MONDAY - June 21, 2004 - First full day of SUMMER!  Oh boy, it's already 60 degrees and it's going to RAIN again.  I finished painting the deck yesterday.  Because of my broken foot, I had to sit on my "Lawn Buddy" and that was perfect because I could take my time and get the two planters and the two seats painted without hurting my foot or my back!  I'm almost finished planting my flowers.  Maybe I have a picture in here somewhere.  During my search, I found the calla lily which is out in Andrew and Jarrett's garden.  I was quite surprised when it bloomed.  Here it is:

Calla lily in Andrew and Jarrett's garden

Earlier this spring, I bought a big box of summer bulbs and this was in there.  I didn't think that it would actually come up and bloom one day!!  It's such an elegant flower.  Granny grew one, too, except that hers was white and much taller than mine.  Other than those minor differences, they were the SAME!!  must go.  see ya later, djb

SUNDAY - June 20, 2004 - Father's Day - Happy Father's Day to my Dad and all the other fathers out there in the world.  Gayla's husband, Jake, just became a father for the first time last week.  How exciting for him!  I remember when we brought Andrew home from the hospital and put him in his crib.  It was like, Whoa!  Now what do we do?!?  We are totally responsible for this (not so) little (10 lbs. +) person.  We were totally devoted to our children.   Bob was an excellent dad.....especially having them arrive so late in our lives.  They kept us going.  Now, we have to comprehend that Andrew and Jarrett have finally realized their dream:  "To see us, but we can't see them!"  HA!!  Good one, eh boys?  The anticipation of these holidays is always WAY WORSE than the actual day itself.  The sweetest thing that happened yesterday was one of those unexpected, totally delightful experiences.  We met Krissy & Brian and Karen & Derek for dinner at Rosita's in DeKalb.  Of course, they were LATE...which is totally hilarious because Bob and I (the obsessive ON-TIME people) thought we'd be late.  Karen had made reservations at the round table (seats 6 comfortably) for 7, then changed it to 7:30.  We didn't mind being there RIGHT ON TIME.  The kids finally showed up a bit later.  We had such a wonderful time with them.  I've known the girls for 20 years - maybe 21 years.  Anyway, we love them like they're our own...  I guess they are!  After dinner, it FINALLY dawned on us that they were treating Bob to a Father's Day dinner.  Once we got home, he opened the card that Krissy had given him and here it is:

I added the little picture to the bottom of the card with all of them in it:  BOB, his brother & son, KAREN, Trisha, KRISSY, JARRETT, ANDREW at Uncle Ted & Aunt Vada's 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Minnesota a few years ago. 

It's time for me to hobble outside and get the other newspaper.  As long as I walk carefully, my foot doesn't hurt.  So, that's what I do.... Oh, I forgot what's out there.  Hobbes had "something" in his mouth.  I don't even want to think about what it might be.  creepy.  see ya later, djb  P.S.  God love ya.

SATURDAY - June 19, 2004 - This is SO ridiculous.  It's 53 degrees at 7 a.m.  Brrrr.  Although, I do have to say that it seems like a lot of people will be saving money on their a/c bills.  So in the spirit of energy conservation, the very, very cold weather is good.  NOT!  A few years ago, it was warm in the summer.  We had a reunion in Creston which was shortened because a severe thunderstorm blew through.  I found a picture of Jarrett and Andrew from that day.

Jarrett and Andrew in Creston (where is that?) Illinois at a family reunion. 

