Sunday - December 12, 2004 - I haven't yet downloaded the pictures from the BIG game yesterday, but Illinois did win.  It was pretty cool.  No, it was VERY cool.  We sat in one of the skybox suites.  WOW!  Totally excellent.  I didn't take a picture of it because I thought they would think I was just a hick from the sticks.  However, I did work for the person who became PRESIDENT of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, so I know my way around downtown.  haha.  Okay, I'm more comfortable in the wide-open spaces than in the concrete jungle.  It's still fun when you drive downtown and you first glimpse the Sear's Tower.  It's awesome.  I want to get my Christmas pictures in here today and then I'll be back with some more later.  Have to put that plastic wrap on the big door downstairs, otherwise, the COLD, COLD wind from the northwest is going to blown in and freeze my toes.  Enough said.  See youse guys later.  bye, djb

Bob's eyes are closed, Andrew is reaching for something in my hand, and I'm smiling big time.

Andrew got the decoration and we're all NOT looking at the camera.

Bob's looking at the camera, Andrew has the squeaky Santa, and I have my eyes closed.

Saturday - December 11, 2004 - It's finally really winter here in northern Illinois.  The temp is 32 this morning and the wind is blowing out of the north - it even smells cold out there. brrrrr.  Bob and I are going into the University of Illinois vs. Oregon game with the Durrenbergers this morning.  The game begins at 1 pm, so we have to get there early to get a good seat.  The United Center is SOLD OUT.  It's just unbelievable.  I guess everyone wants to see the NUMBER ONE team in the USA.  It's exciting because the football team didn't fare so well. I tried to find orange shirts, but they're sold out.  I was going to wear my orange pumpkin face shirt, but I don't think that's such a good idea.  haha  Here are some pictures from 2000 - this is the year I tried EVERYTHING to get my shot.  Outside, inside, critters, etc.  We did eventually get a good picture, though.  I'll see ya later.  Bye, djb

Jarrett holding Sable, the ferret and Andrew holding Hobbes who is trying to sniff at Sable.

Jarrett with the ferret, Andrew with the cat in a foggy haze.

Andrew holding Hobbes, while Sable tries to get him from his vantage point on Jarrett's shoulder.

Jarrett with Sable - it would be a nice shot if the photographer got it in focus.

  Andrew with Hobbes - this is much better. 

Friday - December 10, 2004 - As I was going through the old Christmas bloopers, I found more photos from 1990.  I must have taken 3 rolls of film that year because I have TONS of pictures.  Those poor guys.  When they were younger, I could make them sit longer.  As they got older, they would say, "Okay, we're done.  You took 4 pictures, Mom.  That should be enough."  Yeah, right.  Very funny.  Here's my little weasels.  See ya later, djb

Jarrett looks like he had some of the special Christmas punch and Andrew looks cute but what's the BUNNY doing back in there?

This would be a perfect shot except for a few "minor" adjustments.

I told them:  "Jarrett, say cheese and Andrew, say mmmmm."

Really, this is so-o-o-o boring.  Jarrett's taking a nap and Andrew's getting ready to take off the tie.

  Thursday - December 9, 2004 - It feels like spring out there this morning.  The sun is finally shining and it's supposed to get really warm today (like 48).  I think winter's over.  haha  Global warming!!!  Well, we have one report of the flu - Uncle Bergy is our first statistic.  He's doing better now.  Oh, I just remember that I have a Christmas picture of him with the boys somewhere, I'll have to look for that.  Today's pictures are the ones that I took right after Thanksgiving in 1996.  We had a huge snowstorm, so I figured that would be the best time to get my shot for the card.  The boys wanted Snowball in the picture.  The cat didn't want to be there.  He was always pretty feisty anyway.  Here they are - Andrew and Jarrett with Snowball.  Feliz Navidad.  bye, djb

Jarrett and Andrew in their red shirts posing for the yearly Christmas picture.  I didn't use this one!

Jarrett and Andrew in front of the Norfolk Island pine.  Nice background.

Jarrett and Andrew - a little hazy, eh?

I like the way Andrew's sleeve is sticking up in the air.

Mom, let's take a picture with Snowball.  Snowball's thinking, "Yikes!"

