WEDNESDAY - July 14, 2004 - Note to self:  Seems like it's time to start a new page.  Although I am gaining back my strength, I still felt weak and feeble yesterday.  Because of the early cloudiness, I worked on the Jackass video.  It's hilarious.  Plus, it's fun to see Jarrett on screen talking and laughing.  You might think it would make me sad, but it's just the opposite.  Kind of like a bizarro world view.  Plus, I get to sneak a peak into the creative activities of my son that he never let me see:  goofing around with his friends.  I would suggest that if you have a video camera and your teenager wants to use it, let them.  Sure, they might break it, but you also might be left with a priceless gift.  Stuff is just stuff, that's my motto.  Also, a special message to any of my family members who might be reading this:  since my high water mark a few years ago, as of today, I've finally lost 71 pounds!!!  Of course, the stomach/intestine virus helped with the last few pounds.  Don't recommend that to anyone!  I'll never be anorexic because I love to eat food!!!  But all those years of taking such high doses of prednisone surely did a number on my body.  Hobbes is creating a commotion outside the window, so I'm going to go now and see what's up.  bye, djb

Bob, Jarrett, Andrew golfing at Deer Run in Big Rock - one of their first golf outings together.

later - (7/13/04) - Today ended up being a perfect day, although it began with ominous warnings.  Thunderstorms struck elsewhere, and the sky eventually cleared overhead.  Behind the fluffy, white clouds, which were buffeted by a brisk breeze, was an azure blue sky.  Summer flowers nodded in approval, while blooming at the height of their glory.  In the midst of the flora, the swimming pool sparkled like a gem with the waning sunlight dancing on the waves.  The final chain in the perfect link:  82 degrees.  (A right brain writing exercise)

TUESDAY - July 13, 2004 - Right now, Weather Bug is showing a big storm headed our way but it looks like it's falling apart.  Good news!  Last night, I had a fever but this morning, I feel much better.  I had to water the flowers just in case it didn't rain.  Krissy told me that Karen and Bryar had the same virus I had.  yuk!  Poor babies.  Hopefully, they're also feeling better today.  As long as it's so stormy outside, I think I'll work on Jarrett's Jackass video.  Because of all the nice weather, I haven't had time to even look at it.  That's what I'll do this morning.  The boys must be watching over me and helping me understand the computer because I'm doing things now that I never even imagined I could do.  Thanks guys!  You're the best!!!  Here's a cute picture I ran across this morning:

Jarrett and Andrew standing back to back - probably 1990

I think I took this picture the year we moved here (1990) sometime in the fall because they're wearing long sleeves and long pants.  Andrew's holding his number cruncher so that Jarrett can't get it.  Share?  What?  That's why I always had to buy TWO of everything.  The sun is coming out.  Oh boy!  Must go now.  See ya later, djb

MONDAY, MONDAY - July 12, 2004 - Early this morning, I had a very RUDE awakening.  I was sick to my stomach from 1 am until 4 am (plus other problems that I'm not going into here).  Let's just say it was not a pretty sight!  This was the same virus I had the night after Andrew and Jarrett's funeral.   Very sick.  Once I got myself going this morning, I finally do feel fairly okay.  Yesterday, I came across Andrew's baseball picture.  He did look nice in his uniform:

Andrew, wearing his baseball uniform his freshman year.

Last night Hobbes was sitting at the door at 1 a.m., so I let him in and decided that the garage was the best place for him to hang out.  That's exactly what I didn't need - the cat sitting under my feet.  But speaking of Hobbes, he and Jarrett are in one of my favorite pictures.  All right.  I'm going to go now.  Maybe it is nap time.  see ya later, djb

Hobbes looking longingly at Jarrett's scrambled eggs with cheese!

SUNDAY - July 11, 2004 - Today is going to be the FIRST perfect, normal, summer day we've had this year.  This is a day to enjoy, so I'm going to wrap this up fairly quickly because I have to go into town and get some algaecide.  Ran out.  Yesterday, for the first time this year, we had a cloudy situation in the pool.  I blame the rain in Spain and in Elburn.  Okay, it's time to put my skeedaddling shoes on and walk carefully out of here.  SEE YA, djb

Bryar riding on Shamu.  We have fond memories of the boys playing with Shamu.