The only way they'd agree to go is if their cousins (Joe, Phil, Anthony) were there.  And I do have some pictures of all of them together wandering around....somewhere.  Don't know EXACTLY where.  It's time for me to hit the road, Jack.  I would like to hear from Nick (B...z) to know when he's working at CC.  For some reason, I want to buy a certain item and I need his advice, NICK??  Send me an e-mail, please.  I could call you but this is more fun.  hhhaaa.. bye, djb

FRIDAY - June 18, 2004 - It feels like summer this morning except that it's not HOT.  Earlier, I scanned some Father's Day cards that Andrew and Jarrett had given Bob over the years.  I couldn't scan the entire cards because they were too I just scanned the inside and cropped off their signatures.  You can see that they ALWAYS put in the smiley face.  That makes me laugh.  I told them that people like to see the happy, smiley face.  And they do!  I'm going to have to go to the grocery store this morning.  Hopefully, it won't be too crowded if I go early enough.  My foot is better but it hurts if I walk on the wet grass and then it slips a bit in my orthopedic sandal.  I won't do anything stupid like go down the slide!  Hey, that reminds me.  One of my favorite pictures is of me going down the slide into the pool.  Since I don't have that scanned, let me see what I have in my file.

djb in the pool  - NOT going down the slide.  This was last year on Father's Day in Florida!!

It's time to hobble back up the stairs and get some more coffee, see what Hobbes is doing and go outside to pick up the papers.  I'll have to take some more pictures of my front flower bed.  It is SO GORGEOUS.  Every day, more and more of the daylilies open up and also the Asian lilies.  What beautiful colors.  I noticed yesterday that the RED lily was starting to open.  Oh boy!  All righty....see ya later, djb

now it's afternoon - (6/17) - Here's a picture of the new baby.  Baby Hope is Andrew and Jarrett's first cousin once removed.  She's my great-niece.  So there.  Here are Gayla and Hope:

Gayla and Hope


laterthismorning - I had an e-mail from Granny with a picture of baby Hope with her mama, so I'll have to do some magic to get that in here a little later.  Here's a picture I found with Jarrett and some Bergs:

Granny, Gayla, Alan, Jarrett down in front, Grandpa

THURSDAY - June 17, 2004 - We have a new member of our Berg family.  Hope Ingrid Deaver was born yesterday.  She's the daughter of my niece Gayla (Andrew & Jarrett's cousin) and Jake Deaver, the daughter of my brother Alan (Andrew & Jarrett's uncle), and the great-grand-daughter of my mom and dad (Andrew & Jarrett's Grandma and Grandpa).  So, there.  How exciting!  That news was awaiting me when I turned on the computer this morning.  We'll be getting pictures later today, I'm sure!!  So, of course, I'll have to put them in here.  Let's see what can I put in here in the interim:

GAYLA - the MOM!

It's time to eat some food.  At some later time, I'm going to take a picture of the POOL.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  We got it up and running in record time.  Now, we need some drought and some heat!!  Thank you.  See ya later, djb

later...(6/16) - Earlier this afternoon, I went into town to mail some letters and of course stopped by to check on Andrew and Jarrett's stone.  I took a picture that I'll put in the Boys' Stone Page.  When I got back home, I took a picture of Jarrett's evergreen tree.  It's finally looking more like a tree.  Here it is:

Jarrett's healthy tree.  You can see all the new growth.  It's SO exciting. 

I also went to Home Depot to get some more mushroom compost.  I made the mistake of putting it in a container in the garage.  yuk, gag, eeuch.  It smells SOOOOOO BAD.  I'll have to get that out of there SOON.  Once I left it in the trunk for a few days.  That was a big mistake.  It took a month for my trunk to get rid of the smell.  It reminded me of a Seinfeld episode.  But then again, everything reminds me of a Seinfeld episode!!  It's time to go.  See ya later, djb  

WEDNESDAY - June 16, 2004 - Excuse me, WHERE IS SUMMER?  It's so rainy and yukky around here.  At least, the grass is green.  Pretty soon, we'll be green, too, because the moss will start growing on us!!  Whenever I see the young girls wearing their hip hugger pants it reminds me of when I was younger.  FLASHBACK ALERT!  This picture was taken 32 years ago at Bergy's apartment in Rochelle.  The more things change, the more they stay the same:

Donna Jean with eyes closed wearing a WIDE belt and hip hugger pants, still had the bleached blonde hair.

