CURRENT JOURNAL (January 1, 2005)

Sunday - January 16, 2005 - After I talked to Grandma Burkholder, I called the Bergs and they are BOTH sick with the flu.  It sounds EXACTLY like the flu that I had in December, however, they BOTH got flu shots early on.  I never had a flu shot, so apparently this is some sort of rogue flu that is extremely nasty.  Sure, get the flu shot and you don't think you're going to get the flu but that shot is for only one strain.  YIKES!  DOUBLE YIKES!  They are very sickly.  poor Bergs.  I won't go into their symptoms but suffice to say that they weren't doing too well yesterday.  My sister-in-law, Mary, is back in the hospital.  She was having trouble after her heart attack/stent procedure, etc.  Coughing a lot.  Sounds like she had the flu, too.  Did I mention that last Sunday, she and my brother, Steve, and their daughter, Alyssa, spent TEN HOURS IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM WAITING TO SEE A DOCTOR.  After about an hour, I'd be gone.  After so much time invested in the WAIT, you can't leave so it's better to leave early on.  Either that or go home and call an ambulance.  It's so ridiculous.  Our health care system needs to go to the ER.  Have a nice day!!!!  : )  I truly must get some more coffee.  It is two degrees BELOW ZERO.  brrrrrrr  I'll be back later.  bye, djb

Andrew and Jarrett's Grandpa and Grandma Berg and Grandma and Grandpa Burkholder in Port Charlotte, FL

Grandpa holding Jarrett, Aunt Diane holding Andrew, Andrew holding his blankie, and Grandma holding the bunny.

Grandma & Grandpa in the front row with Bob, Jarrett and Andrew in the back at Woodhaven and I'm taking the picture.

Saturday - January 15, 2005 - So, today at noon, this month is HALF OVER.  Can hardly believe that!  It's still very, very cold here.  I talked to Grandma Burkholder this morning and she said it was cold in Florida, too.  Only in the mid-60's today.  Oh boy, that is COLD!  Poor Grandma.  It's been 4 months since Hurricane Charley hit Port Charlotte and her house is still not even close to being finished.  The problem is that the roof leaks.  The part that was okay before they started working on the roof, NOW is leaking.  duh.  So, they can't work inside the house until they get the roof fixed.  See what I mean?  Everything would get WET.  Yesterday, they had rain down there, so it leaked, of course.  The last time they had rain was at Christmas.  I think she's wishing the whole place would've blown away in the hurricane.  But, that's life on Easy Street!  Speaking of interesting haircuts, here's a couple of pictures that Granny sent me of the boys with their interesting heads.  It's not the look I'd choose, but apparently, they BOTH decided on the same do.  Better go and drink some more HOT coffee.  brrr, djb

Andrew with his bowl haircut and shaved head - looks like he just got up.

Jarrett is in the garage getting ready to go fishing with his bowl haircut AND shaved head. 

Friday - January 14, 2005 - IT'S ZERO DEGREES.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  We were warned.  It's still kind of rude.  Especially when they start talking about wind chill and all that jazz.  When it's zero, we know it's cold.  Have a nice day.  Ron and Liz are still on their cruise in the Caribbean.  I think they get back tomorrow. Wait til they get here to this wonderful deep freeze.  double yikes!!  I found this picture that I would never give to anyone in the olden days, but since Jarrett's expression is perfect for the weather today, I have to put it in here.  Hope it's warm where you are. bye, djb

Andrew thinks the weather is okay, Jarrett DOES NOT!

even a little later...(1/13) - The snow flurries this morning.  Then, below that is the sunset that just happened.

Snow this morning - supposed to be flurries.

Sunset just a few minutes ago.

later today...(1/13) - We had a couple inches of snow that were only supposed to be *flurries* - yeah right.  I found this picture below while I was going through my stuff and I don't remember ever seeing it before.  I'm SURE I have, but I thought I'd put it in here because they're so young and cute.  Maybe I'll put in a picture of the "flurries."  see ya, djb

Andrew and Jarrett in the kitchen posing for their mama.