SATURDAY - July 10, 2004 - I'm in the pool with Krissy and Karen and Bryar.  Nick is going to put on the MovieBox.  woohoo!!  Bob is playing golf and it's sunny and 78 degrees.  What more could more could we ask for (dangling preposition).  Gotta go.  I'm in Nick's way.  See  ya later, gotta get some rays, djb

Nick and Jarrett right before they planted the apple tree and put the time capsule underneath it which they dug up two days later.

later this same morning - Andrew and Jarrett always have a way to make me laugh in spite of everything.  Last night, I looked at this dish that I had put morning glory seeds in to soak (as it says on the package), and this is what it looked like:

Notice the smiley face and spikey hair.  The seed on the right hand side was moving around and for a time it was right where Andrew's mole was!  Plus, I just noticed the GAP. 

I thought it was totally hilarious to have a smiley face shape in my bowl!  I know the boys did it for me!!! :)   Last night, when I was talking to Granny, I walked in the garage and there was a REAL bird sitting on top of the bird seed bag!!  I totally freaked out!  Every effort to get the bird out of the garage failed.  This morning, when Bob went out to get in his car, the bird was sitting ON TOP of his car.  It flew off and went to the top of the TALLEST ladder and just sat there.  It would NOT move.  It flew around for awhile near the ceiling (never finding the open door) then, it flew on top of the cupboards that are over the washer/dryer and just sat.  Of course, Hobbes is looking for bunnies - he was NO HELP at all!  I kept saying, "Hobbes, go get the birdie."  Hobbes is looking at me like, "What?  You want me to smile at the birdie?"  duh.  Finally, after throwing shoes (they missed) and toys, then tennis balls, the bird flew near the door.  So, I took one of my styrofoam balls and rolled it toward him and he FINALLY flew out!  Oh my goodness.  It was a hoot!  Every morning, the birdies wake me up, so I love them but having one in my garage after Krissy's nightmare of having one in the house and taking TWO HOURS to get it out - forget it.  Of course, I know Andrew and Jarrett told the birdie to go in the garage and SCARE Mom.  hahaha  Very funny.   It did make me laugh.  I'm out of here............see ya later, djb

Here's a robin.  If I had been thinking clearly, I would've taken an actual picture of our uninvited visitor.

FRIDAY - July 9, 2004 - This morning I started reading the poem that Joe Thill wrote for the one year anniversary of Andrew and Jarrett's untimely deaths and left at their stone.  Joe was one of Andrew's very good friends.  For some reason, it really touched my heart this morning.  I'm going to print it here because I know that he spent a lot of time putting it together and I want to share it. 

I am now a visitor to your last resting place,

A holy sanctuary, most precious of space,

Visions in my mind and I picture your face,

And I leave my soul at your tombstone's base,

So everywhere I go I know I'll be right by your side

The thoughts of you I couldn't forget if I tried,

Memories I'll hold with me until the day that I die,

Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry,

But we wouldn't feel pain if joy wasn't in our lives,

And in mine you've really played a large size,

It's just like they say, we learn from our mistakes,

I'm learning from the two that God happened to make,

And I know in time that we'll surely meet again,

No telling how soon, or how close I am to the end,

But I know that through time, these wounds will mend,

And I know one day, that I will see you again my friend.

You will forever live on in my mind

I love you guys, Joe Thill

Jarrett and Andrew in the kitchen a month before they died.

I miss them all the time.  Forever in my heart.  Dear God, please take care of my dear sweet boys.  I know you just lent them to us for a short time, but it just hurts so much - an ache in my heart that never goes away.  Love, Djb

later on this same day (7/8) - It's finally in the 70's.  This morning, I wandered around and took pictures of the flowers.  Here's a picture of the monarda, aka bee balm.  It kind of looks like a red firecracker:  Must go. bye, djb

Red monarda and yellow black-eyed Susans or maybe they're rudbeckia.