The funniest thing is that we don't have many pictures of me because I'm always the one TAKING the pictures.  Okie dokie.  Must go.  See ya later.  bye, djb

TUESDAY - June 15, 2004 - Last week's Elburn paper had a story about PJ Fleck trying out for a pro football team.  As I recall, it was the SF 49ers.  He was such a nice young man.  One year when he was going to college, he helped coach Andrew's basketball team.  It was one of the teams that all the kids sign up for and we play at the various community centers, etc.  It's not the school team.  Bob can correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe this is PJ in this picture:


Look how young they all are.  Hey!  I was young then, too.  I have another picture somewhere.  Where?  Who knows.  I have a project I'm working on, so I'm out of here.  bye, djb

later (6/14) - Lindsay and I went on our sojourn to DeKalb this morning.  It was a hoot.  We had lunch at Rosita's and sat OUTSIDE!!!!  It was great.  Not too hot, not too cold.....just right (like the 3 Bears!!).  Somewhere I have a picture of Andrew and Jarrett with Alan at Rosita's.  It was taken quite a few years ago.  Still the same great food.  We had the Grilled Salad.  Yum.  Excellent.  Y tambien una cerveza con limon.  !Que bueno!  Now, I'm going to vacuum the carpet in the living room.  My foot feels pretty good today.  The swelling is way down so I can finally see the bones in my left foot.  Let me see what I can find in my picture file.  Here are all the Bergs at Gale and Mary Ellen's Golden Wedding Anniversary in Florida in 1996:

Bunch of Bergs

I'm SO mortified that I forgot Irene's birthday.  I've been feeble, but that's no excuse.  Well, Happy Belated Birthday Irene.  Have fun in the BIG APPLE with Patrick and all the other folks.  Irene's birthday is on June 8th.  I wonder if I'd remember it better if it were June 6th because that would be 6/6.  I don't know.  Hobbes is outside the window meowing at me.  I'll have to go check that out.  Talk to you later. bye, djb

MONDAY - June 14, 2004 - It's FLAG DAY.  Go and get your flag and put it up outside.  Of course, if it starts to rain, go out and bring it back in!  Happy Flag Day to everyone.  The pool is finally looking great.  A little cloudy but the water isn't green any more.  That's so gross.  I keep putting chlorine in it and algaecide.  I think it finally worked!!   When you first start working on it, it seems as though it's NEVER going to get clean.  Then, all of sudden one day, it sparkles.  I bought this little contraption called a lawn buddy.  It has wheels on it, so I can wheel myself around in the yard and do my gardening.  Plus, it has a compartment to store tools.  I think they had me in mind when they made it!!!  Nothing much is going on, so I'm going to go out and get the paper.  They're talking about heavy thunderstorms.  That's just sad.  Thank you, we don't need any more rain!!!!  Send the rain to the desert....they need the rain.  all right.  see ya, djb

Bob, Andrew, Jarrett at Aunt Liz and Uncle Ron's house a few years back.

SUNDAY - JUNE 13, 2004 - BUSY.

later on...(6/12) - Finally, the sun came out about an hour ago.  We worked on the pool this morning.  It's a much lighter shade of green now.  It always takes a week to get clear.  We have so many trees around here that there's a lot of  organic matter that has to be completely gone before we can actually swim in it.  Of course, I won't swim in it any time soon anyway.  I finished making Stephen's graduation card.  It's awesome.  Here's the picture I put in it:

Stephen holding his trophy and Andrew smiling for the camera after playing a tournament at that golf course out in the middle of nowhere near St. Charles!

Since I put in a picture of Andrew, I'm duty-bound to also put in a picture of Jarrett.  While I was combing through hundreds of pictures this morning, I came across this one:

This must've been in the summer of 2002 because Jarrett's not wearing glasses.