Thursday - January 13, 2005 - I just realized that this month is almost HALF over.  Yikes!!  That's incredible.  Yesterday, I began my re-organization of the stacks of photos I have EVERYWHERE!  In the process, I found these pictures from my attempt to find the perfect picture for the 1993 Christmas card.  For some reason, I had it in my head to use the UGLY plastic thing behind the boys.  That didn't work out so we went outside and I had them stand in front of the evergreen trees.  That was a very nice shot.  Here are the bloopers.  I'll be back a little later. bye, djb

Jarrett's smile could pass - Andrew's got the fake smile going.

I like Jarrett's profile look at Andrew with his fake smile.

WHAT did you say?

Jarrett, you look at the ground and I'll look at Mom.


Jarrett's smile is good, Andrew not so good.

Nice wrapping paper behind you guys.

I can only IMAGINE what Jarrett said to make Andrew laugh like that.

Wednesday - January 12, 2005 - I'm stuck in a time warp!  Which isn't necessarily totally bad.  I found the other pictures in the STAGHORN SERIES.  Sure, I name my pictures.  haha  That's funny.  I make myself laugh.  yuk yuk.  Here they are.  I'll be back.  I'm going to get organized.  Now, THAT is hilarious!!!  bye, djb

Jarrett reading his Richard Scarry book while sucking on his juice bottle in Florida - March 1990

Grandpa Burkholder, Grandma Burkholder, Grandpa Berg and Jarrett STILL sucking on his bottle.

Grandpa, Grandma, Grandpa looking at a map.  "Here's the way, I'd go," Grandpa is telling Grandpa and Grandma.

Jarrett posing for mom in front of the staghorn in the back yard at Berg's house without a bottle in his mouth.

Andrew hugging Jarrett.

Andrew hugging Jarrett sideways.

Andrew with his red plastic bat.

Jarrett is moving rapidly - Andrew is gesturing with his hand and his red, plastic bat.

Jarrett's going after the little football and Andrew is still wielding his red bat.

Jarrett's pointing and Andrew is in a post-batting stance.  Where's the ball?

March 1990 - Jarrett, Caroline, Andrew, Alex and Aunt Diane in downtown Orlando - in front of Lake Eola.

later this same day - (1/11) As I was looking through the pictures yesterday, I came across some that I haven't seen in YEARS!  They're so hilarious.  These were taken when we went to Florida right after Jarrett's first birthday.  He was already walking because he had to run after Andrew.  In fact, now that I think about it, I don't think Jarrett ever did walk, he ran.  haha  That's funny.  Here's are some more great pictures.  See youse guys later. bye, djb

Grandpa Berg feeding Jarrett his cereal in Florida - January 1989

Jarrett shoving a piece of banana in his mouth.  Grandpa keeping an eye on Andrew.

Jarrett with a VERY BIG piece of banana in his mouth.

Jarrett looking at me as if to say, "See, I told you I could eat it without choking!"

Andrew eating his cereal. He's a BIG boy, he can feed himself.

Jarrett - the perpetual motion machine in the back yard - most likely headed toward Andrew.

Andrew's going to "help" Grandpa fertilize the lawn or just drive the fertilizer dispenser around the yard.

Tuesday - January 11, 2005 - Speaking of staged photos.  The one below is the most famous of my staged photos.  Andrew was only 3 months old.  It was Andrew's first trip to Florida.  The paper's date is May 22, 1986.  I propped Andrew up in the chair and put the paper in front of him.  It was a "one shot" deal.  Either get the picture or the kid's going to tip over in the chair.  So, I got it.  We always said Andrew was checking on his stocks.  haha  bye, djb

Andrew at 3 months old "reading" The Wall Street Journal - what a hoot!

Monday - January 10, 2005 - Here are some more pictures of the boys playing with the medical kit.  I don't exactly remember what prompted this little "staged" event.  But it is cute.  See ya later.  I'm on the WEATHER WATCH.  So, watch out!  bye, djb

Dr. Andrew and his patient Dr. Jarrett - "You're gonna do WHAT with that thing?"