THURSDAY - July 8, 2004 - What weather?  The year Jarrett was born (1988), I think we had twenty 90 degree days in a row.  Something like that.  The pictures on the Casa page are from July of that year when it was so HOT.  All we wanted to do was get in the pool and stay there until we were shriveled up like prunes.  Apparently, Jarrett was taking a nap when we were outside in the pool with Bev and the kids.  So, I found a picture of him on the bed when he was 6 months old.  Check out those BLUE eyes!  What a sweetheart!  Have to go to Target soon.   See ya, djb

JARRETT IN JULY 1988 - 6 MONTHS OLD (he must have been teething)

WEDNESDAY - July 7, 2004 - Believe it or not, I still remember the outfit I wore to work on 7/7/77.  At the time, I was working at Martin Marietta in Orlando.  It was an outfit with a black background with little white polka dots on it. Isn't that hilarious?  Don't ask me WHY I remember that.....I don't know.  This morning is quite cool and refreshing outside.....however, rumor has it that we're going to get in the 90's by this weekend.  Oh boy.  That's exciting.  You will not believe what Hobbes did yesterday.  He caught a bunny and brought it into the garage.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  Years ago, I told the boys that if they could catch the bunny that was eating vegetables in my garden, I would give them twenty bucks.  Jarrett rigged up a box with a stick and a string and a carrot.....just like in the try and catch the bunny.  Of course, he never did.  Now, I guess I owe Hobbes $20.  Hmmm What picture can I put in here.  Let me go search my files.  This is a good one.  Must go.  See ya later, djb

ANDREW holding HOBBES, JARRETT with SABLE the ferret

TUESDAY - July 6, 2004 - Okay, so the pool was calling my name to tell me that it was going to rain and I should put the solar cover on top.  We decided to go to Bennigan's to eat since it was Monday yesterday!!  While we were sitting there, the Crook family came in to eat.  Cody had a game earlier and if I remember correctly, his team won.  Kit's so tall, I can't believe it.  Late in the season, he started pitching for the Varsity baseball team at Kaneland.  Isn't that nice?  yes.  He's worked very hard for many, many years.  I have a picture of Kit and Cody with Andrew and Jarrett in the summer of 1995.  That was when we got the pool.  Here they all are:

Andrew, Kit, Cody, Jarrett in the back yard in 1995.

It's time to get some more coffee and take my calcium pill.  My broken bone is WAY better than it was.  This morning, I actually walked down to the end of the street and back.  It felt good.  I miss walking around the block in the early morning.  Soon, I'll be doing that again!  see ya later, djb

later - (7/5) - This afternoon, Krissy sent me the pictures she took yesterday of Bryar trying to get Hobbes.  She LOVES Hobbes.  All afternoon, her face would totally light up whenever Hobbes came into view.  It was so funny.   That's why I put the pictures on the Casa page because it was absolutely hilarious!!!  Krissy got the shots!!  Excellent.  One time, I said, "Bryar, where's the kitty?"  She scrunched down and looked under the table and said, "Kitty?"  Well, I suppose you had to be here, but it was just too cute.  All right, I have to go do some swimming now because I hear the pool calling my name.  Hasta la vista, djb

Derek and Bryar in the pool on the FOURTH of JULY


MONDAY - July 5, 2004 - Happy 5th of July!  Since the 4th came on Sunday, everyone except BOB gets today as the official day off.  After all, the 4th of July is one of the few garbage holidays!!!  I have them memorized!  hahaaa  We had such a GREAT time yesterday.  Bob and Ryan went into the Western Open.  I invited Tim and Teri over and then Julie and then the girls and their guys and Bryar and then Clyde.  Chad stopped by and then Charlie.  Then, Lindsay came by.  Before anyone got here, Sally and Karl came over to say hi.  It was so much fun.  The pool is finally swimmable.  I don't think that's a word, but I don't care.  I actually went down the slide.  Had to stick my left foot in the air so it wouldn't hit the bottom of the pool.  It was perfect.  We have the slide because I love it!!  At first, I was scared of it because the water went over my head.  Once the Andrew and Jarrett left earth, I decided that it was my duty to enjoy it for them.  I have a picture of me going down the slide at our house in North Aurora.  I wonder where that is.  I'll have to find it.  It's an all-time favorite.  Instead of that, let me see what I can put in here.  This is a good one.  It reminds me of a lot of fun times in our pool.  Must go drink coffee.  See ya later, djb

Chad and Jarrett giving me the thumbs up under water.