He loved to jump over the recycling bin.  The only problem was, he took everything out and put it on the floor in the garage.  Although, I do have to say that it didn't bother me a bit.  He usually put it all back in.  God bless Andrew and God bless Jarrett.  see ya, djb

SATURDAY - June 12, 2004 - You are NOT going to believe this!!  I woke up at 5 a.m. as usual and came downstairs.  Of course, Hobbes wanted to go outside.  When I went out on the deck, I tried to see how much rain we had.  I got closer and closer to the rain gauge and I couldn't see how much because the little, red disc inside was obscured by the holder.  Then, as I got closer to it, I realized that WE GOT 3 INCHES OF RAIN JUST LAST NIGHT.  I can hardly believe it!!  That is just incredible.  Plus, it's a hoot!  Helloooooooooooooo.....rain can stop NOW!  Thank you.  I blame all the people who last month said, "We NEED rain."  That's one of those statements better left unsaid.  However, now the pool is full of water.  It's slightly greenish but it's full.  So, that's good.  We're invited to Stephen's graduation party late this afternoon.  I hope the weather is nice for his party.  Okay, I'll try this:  We NEED NICE, CLEAR, SUNNY BLUE SKIES.  This morning, I wanted to go to Wal-Mart in DeKalb and get some "stuff" but there's a Flood Warning so maybe I'll just sit tight for a while.  Let me see if I have any good pics in my files.  Here's the back yard:

The two remaining apples trees and my little raised garden on the right.

Yesterday afternoon, I drove over to Wiltse's farm and bought 4 tomato plants for my little garden.  Also, one pepper plant.  Now I have the yellow and red onions, radishes, zucchini and various types of lettuce all mixed together.  It's quite exciting.  On my way to Wiltse's, I drove by Andrew and Jarrett's stone and the hosta looks a little sunburned.  Probably time to move it.  Plus, I have to go in soon and clean the stone.  Lots to do.  Must go now.  See ya later, djb

FRIDAY - June 11, 2004 - This morning seems like Florida or southern Louisiana....very humid.  We only had one and half inches of rain since it started falling Thursday night, but it feels like we're in the bottom of the ocean.  The flowers love the rain but they also need some SUN, and quite frankly, so do I!!!!  This weather is forcing me inside, so I'm taking care of inside business.  Last night, Jarrett's light bulb in his candle outside finally burned out.  It's been plugged in and lit since Christmas.  Isn't that a hoot?  Hard to believe that tiny little light lasted that long.  I'll have to try and figure out how many hours that was.  Andrew's bulb went out a while ago when I was moving the candles to mow the grass.  I jostled it.  It was my fault so I put in another bulb.  We do enjoy having them out there in their garden.  It's comforting to see them when we're driving home from somewhere.  Plus, I simply enjoy looking out the kitchen window and seeing their candles lit up.  Well, I'm not going outside to take a picture of them.  That would be an appropriate response, however, I'm not up to the WALK.  Why am I not up to the walk?  Because I broke the base of the 5th metatarsal in my foot.  I know Ed told me metaTARSAL, but someone typed metaCARPAL on the piece of paper they gave me, so that's why I was confused and I confused everyone else.  Whatever.  Here's a picture of a broken foot:

Red arrow is pointing to the broken 5th metatarsal.  Isn't that amazing?   Or not.

It's time for me to check on Hobbes and write some more thank you notes.  Isn't it kind of weird/neat that Ronald Reagan was from Illinois - grew up in Dixon, etc.  God bless Ronald Reagan.  Must go.  See ya later, djb