Dr. Jarrett in deep thought.

This is too funny.  Dr. Jarrett is out of control.  Dr. Andrew is reaching for the band-aids.

Dr. Jarrett taking his own temperature.  You know what they say about a doctor who has himself as a patient.

Dr. Andrew performing a sensitive medical procedure.

Sunday - January 9, 2005 - Last night, Bob and I went to Kaneland High School to see the Varsity Girls Basketball Team play.  Oh excuse me, we went to see them WIN.  They are so good.  It's fun to watch them.  They're excellent free throw shooters, awesome three-point shooters and very physical.  They're scrappy and extremely focused.  They kind of remind me of the University of Illinois team.  Not the biggest players, but certainly the best because they play as a team.  Of course, we enjoy watching Jessica play.  Here's one of my favorite pictures from the files.

from the right:  Jessica, then Jarrett - a LONG, LONG time ago at Nelson Lake

Yesterday, it was in the 20's here in Illinois, but in Florida it was close to 80 degrees (my favorite temperature).  So, of course, that reminds me of another one of my favorite pictures.  The staghorn series with Andrew and Jarrett.

A sweet shot but not a great shot.  Andrew and Jarrett hugging each other.

Andrew and Jarrett - a GREAT shot!

Yesterday, I came across that picture of Karen that I took a long time ago on Christmas Eve.  I like it because her hair is reflected in the window and her black top fades into the background.  It is quite an artsy shot, don't you think?  Yes.

Karen's hair reflecting in the window on Christmas Eve.

Krissy took Kylie to the Ice Hogs hockey game in Rockford last night for her birthday  I'm not sure who else went along on the trip up north but I found the Ice Hogs logo so I put that under Kylie's picture on the Casa page.  I didn't take her picture off because I don't think she's seen it yet because I'm sure when she sees it, I'll hear from her!! haha  Must be going now.  It's another cool, cloudy day here.  Looks just like winter!  bye, djb

Saturday -January 8, 2005 - Today is KYLIE's birthday and ALSO Elvis's birthday.  When I was in grade school, the older girls would always wear pink and black on January 8th because apparently those were the favorite colors of Elvis.  True or false.  It didn't matter.  I suppose someone read it in a fan magazine.  Remember those were the olden days before the INTERNET!!!  Somewhere in my vast picture holdings, I have a baby picture of Kylie.  We went over to see her when she was just a few days old.  It was so much fun to buy GIRL stuff.  When she was real little Andrew and Jarrett would play games with her - mostly Andrew.  It was so cute to watch.  As she got older, whenever she came to our house, she'd say, "Where's the boys?"  Jarrett would yell upstairs, "Don't tell her where we are."  It was funny.  I know I have more pictures but the first one is a picture of Kylie with her sister, Adelyn that I took many years ago.  It is still one of my favorite shots because of the vibrant colors and their cute little faces.  Okay, so I'll put in another one of the two girls.  It's also cute but not as BRIGHT.  They came over with Krissy last December and we put the Christmas tree and decorations out at Andrew and Jarrett's grave.  Well, it's not so cold today.  My horoscope said to GO OUTSIDE and get some fresh air.  So, I think I'll do that.  See ya later, djb P.S. Happy Birthday, Kylie

Adelyn and Kylie at Woodhaven a few years ago.

Adelyn and Kylie at our house last December.

Friday - January 7, 2005 - Although I'm still looking for SNOW pictures, I have found some more winter pictures.  When Andrew turned 3 months old, we took him to Florida for the first time.  Of course, that was in May.  Every winter, we went to Florida for extended periods of time because Andrew and Jarrett were always sick with a cold or something horrible.  These are pictures from January 1989 when Jarrett was one year old and Andrew was a few weeks short of being 3 years old.  I'm sure Grandpa Berg told them that if you picked an orange, you had to eat it.  That would be no problem for them.  Maybe Jarrett, but certainly NOT Andrew.  Of course, Jarrett had to do everything Andrew did.  That's why he learned to walk - so he could follow Andrew around.  haha  More later.  bye for now, djb

Andrew looks constipated, I think he needs an orange!!