SUNDAY - JULY 4, 2004 - HAPPY 4th OF JULY.  It's raining right now, but supposedly the rain is going to stop soon and later on the sun will come out and we can celebrate our Independence by blowing up fireworks made in China.  After all, they did invent fireworks.  This type of morning reminds me of Florida - humid, rainy, overcast.  Just love it.  That's why I put a picture of the Bergs with Andrew on the Casa Page (with the all the cousins).  The year that picture was taken, it was so cold in Florida that Andrew had to wear his winter coat.  But NOW, it's in the 90's and they're having severe thunderstorms every day.  Last Friday was a PERFECT day here.  Whenever you get one of those days, you have a responsibility to enjoy it to the fullest!  All this talk of summer reminds me of a summer day many, many years ago when we all went up to visit Grandma and Grandpa O'Malley. 

John O'Malley, Stella O'Malley, Baby Ronnie in June 1959 when Ron was 6 months old.

Grandpa was born in 1877, so you can figure out how old he was in this picture.  As long as you're at it, Grandma was born in 1883.  WOW!  Doesn't that seem like a l-o-n-g time ago?!  Two centuries ago.  Yikes.  Enough chit-chat.  Enjoy your day, djb

later - (7/3) - Just got back from my BIG adventure at the Kane County Flea Market.  What a place!!  They had elephant ears there, and of course, everyone was eating them!  Except us.  We were too busy shopping!!  Joan kept saying, "Oh, let me get this for you, Judy."  haha  She was carrying a bag that was as HEAVY as she is and full of stuff.  They have so many cool things there.  It's amazing, not to mention amusing.  We'd walk down a road full of stuff and then the next one had as much stuff and even more stuff.  It was a good time.  Thanks to the boys, we didn't have any rain until 3:30 and by then, we were getting tired.  My foot was starting to hurt a little bit.  But, it's feeling quite well and I'm hardly hobbling at all!!!  Oh boy.  That's the best news I've heard in a long time.  Somewhere in my archives, I have an excellent picture of Joan and Judy, but since I can't find that right now, here they are:

Judy & someone I don't know in front.  Bob, Steve, Kathy & Joan in the back.

It's raining here, but I HOPE it's not raining on Taste of Chicago and the fireworks tonight because Ron and Liz are down there to enjoy the festivities.  All right, I'm out of here.   See ya later, djb

SATURDAY - July 3, 2004 - Yesterday afternoon was dedicated to yard work!  It was a great day to mow while wearing my swimming suit (only in the back yard).  Unfortunately, I was able to get in the pool merely one time because I had so much to do.  Mowing (used my toes on the clutch), trimming, cutting, weeding, moving bags of weeds, sticks, mulch, etc.  In mid-afternoon I took a break and went into the cemetery to water the begonias that I had earlier put on hangers for Andrew and Jarrett.  They were doing pretty well although dry.  I put a new shepherd's hook behind the stone.  Also watered Andrew's evergreen.  When I opened the car door, I realized that I hadn't brought along my camera.  So, I'll have to go back in and take a picture.  It looks nice.  Wish I didn't have to visit my boys at the cemetery.  Wish they were here.  see ya later, djb

Bob & Andrew and the GIGANTIC fish that Andrew caught at Donnyhill Lake.  The boys were always running home and yelling, "Mom, get your camera and come down to the lake, we caught a REALLY big fish!" 

Hobbes and Jarrett (wearing his signature yellow shirt) 

FRIDAY - July 2, 2004 - We're going to have a PERFECT day today....82 degrees.  That equates to heaven on earth for me.  When I was out and about yesterday morning, I bought a kangaroo paw plant.  The reason?  I didn't have one.  It was the only one in the store.  Okay, so I like plants.....  Speaking of Mohawk haircuts, here's Jarrett's FIRST one.  This picture was taken on the last day of school.  It was the year Bob and I went to Amelia Island for the 4-day work golf outing.  All I know is, it was after 1995.  Jarrett has on a shirt from Fernandina Beach.  Chad has a broken arm.  In the background, you can see Cody, Andrew and Charlie.  That was the year that our well pump burned out.  Can't remember what year it was though.  hmmm But I do know that it's time to go.  Denny's coming over to have me type something about a golf outing for him.  See ya later, djb  ENJOY this day!!  I know I will. 

