freezer and see what kind of food I can find.  See ya later.  bye for now, djb

Monday - February 9, 2004 - It's quite sunny this morning but VERY cold and windy - the snow is blowing across the roads causing havoc.  You'd think I could go to Florida to get warm but I don't think so since it's cold down there, too.  So, I'll just stay here and find something to do!!  Here's a nice picture I've been meaning to put in here for a while.  Sometimes, I can't remember what file I put them in!  No, I'm not losing my mind, it's just that I have MANY, MANY photos. 

Bob and Jarrett learning how to use the new chess clock at Christmas last year (2002).

Now, I'm ready to roll since I put a picture in here.  I have a lot of projects I'm working on which you'll see in a short time.  Not today.  Did you know that several doesn't mean two?  A pair means two of something, but several means more than one, but not necessarily two, although it could mean two.  Isn't that interesting?  The answer to that is YES. bye for now, djb