Andrew is saying, "Hey Jarrett, look at the orange I picked."

"Jarrett, you have to be a BIG BOY to pick oranges."

"I'm a BIG BOY, I want to pick oranges."

Andrew is so proud - "SEE my orange!"  I can just hear him.

even later (1/6) - This afternoon I was going through some pictures and I found these winter-related photos.  You'll probably ask me, "How can that picture of Grandma and Grandpa Burkholder be in the winter?"  Well, it was in Florida at Berg's house in February.  hmmm So there.  And of course, the snowman was built by our neighbor across the street, Super Stan.  He named himself that after the Jarrett was in the Superman pajamas for many, many weeks.  That's funny.  Better get my skeedaddling shoes on.  Bob should be here sooner and we're going out to eat something somewhere.  bye, djb

Grandma Burkholder in the backyard at the Bergs holding Jarrett with Andrew getting ready to skeedaddle

Grandma and Grandpa Burkholder visiting the Bergs in Florida with Grandma holding Jarrett


Later (1/6) - Let it snow.  I think it's finished snowing.  It's hard to tell how much we got because I usually gauge it by the driveway depth but I shoveled last night and then Bob shoveled last night and then this morning when I got up one of our neighbors (I'm guessing Gene Anderson) came by with his snowblowing tractor and cleaned out the entire driveway again!!  How sweet was that.  So, suffice it to say we got a LOT of snow!  Here's some pictures of it.  Plus, I took a picture of my little Christmas tree.  I had to take off the flash so you can see the lights.  how cute.  I'll be back.  Have to look for some more S*N*O*W pictures. bye, djb


The driveway this morning - with LOTS of snow in it.

The swimming pool this morning - whoa!

My baby Christmas tree still on the counter - it has a lot of Andrew & Jarrett's handmade decorations on it.

Thursday - January 6, 2004 - I never did get back with pictures of the snow yesterday.  It wasn't that exciting - it was very light yet unrelenting.  The pictures I took this morning are very exciting.  You can see one of them on the Casa Page.  I do promise that I'll put some more in here.  Last night, I was having the s-l-o-w-s with my computer.  I blamed the weather.  Then this morning, I was still having trouble, so I called Mediacom.  They really are quite excellent.  I never get spam on my e-mail thanks to the Mediacom guys.  I told my little gentleman helper that they were awesome.  He said that they never hear that....they just hear people complain.  Well, I'm here to say, "Why not give someone a compliment today.  It just might make their day, eh?"  Thank you.  Anyway, I'm back in business.  woohoo.  Here's a couple of pictures of Andrew in the snow when he was older.  But basically, they never do change from little snowboys.  See ya later.  bye, djb

Andrew standing in the snow - it was quite deep.

Andrew lying in the snow - you can tell he's having a good time!

Wednesday - January 5, 2005 - I'm on the WEATHER WATCH.  No wait, I think it's a warning.  I'm not sure.  We're supposed to get 12 inches of SNOW when all is said and done.  It's snowing right this very minute.  I feel like I'm inside one of those snow globes.  I am NOT kidding.  Of course, I went to the grocery store yesterday to stock up on supplies.  There were a lot of us older people there because we know that when the storm comes, you MUST be prepared.  It's not quite as much fun without Andrew and Jarrett here to play in the snow.  But, I'll put in a couple of pictures of boys in the snow.  I'll be back with some current photos later.  bye for now, djb  P.S. It's very exciting!

Jarrett ran toward Andrew and knocked him down. 

Jarrett and Andrew by the plastic swimming pool filled with snow.  Can we go swimming?