Jarrett (nice haircut), Chad (broken wing), Cody, Andrew, Charlie - the LAST day of school

later - (7/1) - SWIMMING POOL ALERT!  I FINALLY went into the pool and doggie paddled across and back.  Foot didn't hurt.  It's 75 degrees in the pool.  A bit chilly, but better than it was Saturday.  Here's me in the pool:

Me (on the left) and Diane (on the right).  Oh no, this is the WRONG picture!!! 

This was taken a few years ago in Florida at the Bergs.  I can't remember why we had that little pool but we did have fun.  Okay, must go back out and swim some more.  see ya, djb

THURSDAY - JULY 1, 2004 - Half of this year is over!  Isn't that amazing?  What did I accomplish? hmmmm interesting question.  Last night, after Bob got home, I told him that I wanted to get one of those devices that converts the video cassettes to DVD.  So, we went to Best Buy.  It was QUITE amazing that we ran into a Personal Shopper by accident.  He took us right to the spot and told us that this particular brand was the best.  (After all, it is called BEST Buy!).  Now I can put my old movies on DVD.  That's exciting - a new toy!   It's supposed to be a nice day today FINALLY.  Oh, after Bob and I left Best Buy, I told him that we should go out to a new restaurant on Randall.  We went to The Claddagh - an Irish Pub.  It was fantastic.  We sat outside on the patio.  Our table overlooked a huge retention pond that was lined with limestone bricks, plus it had a fountain and a free duck show - not to mention that the moon was perfect.  The people who worked there were wonderful.  The food was different but delicious.  I'll have to ask Kathy D if she wants to try it for lunch some day.  Of course, Randall Road was Andrew's FAVORITE hangout road of all time!  Never have been to Caribou Coffee in Batavia!  Let me see what picture I can pop in here this morning.  Oh I found one!  See ya later, djb

Bob, Andrew, Jarrett a few years ago at Aunt Liz and Uncle Ron's house in the good old summertime. 

later - (6/30) - Judy came over this afternoon.  I was so happy to see her.  She stopped at Andrew and Jarrett's stone to see them and leave some red roses.  We had a very nice chat.  On Sunday, I took a picture of her and lo and behold there's an ORB right on her face.  Of course, we know that it's Kathy letting her presence be known.  Let's face it, Kathy was like me, when she was around, you knew it!  Here it is:

Judy with a Kathy Orb!  Pretty cool, eh?

This dress is so gorgeous.  It has sparkly things on it and it swishes.  Very beautiful for a beautiful girl!  Must be going now.  Had to water the flowers TWICE today because it's so warm.  It isn't 86, but it's still perfect temp.   bye see ya later, djb

WEDNESDAY - June 30, 2004 - It's my 3/4 birthday today.  In three months, I'll be celebrating my real birthday.  woohoo.  A person has to advertise to get lots of cards.  Since I don't need ANYTHING, a card is sufficient to make my day!  hint hint.  It was SO GOOD to hear from Elyse.  She was in all the smart classes with Jarrett.  She's become such a beautiful young woman.  I still have the Loch Ness Monster tape but it got stuck in the VCR thing, although I think I can take it into one of those special places where they can fix it.  Thanks so much for reminding me of that, Elyse!  We had a blast doing it.  Especially the ending, where Jarrett went down to the lake and pretended that the Loch Ness monster was coming out of the lake!!  What a hoot!  That reminds me, I have to go see Jon Britz and get that little cassette of Jarrett doing his break dancing.  I want to put all of the cassettes on DVDs.  There's some kind of gizmo that they sell that converts them.  That's what I need.  Plus, I have the Jackass video that Jarrett, Jon and Kevin Lamb made!  It's so HILARIOUS that every time Kylie comes over she asks to see it!  And, don't forget that I have an entire hour of Andrew eating - it's so boring that even I got bored watching it.  Then, I have another hour of Jarrett trying to crawl.  My annoying voice is in the background, "C'mon, Jarrett, you can do it."  duh.  He eventually did crawl, then walk, run, skip and jump!!!  haaahaaa  Here's a sweet picture of my boys when they had BOWL cuts:

Jarrett and Andrew playing dominoes at Woodhaven back in the days of the bowl haircuts.