later (6/10) - Earlier this morning, I had to drive into the grocery store to get some food and STUFF.  Of course, when I got there, it was raining, and I had to decide if I wanted to use the crutches in the rain or hobble with my umbrella!  I chose the latter.  When I got in the store, I used the wheelchair cart.  Very slowly (which is good for me).  I did run into some trouble at the Pharmacy.  I backed up and almost knocked down the metal post, but thankfully, it all turned out okay.  It's a very different perspective being that low to the ground.  People really DO NOT look you in the eyes.  Quite dehumanizing, I'd have to say.  It gives me a small understanding of the barriers handicapped persons have to endure every time they go out!  Most of us will never understand until we sit our behinds down in that chair.  Just to let you know, I managed quite well.  Truthfully, I think my foot feels better when I walk on it a little bit than just sit and elevate.  While I was driving home up the hill, right before Gene's mailbox (our house is on the right side of the road and Gene's house is on the left), I saw a FOX run (like a flash) across the road from our side into the woods.  The reason I know it was a fox is because it had the bushy tail.  It wasn't a red fox but more brownish.  It was quite startling.  Now, I'm really not going to let Hobbes outside.  Here's what he looked like:


Of course, we do live in the FOX Valley!!  It's only the second time in 14 years, that I've seen a fox.  Quite exciting.  Next time I write, I'm going to put in an x-ray picture of a broken 5th metatarsal!!  wow!  I know you'll look forward to seeing that!!!!  bye. see ya later, djb

THURSDAY - June 10, 2004 - It's raining a little bit this morning.  Actually, it's kind of nice to have some light rain so that I don't have to hobble and drag the hose all over the yard and water the flowers!!  Plus, the onions that Vada and I planted need some rain - not a LOT.  Of course, the grass is growing like crazy again.  It is quite lovely though.  Vada remarked that it was kind of nice to come up north to see the spring-green colors.  So vibrant and so GREEN!!!  I found some clear plastic things (I don't know what they're called) to put my various reams of paper on to keep them from getting warped.  So that's one thing I can do today.  Get a bit more organized.  That's a funny word!!  I have a few DVD projects I must work on sooner rather than later.  Sometimes, it's hard to sit at the computer with my leg on a chair going south and my hands on the keyboard going north.  Okay, so I don't have anything to say.... Here's a picture for your viewing enjoyment:

Bob, Jarrett, Andrew in Minnesota (and me reflected in the window trying to make them smile).  I was 66-2/3% successful.

I'd better go up and check on Hobbes.  He went out this morning very cautiously.  But he HAS TO go out or else!  I'll chat with you later.  bye, djb 

WEDNESDAY - June 9, 2004 - Bob left here about 20 minutes ago with Ted and Vada - on their way to Midway Airport.  They're headed back home to Florida.  Last night, they asked if we could set the alarm for 4 a.m., however at 2 a.m. we were awakened to the strains of that lovely symphony:  "M-E-E-O-O-W."  I woke up Bob and said, "Go get Hobbes!"  I turned on the big spotlights that illuminate our entire yard, and he went out to save Hobbes from another fight.  I'm presuming it was the notorious Mr. Gray.  Right now, Hobbes is sitting in one of his usual safe spots at the top of the stairs in front of Jarrett's room.  I don't particularly like to let him out but sometimes, he opens the screen with his paw and lets HIMSELF out!!  Ay carumba!  My foot is a little puffy this morning, so I took some Advil, now I'm going to get some more coffee and see if the papers are here yet.  It's only 5:10 a.m., so it may be too early.  Yesterday, when Ted and Vada returned from their travels, Vada was carrying bags of iris that Marilyn had given to her for me to plant.  Wasn't that sweet?!  So, Vada got the shovel, I got my little umbrella seat and we ventured out to the iris garden and Vada planted them.  After that, we moved the coleus out to their rightful spot near the swimming pool.  I always get those in memory of my Grandma O'Malley.  Finally, I hobbled out to the raised bed in the back 40 and we planted yellow and red onion sets.  After that, we were exhausted.  It was quite hot and humid yesterday.  I think I'll try to find that picture of the three roses:

Jarrett (yellow rose), Andrew (peace rose), Grandpa (Lincoln rose) in the boys' garden.