You can tell by his ears that the cat doesn't want to be in this picture.

Jarrett said, "I'll hold the cat and we'll look at him."  Good idea - can't see your faces though.


This is really a good one of Jarrett and Andrew.

Wednesday - December 8, 2004 - Chad and I got back about 12:20 or so.  It's 188 miles one way.  I'm glad Chad rode back with me.  He's fun, plus it helps to have someone in the car to chat with.  Chad had donuts, and I had Cheetos.  The funeral was held at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church - a small, older beautiful church.  It was a fitting and heartfelt tribute to Fritz, Julie's dad, also called Papa by his grandchildren.  He had so many good friends who helped him for years.  After the funeral, we went back to the church and were served one of those absolutely FANTASTIC luncheons supplied with delicious home-made goodies and hosted by the members of the church.  yum  Everyone was so nice and so kind.  Then, we went back to Fritz's house and toasted his life.  We did that for quite a while.  Met everyone who meant something to him.  It's so beautiful up there in that area of Wisconsin - northwest of the Dells.  When you look outside, you just see pine trees everywhere.  Plus, there's deer and the usual assortment of wildlife.  There's probably less deer now that hunting season just got over.  I'm glad I went.  Julie's been a good friend to me and I just wanted to be there.  God bless Fritz.  I hope he gets to meet the boys up there!  That would be fun.  Hasta la vista, djb

Andrew playing Game Boy while Jarrett watches

Jarrett ate a lemon.  Andrew's taking a quick nap.

That's REALLY funny, Mom.

Jarrett is giving me his best fake smile and Andrew has a great real smile.

Let's change sides and see if we can get the "perfect" picture.  No.

Switch sides again.  Jarrett - nice goofy smile and weird eyes.  Andrew is right on!

We did get the perfect picture.  Hey Mom, we're going to go play some more video games!

Tuesday - December 7, 2004 - I'm gone today to Wisconsin to Julie Wahl's dad's funeral.  I'll be back tomorrow.  God willing and the creek don't rise.  (I'm SO folksy.)  bye, djb

Those cute little weasels - love the hats with the plaid bows!

...later (12/6) - All of sudden, I realized WHERE the blackjack dealer pictures "might" be - and I was right!!!  Here they are.  I've always thought that they looked like dealers on a riverboat casino.  You can see why I wanted to find them - they're hilarious!  See ya later, djb


How's this for poker faces?

We'll both avert our eyes and look somewhere else.

I'm getting back at you for kissing me in 1989.

This is so funny that we have these hats on AND the goofy bows.

Mom, I'm serious.  This is boring.  Mom, don't I look cute!

Now, you can see all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, but Jarrett still has his!

Andrew's thinking that was the funniest joke he heard all day.  Jarrett is thinking, I'm cute, aren't I done yet?

This is pretty darn sweet.  It captures their essence.

Monday - December 6, 2004 - I think it's St. Nicholas Day.  Whatever it is, it's foggy and misty outside.  It looks like what I imagine London might look like today.  I'm going to put some bloopers in here.  They're part of the series that begins on the Casa page.  I'll be back later. bye, djb

Let's close our mouths real tight.

Jarrett, you smile and close your eyes and I'll look serious.

Okay, Mom, How's this?

Sunday - December 5, 2004 - Only no, only 20 days until Christmas.  I think that's a double Yikes!!  Lindsay came over with Sammie yesterday afternoon.  She didn't say "bob,bob,bob,bob" while she was here.  Once she got home, she was bob, bobbin all over the place.  She danced and giggled and laughed.  What a good natured little munchkinette.  Last summer, we had her saying bob,bob,bob all afternoon.  It was hilarious.  Little babies are so much fun.  I found some more blooper pictures of Andrew and Jarrett yesterday.  Here they are.  I've got to get this up and running.  I'm a little behind schedule this morning.  Very nice day.  It's already 40 degrees.  The snow will definitely melt today.  bye bye for now, djb