Now, I'm going to finish cleaning so I can go outside in a little while and get some SUN!!!!!  Enjoy your day.  see ya later, djb

later (6/29) - On my way back from DeKalb, I stopped at the cemetery and weed whacked the grass.  A little while ago, I planted some gigantic begonias in a couple of pots that I'm going to bring in later.  I think I might plant some begonias in front of the hosta.  The hosta is looking quite sunburned.  Oh, I also put little angels in each flower pot.  They're very cute - almost too cute, but appropriate.  I found this picture below in with some of the other pictures I took at Woodhaven.  The expression on Jarrett's face is so sweet, I thought you'd enjoy it.  I'll take pictures at the cemetery.  bye, djb

Kimberly, Kenneth, Jarrett with an Orange Crush at Woodhaven


TUESDAY - June 29, 2004 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHAD TODAY!!  If you know Chad, call their house and wish him a Happy Birthday.  He's at work all day, but at least you can leave a message or a song on the answering machine!!  that's funny.  Last night, I received a very sweet guestbook signing from Gail VanBo.  Her family is so nice.  I first met them when they needed a coach for the boys' baseball team.  Silly me.  I said, "Well, if you can't find anyone else, I'll do it."  Not realizing that once I said that, they QUIT LOOKING!!  haha  It was one of the best experiences I ever had as a mom/coach.  We had Gail's son, Tim, on our team.  Also, the Lamb boys.  Of course, Andrew.  It was quite a team.  I will never forget the game we played in Sugar Grove.  There were just enough boys to play each position.  No one had to sit on the bench.  We called it our Field of Dreams game.  Everything went perfectly.  Everyone hit the ball and got on base.  Everyone caught the ball when it was hit to them.  It was quite simple an amazingly awesome game.

DJ and her DREAM TEAM (Tim is standing right next to me), Andrew's in the middle of the front row suppressing a chortle.

Every time we had a game, I would take hours to set up the batting schedule and ponder who would play at each position.  In my mind (as a mom and a Libra), everything had to be FAIR.  I was never out to merely win.  Although, I do agree with whathisname, that winning is WAY BETTER than losing.  One of my saddest experiences was when Andrew was on the Freshman team at Kaneland.  The Coach (a man) decided that Andrew would NOT EVER PLAY.  Although he did look good in his uniform.  Even though the team was playing a double header in St. Charles (right near my clinic) and Kaneland was behind by 15 runs, the STUPID coach would not put Andrew and some of the other really good baseball players in the game.  That kind of mentality escapes my comprehension.  Not only did it hurt his feelings but he asked me if he could quit after that game.  I said, "Honey, you lasted a lot longer than I would have.  You can quit any time you want."  He agreed that on Monday, he'd quit.  After the practice, the Clueless Coach asked Andrew to rake the sand on the field and Andrew told him that, No, he wasn't going to be doing that any more because he was quitting the team.  Bye. bye.  I just wonder how many kids could be saved from drugs and a BORED high school life if the Coaches realized what kind of responsibility they have.  It should never be about just winning.  It should always be about guiding the youngsters.  Maybe that's why I quit the teaching profession early on because it was less about teaching the children than it was about power plays, politics and posing!!!  Okay, so I'm on my soapbox.  It's always bothered me and now I have forum to get it out.  So, it's out.  I'm finished.  Must go find coffee!!  Thanks for writing, Gail!  see ya later, djb

later (6/28) - I'm back from my travels.  The rain stopped and it's 70 degrees outside.  Oh boy.  Hobbes and I are going out as soon as I finish typing this.  While I was going through some pictures, I came across the one below of the five of us older kids with Grandpa and Granny.  The year was probably 1953.  Steve was born in the fall of 1952, so he seems about 9 months old or so in this picture.  That means I was about 3 and a half.  haha  It's fun to look at the OLD pictures.  All right....hasta la vista, djb

Howard, Gale holding Steve, Denny, Granny, Donna in the chair and Alan in the summer of 1953 at the farm in Rochelle.