Uncle Ron and Skippy after an ice storm on "the farm" many, many year ago.  Hey, Skippy, look at the camera!

later - 1/4/05 - Aunt Mary had a heart attack this morning.  This was AFTER they did the stent procedure yesterday.  I read about it on the internet, and it is not uncommon to have this happen - especially with women - because they have such small veins and arteries compared to men.  Anyway, we hope she fully recovers.  We will pray for her.  God bless Mary.  With love and luck, djb

Aunt Mary with Jarrett, Steve and Andrew

Tuesday - January 4, 2005 - Yesterday, on Jarrett's birthday, I got e-mails and cards from Aunt Diane, Aunt Irene, Granny & Grandpa Berg and my dear friend, Ginny.  Plus, Uncle Bergy and Krissy wrote in the guestbook.  I talked to Aunt Diane and Uncle Ron, Granny and Krissy called but I missed her call.  We got a real nice card from Rob Anderson and his wife Kathy.  It was very comforting to Bob and me to know that Jarrett was remembered on his birthday.  It always seemed as though his birthday was glossed over because it was so close to the holidays.  I guess that was the reason that we started having his birthday party on New Year's Eve.  Then, he could actually celebrate.  A lot of people couldn't believe that Bob and I would forgo getting drunk and disorderly to host a party for a bunch of kids but we did it for many years.  Our threat was always, "Be good or we'll call your parents and they'll have to come and get you and they're not going to like that"..... that was what WE said to Andrew and Jarrett.  HAHAHA!!  Very funny.  I found some more pictures of the boys together since that's how Jarrett spent his life - with Andrew.  Oh last night, we went to Bennigan's to celebrate Jarrett's birthday.  Of course, we knew that Jarrett would have wanted to go to Ju-Rin (the Japanese restaurant with sushi).  So, after we ate, the LIGHTS WENT OUT at Bennigan's.  Bob and I looked at each other under the glare of the emergency spotlight and said, "Jarrett did that because we didn't go to Ju-Rin."  And I'm pretty sure he did!  See ya later.  Have to go stock up on supplies before the SNOW STORM gets here!!  bye, djb

Andrew "playing" with his baby brother, Jarrett

Andrew, Sister, Mary holding Jarrett in the summer of 1988

Aunt Mary Jarrett, Uncle Steve and Andrew - not sure what year

Andrew wasn't feeling well but he posed with his baby brother Jarrett anyway

THE LAST ONES - 1/3/05 - These are the last pictures I'll put in here tonight, since it's already 9 pm.  God bless my sweet son, Jarrett.  I'll never forget you my sweet baby boy.  Love, Mom

Baby Jarrett wearing his first hand-me-down from Andrew

Baby Jarrett in his new sweater outfit looking very cute and alert

Baby Jarrett informing his mama that he's hungry.

Andrew trying to comfort his baby brother Jarrett. 

Even later on 1/3/05 - Here are some more pictures from Jarrett's first year, second year, fifth year, etc. 

Jarrett Berg Burkholder - born Jan. 3, 1988 - Happy Birthday, Jarrett.

Pappy and Mammy holding Jarrett in the summer of 1988

Krissy, Andrew, Karen, Jarrett in the winter of 1989

Uncle Ron with baby Jarrett and young Andrew in the summer of 1988

Bergy giving Jarrett a bottle in the summer of 1988

Jarrett's 5th birthday party at Kaneville Community Child Center

Jarrett with his bottle, Donna Jean with curly hair and Andrew with a cute smile in September 1988

Jarrett with Bob at Andrew's pre-school graduation - maybe 1991

Andrew kissing Jarrett's owie finger (notice scapes on Jarrett's face) that had two stitches put in it.

The actual stitches that were put in Jarrett's finger after he cut it when he fell out of his defective stroller in June 1989

Grandpa Berg, Andrew, Grandma Berg and Jarrett in September 1988

Andrew, Grandma Burkholder, Jarrett trying to escape from Grandpa Burkholder in 1994

Andrew was brushing his hair with the baby brush that belonged to Jarrett

Krissy, Jarrett, Karen holding the bundle that is baby Jarrett.