Not bad, but Jarrett looks a little bit underwhelmed

Someone must've said something extremely hilarious

This one would be perfect, except that it's NOT in focus

I they're restraining a chortle

This is the one that was on our Christmas card for 1999

I like the way Jarrett is looking at Andrew in this one

Saturday - December 4, 2004 - Yikes!  It's already December 4th.  Time's getting short.  Only 3 weeks until Christmas Day!!!  Can YOU believe that?????  I can't either!  Don't know much of anything.  Nick stopped by to say HI, how are you?  Fine, how are you?  It's good to hear that he likes school and is learning at lot.  Plus, whenever a youngster isn't living at home, they always seem to appreciate it more.  At least, I know I did when I went away to SIU for one year.  That was far, far away - like 600 miles.  I found more pictures from 1989 - so here they are folks. bye, djb

Hey, Jarrett, I'll look at the camera and you look at the floor.

Hey Andrew, I'll look at the camera and you look at the floor this time.

How's this one Mom?  Hey Andrew, are you looking at the birdie again?

Jarrett, let's get ready to jump.  One, two three....

This is totally fun.  Jarrett is experiencing G forces.

Andrew hugging his brother.  Jarrett saying "ohhhhh."

Friday - December 3, 2004 - It's only 18 degrees here.  Wow, that's cold!!  I'm having so much fun going through the old pictures and finding my bloopers from the old days.  I think "rejects" is a little too harsh.  Wasn't it fun to hear from Theresa!?  yes.  She wrote back in October about the paper she was writing.  We're so proud that she got an A.  Way to go, Theresa!!  By the way, Aunt Liz went to Carthage.  Plus, it was also very nice to hear from Annette.  My advice has always been to take lots of pictures of your kids.  Who knows, maybe some day you can put them on a website as blooper pictures!!  haha  It's always good to hear from everyone.  I love finding a new post on the guestbook.  It truly does "make my day."  Here's a few pictures from 1988.  They make me laugh.  And that's definitely a GOOD thing.  bye for now.  Have a wonderful day!  see ya, djb

I'm the only one smiling at the camera!

Bob and I are smiling - Andrew and Jarrett are distracted by a shiny object.

Andrew is telling me that he's tired and Jarrett is crying for his mama.

We all got the joke - except for Jarrett.

Thursday - December 2, 2004 - The University of Illinois BEAT Wake Forest last night.  Oh excuse me, they ORANGE crushed them!!  Go Illini.  Yeah!!!  It's still cold.  Must be December, eh?  It seems to me that as the years went by I didn't take as many pictures as when the boys were younger.  Here's some rejects from 1997 right before I had my cataract surgery on my right eye.  I'm surprised they're in focus!!  Let it snow!  See ya later, djb

Jarrett has that semi-cheese smile, which wouldn't be too bad if only Andrew had his EYES OPEN!

Jarrett smiling perfectly - Andrew looking around trying to find the "birdie"

Jarrett getting ready to sing the National Anthem - Andrew casting a side-long glance

Jarrett getting ready to do the tomahawk chop!  Andrew looking neutral.

Wednesday -December 1, 2004 - It's December 1st and we have SNOW all over the place.  How exciting for us and all the shoppers to put everyone in the Christmas spirit.  I struck pay dirt yesterday.  I found most of my "rejected" Christmas pictures.  The only ones I can't find are the ones where the boys are wearing those goofy bows.  But I know I'll find them eventually!!!  Very exciting for me.  Here are some of the pictures I found yesterday.  They're so cute, they make me smile every time I see them.  Ho ho ho.  bye, djb

Three out of four ain't bad.

Change boys - maybe that'll work - NO!

Change boys back - nice goofy smile, Andrew

Let me hug my big brother

I'm exhausted from all this picture-taking

This is just too cute for words - and it never happened again!

Let me pick up baby brother.  Yikes!  He's heavy!

How's this, Mom?

Mom, did you say to close my eyes?

We can't take this anymore!!!

Krissy and Karen come to the rescue - holding their cousins.  Jarrett has something yellow in his mouth!