MONDAY - June 28, 2004 - We had a really nice time at the festivities yesterday.  It's always nice to see everyone.  I do have pictures, but I haven't shrunk them down yet.  I'll do that a bit later.  They had a write a memory for Bob and Joan.  That was funny.  I wrote about the time I went to their house on the farm and I didn't know how to drive my VW rabbit and I hopped and hopped out of the driveway.  Anyone who witnessed it, never forgot it because it was so funny!  We had an EARTHQUAKE this morning at 1:11 a.m.  I completely missed it because I was sleeping.  However, I did find something amiss outside on the patio.  One of the yellow balls that I bought to play with in the swimming pool had fallen on the green carpet.  That's the extent of our damage!!  Back to yesterday.  After we enjoyed the celebration, the usual suspects, Denny, Avis, Ron, Liz, Bob and I went to Rosita's.  And I do have a picture of Andrew and Jarrett at Rosita's that I'm going to put in here now.  So, I'll see ya later.  bye, djb

Andrew and Jarrett at Rosita's a few years ago. 

SUNDAY - June 27, 2004 - It is sunny this morning.  Supposedly, we're getting more RAIN later today.  Oh good.  Yesterday, Bob vacuumed the pool until it was beyond clean, beyond sparkling.  After he mowed the lawn, he was out getting some of the weeds out of the honeysuckle and Elliot and Jake came by to ask Bob if they could swim.  Sure, he said.  So, they came over and played in the pool for a while.  It was reminiscent of the old days when Andrew, Jarrett and all the boys would play in the pool for hours.  Here's a picture I just found of Chad & Jarrett underwater:

Chad and Jarrett underwater - notice the THUMBS UP

They always had so much fun.  In the same photo album that I found that picture, I also came across the group picture from my 50th birthday party at Fisherman's Inn:

Donna Jean turns 50 and everyone is smiling about that!

That reminds me.  I have to find a card for Bob and Joan's 50th anniversary today.  Okay, I'll go do that.  see ya later, djb

SATURDAY - June 26, 2004 - After I received the picture of my newest great-niece (baby Hope), I had to call her mom (Gayla) and chat about how adorable she is.  She does that eye contact thing like Jarrett did when he was a baby. 

Baby Hope lying around looking like a cute little baby.

Tomorrow, of course, we'll all be at the 50th anniversary party for Bob and Joan.  It's hard to believe that it's already June 26th.  Almost impossible to believe.  They're having extreme HEAT in Florida and we're having extreme COLD here.  I'd be willing to take a few degrees off their hands.  Speaking of Florida, here's that picture of us four cousins at the Bergs quite a few years ago.  Kathy's in heaven with Andrew and Jarrett.  We do miss her terribly.  She was quite a sweetheart.  But, we'll see Judy tomorrow.  And I'll see myself when I look in the mirror!  And I'll see Diane next time I go to Fla.

Judy, Kathy (in heaven), Granny in the back, Diane, Donna - the 2 + 2 sisters = 4 cousins 

Time to get out of here.  I took that stupid orthopedic sandal off my foot.  It was making it hurt more than help.  Now, my foot feels 100% better.  So, I'm trying to learn how to walk again.  heel, toe, heel toe.  See ya later, djb

FRIDAY - June 25, 2004 - What a beautiful morning for May!!  It's sunny and cold.  Now, it's afternoon.  I wrote those first two sentences a long time ago.  I've been working on Joe and Lisa's wedding DVD.  A while back, I got the Roxio 7 program.  It is quite awesome.  Of course, I'm dazed and confused right now, so I decided to take a break.  whew.  Whenever I'm confronted with a new program, I never read about it until after I get in trouble.  haha.  That's a common character trait in our family.  We were born with a special gene for people who KNOW IT ALL already.  Let's see, what can I put in here today?  hmmmm

Andrew and Jarrett watching the fire at Woodhaven - one of their favorite summertime activities.