Later today (1/3/05) - Here are some more pictures from Jarrett's first year.

Bob with baby Jarrett and Andrew in January 1988

Grandma Berg holding Jarrett in September 1988

Grandpa holding Jarrett in the back yard with Andrew in hot pursuit of something - September 1988

Jarrett's first birthday in Florida being held by Aunt Diane and Andrew already chowing down on the chow.

Monday - JANUARY 3, 2005 - It's been 17 years since JARRETT was born on this day in the previous century.


Dear sweet Jarrett, we'll be thinking of you all day today....wait a minute, I already do that!!!  OKAY, this day I'll sing, how's that?  NO, anything but that!!  I always sang to the boys.  But the only songs that I know all the words to are Christmas songs, so I'd sing Christmas songs all year long.  And they knew that I couldn't carry a tune even if I could bench press 200 lbs., but I'd sing anyway.  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR JARRETT.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.  YOU BELONG IN A ZOO.  hahaha  We ALWAYS said that!  What a bunch of mental cases.  Here are some more pictures of Jarrett's first week on the planet.  I'll put more on later but I just want to get these up and running as soon as I can....and this is as soon as I can.  hahaha bye, djb

Jarrett looking at his mama.  Uncle Ron took this picture in early January 1988 with a Polaroid camera.

Bob holding Jarrett and Andrew and the big white fluffy bear.

Sunday - January 2, 2005 - It's already January 2nd.  Man!  This year is really flying by fast.  We had a nice time at Avis and Denny's yesterday.  I'll have to download those pictures and put them on here.  My camera is upstairs so you'll just have to wait a bit.  I was looking for the New Year's Eve pictures of the kids having sparkling grape juice.  Of course, I can't find them. duh.  I know they're here somewhere!!!  I did find the picture of Jarrett landing after sliding down a rail at Casselberry Middle School back in December 2001.  So, I'll put those in here for now.  Be back sooner rather than later. bye, djb

Jarrett skillfully sliding down a railing in December 2001

Jarrett landing after sliding down the rail in December 2001

Saturday - January 1, 2005 - HAPPY NEW YEAR.  FELIZ ANO NUEVOHAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY.  Isn't it great?  There's something about the new year that's neat and exciting because it gives you a blank slate - a tabala rasa.  I was just thinking - how many people even know what a "slate" is.  For a few minutes, I was searching through Google to find out something about "tabala rasa."  I came across someone's blog.  It was so strange.  They must've been on something or their mind was just bizarre because I couldn't understand what they were talking about.  The words didn't flow properly.  It was very interesting though.  It makes me think about just how very different people really are.  Of course, we all do know that but think about how our "education" was before the internet.  When I was a kid in school, we were basically fed whatever someone decided we should know.  Now, the kids can go on the internet and find out different truths about various historical events.  They can even write an e-mail to the author of a book they like and actually get a response.  It is quite amazing.  I wish our educational system would get up-to-speed with the kids.  The youngsters are so way ahead of the teachers.  We can't ignore what is happening but so many do.  Maybe the time has come for a different way to look at education.  More like actual learning or teaching them to love learning and pursue knowledge for its own sake and less like treating the youngsters as if they were getting ready to plot an overthrow of the Principal's office.  We don't give our youngsters enough credit for being intelligent and thoughtful.  Yeah, just give them another test and get another score for the government to look at - another statistic.  It's wacky.  For some reason, I don't like the way things are going.  When I got my teaching degree, I was so idealistic.  Save the world, etc.  Teach the unteachable, etc.  So, that didn't happen....  There is one thing I did though that I'm very happy about - no regrets.  I stayed home with Andrew and Jarrett and was here with them every day.  Here's Jarrett and Bob at Christmas 2001 at the Berg's.  Of course, Jarrett is playing chess.  Gotta go to another party.  bye.  See ya later, djb

Granny in the back, Jarrett pondering his next move playing chess with Bob at Christmas 2001