Granny with Howard at the computer figuring out some sort of "situation"

Jason with Alan standing in the driveway in Phoenix, AZ - smiling for the camera

Tuesday - November 30, 2004 - Today is my oldest brother, Howard's birthday.  Also, my oldest nephew, Jason's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOWARD!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASON!  I'll have to find some pictures of them to pop in here later.  Right now, I'm going to put in some pictures of Andrew and Jarrett's snowman.  I actually think that Jarrett and I built it, but Andrew wanted his picture taken, too.  I don't know why someone didn't take MY picture.  Oh yeah, I TAKE THE PICTURES!  haha  Isn't that funny?!  The answer to that question is YES.  I'm still on the search for more of my rejected Christmas pictures.  I KNOW they're around here somewhere but as you all know, I have many, many pictures.  Not at all organized.  You know, I started out being organized and then it all fell apart fairly quickly.  For my new year's resolution, I'll WORK on that.  Here's the snowman series.  It's pretty cute.  Have a nice day!  Bye, djb

Jarrett with our perfectly crafted Frosty the snowman

Andrew standing next to the extremely handsome Frosty the snowman

Frosty the snowman wearing 3-D glasses

Frosty - AFTER the snow melted

Monday -November 29, 2004 - I keep trying to find more of the "rejected" Christmas pictures.  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.  When I woke up this morning, it was WHITE outside.  Yikes!  MORE SNOW!!!  Now, it's melted, but we're supposed to be getting flurries all day long.  Good thing I cleaned out the eaves yesterday.  It was very nice comparatively speaking.  Well, I did find these cute little pictures from 1988, when Jarrett was 11 months old and Andrew was 33 months old!  haha  Here they are.  See ya later.  I gotta go out in this weather. whew.  bye, djb

THE BOTTLE BOYS - having some juice before their arduous photo session begins

Cute, but not perfect

Did I say, "Look at the camera?"

Not quite, but it is cute that Andrew has his hand on Jarrett's back

Andrew is looking at the camera, Jarrett's looking at Dad

Jarrett is saying, No more, No more, No more!!!

Sunday - November 28, 2004 - This morning, I came across the second set of pictures from 1991.  I do recall a year that I took two rolls of film.  What a riot!  Now, with the digital camera, I could have millions of pictures.  Yeah!  But who would pose that long?  No one I know.  Do you realize that at some point in time, rolls of film are going to be obsolete?!  Wow.  It's kind of like typing on a typewriter instead of a computer.  You had to type perfectly because it was so hard to fix the mistakes.  Now, we just backspace, etc.  Those were the good old days!!  Today, however, it's cold outside but at least the sun is shining.  Below are some of the pictures I scanned today.  They're so precious.  bye, djb

Jarrett trying to hide behind Andrew.

Andrew and Jarrett in 1991 - good picture - too many distractions

Jarrett with his arms folded telling Andrew to smile.  So, he did.

Jarrett sitting on Andrew's lap in the wooden rocking chair.

I like this one because Jarrett has his arm around Andrew's shoulder instead of around his neck!

Let's have some more punch and sing Christmas carols!

Saturday - November 27, 2004 - The snow's all gone but now it's raining.  I don't know which is worse.  Cold rain or cold snow.....  I'm having fun looking through these pictures of the boys in years gone by.  To get the "perfect" picture, I would take an entire roll of film while Andrew and Jarrett posed for me.  In later years, I was lucky to get them together for three or four pictures!  Here's some of the "rejects" from 1990.  See ya later, djb

Out of focus - dazed and confused expressions - REJECTED

In focus, but too serious for a Christmas card - REJECTED

Say CHEESE.  That's way too cheesy - REJECTED

Say Ahhhhhh - (what's the bunny doing in a Christmas card picture?!) - REJECTED

This one is pretty darn cute - I can't imagine what made Andrew laugh so hard. 

Friday - November 26, 2004 - Thought I'd start a new page today.  Now the emphasis is on Christmas SHOPPING!!  Ay carumba!  While I was going through some pictures the other week, I came across the "reject" Christmas card pictures from 1991.  They are totally hilarious.  I'll put a few of them in here.  I'm running late.  Gotta go, djb

Andrew decided to open his eyes REALLY WIDE.

Andrew and Jarrett sharing a private joke.

Andrew telling Jarrett, "If we smile, she'll stop taking our picture."

Good smiles - except they're not looking at me!

B-O-R-I-N-G......................Are we done yet????