I'm going back to work on the DVD now.  Wish me luck.  I know I can do it.  I know I can do it.  The power of positive thinking!!!!  see ya later, djb 

later ... (6/24) - It's quite ugly here right now - almost 2:30.  We might break a record tonight for COLDEST June 24th ever!!  We're so fortunate.  This morning, I came across a picture with Grandpa O'Malley and some of the Bergs in Harvard walking from the garden.  Grandma O'Malley's flowers are in black in white.  For sure, I know she's the one I got my love of flowers from (dangling preposition).  Of course, I don't think it hurts to have farmers in my background on BOTH sides of the family.  I liked that picture of Andrew and Jarrett that I put in my journal this morning, that I decided to put it on the front page!  All righty, here's an old time photo - I left the date on the bottom on purpose:

Alan, Edsel, Grandpa O'Malley, Granny, Ron, Grandpa and someone on the far right whose elbow I can see.  Notice the FLOWERS!!

THURSDAY - June 24, 2004 - It's hard to believe that June is almost over!  In one short week, it'll be JULY!  I haven't even been in the pool yet....too cold.  This morning as I was shuffling through my pictures, I found this one that I dearly love.  It was taken at Avis and Denny's house at one of our Christmas parties.  I could probably figure out the year but I'm not going to!!!  Here are Andrew and Jarrett in matching sweatshirts:

Andrew and Jarrett - aren't they just too sweet?

Time to go.  Yes, we did have an inch and a quarter of rain last night within a very short period of time.  Oh good, more RAIN!!!!  see ya later, djb

WEDNESDAY - June 23, 2004 - Last night, on the 10 pm news, I heard that Mattie died.  Mattie was the young poet who wrote the Heartsongs books.  He was amazing.  I bought one of his books even before Andrew and Jarrett died because I was drawn to the cover and when I started reading his poetry, I was absolutely amazed that these wonderful, insightful poems came from a little boy.  He was only 13 when he died but he was a person who lived every day to the fullest even though or maybe because of his fragile medical condition, he could die at any time.  His three wishes were to have his poems published, to meet Jimmy Carter and to be on the Oprah show to spread his message of peace.  As I recall, he was only 11 when he was on the Oprah show.  All of his wishes were granted.  Maybe from his heavenly perch, he can help effect peace on earth.  I suggest after you read this, do a Google on Mattie and you can be directed to his poems.  I think his last name is Stephanek.  Mattie Stephanek - what a guy.  Hey Mattie, say hi to Andrew and Jarrett from their mom.  I'll show you what they look like:

Andrew and Jarrett (not yet wearing his contacts)

Time to go.  It's actually sunny this morning, but guess what?  MORE RAIN!!  Yikes!  see ya later, djb

TUESDAY - June 22, 2004 - Because of my whimsical nature, I decided to begin a new Current Journal page today.  It had to happen one day, so I chose today!  The temperature right now is double nickels which is way better than double deuces!!  Yesterday afternoon, I spent a couple of hours going over Lisa and Joe's wedding photos, cropping, etc.  I want to have it finished so I can bring it to Bob and Joan's 50th wedding anniversary celebration on Sunday.  It's still hard to believe that they've been married for FIFTY YEARS!!!  Yikes!  That would seem like a long time except for the fact that I'm older than that!!  Somewhere in my extensive pictures, I have an excellent photo of the two of them but until I scan it, I decided to put in this funny picture.  The boys and I were at the Bergs in Florida for a month in January when they were very young.  Grandpa was pulling them in the red wagon.  You can tell by the expression on Andrew's face that he knows they're going down.  And they did tip over.  I didn't get the tipped over shot because I had to scurry and help pick them up off the ground.  Of course, they thought it was quite exciting.  "Grandpa tipped us over in the wagon!"  I guess that was better than, "Don't touch the door,  dogdarnit."

Grandpa pulling the RED wagon with Jarrett and Andrew inside right BEFORE it falls over.

Now it's time to re-arrange the pages.  Being a Webmistress is so demanding.  haha.  see ya later, djb