I'm heading upstairs now.  Not using my crutches at all.  My foot doesn't hurt as long as I walk slowly and deliberately.  However, I do elevate it often and put the ice on it from time to time (plus the Advil).  This morning, I saw the crescent moon (God's fingernail).  cool.  see ya'll later, djb

IT'S LATER - (6/8) - I've been up and about since I wrote in here - hobbling around a bit.  Went out and sat on the bench in Andrew and Jarrett's garden.  It's so lovely out there with the roses in bloom and their wind chimes clinking in the breeze.  I'll HAVE TO take a picture later.  Here's a cute one of Grandma Berg saying, "Hi, baby Jarrett."  This was in May 1988, so Jarrett was only 5 months old - maybe only 4 and half:

Grandpa Berg holding baby Jarrett with Granny saying, "HI, HOW ARE YOU?"

TUESDAY - June 8, 2004 - IT'S FINALLY SUMMER.  We had 86 degrees yesterday.  I'm hearing 90 for today.  woohoo.  I think Ted and Vada brought the warm weather up from Florida.  I woke up at 3 a.m. for some reason, and when I wake up, that's it.  I'm awake for the day.  So, I came down here to the computer room and I scanned some pictures.  Here's a funny one:

Avis 'n Andy (with Mo Jo, a/k/a Mr. Mo)

Apparently, from the other pictures that were with this one, the Bergs had come up from Florida for a visit at our house in North Aurora.  Andrew decided from the moment he laid eyes on Avis, that she was going to be his buddy for the day.  He sat next to her and followed her around.  It was a total hoot!!!  Here he is with Avis, drinking his bottle, holding  his blankie with Mr. Mo guarding him.  It's funny, too, because Avis is a 100% dog-person and Mr. Mo also stayed nearby Avis all day.  Anyone who was there, will remember this as being cute, comical and unforgettable.  Hobbes just came to window meowing.  He wouldn't come in last night when we called him.  Hopefully, Mr. Gray wasn't around!!  Talk to you later.  I have some more pictures of the boys with the Bergs.  I'll put those in later.  See ya, djb

later this same morning - I went out early and took a picture of Jarrett's rose.  Since it's all yellow and doesn't have any variation of color, it's not quite as striking as Andrew's rose.  I may have to search for a new awesome yellow rose for Jarrett.  Although, it is quite lovely:

Jarrett's yellow rose of Texas.

Okay, enough of the flowers, right!  I love flowers so much.  They're so beautiful, and you never really know from year to year what's going to come up.  It's very exciting to me.  see ya, djb

MONDAY - June 7, 2004 - I went outside last night and took a picture of Andrew's rose.  I'll take another picture this morning before it gets too hot and the dew is still on the petals.  Uncle Ted and Aunt Vada are sleeping at our house for a few days.  They came up from Florida for a funeral.  We're glad to have them here.  Of course, I couldn't do my usual clean-til-you drop, so it's not quite as fresh as I'd like it but apparently that didn't matter to them because they stayed here anyway.  I have to wake them up at 6, so I'm going to hit the road right now and here's Andrew's rose.  see ya later, djb

Andrew's awesome Peace Rose.  Isn't it beautiful?

later this same day - (6/6) -  I've been outside sitting on the porch with my foot elevated most of the day.  Oh, that's real fun.  NOT!  Although when I take Advil and put the ice on it, the swelling does go down, so apparently, I'm doing the right things.  I found these pictures this morning, when I was cleaning off the coffee table downstairs.  I think they're a total hoot that's why I want to put them in.  Gee, I wonder who gave Andrew and Jarrett those disposable cameras!

Andrew is taking a picture of Jarrett taking a picture of Grandpa Berg, Andrew and Grandma Berg when they were up north in the fall visiting us for a few days.  You can tell it's the fall because everyone is wearing long-sleeved shirts!

Jarrett looking at his camera while Andrew takes his picture of Grandpa Berg and Grandma Berg with Jarrett on the same fall day in Illinois probably 1992 or 1993.  It was before we had the house re-stained but I can't remember what year that was done.

All right.  I'm out of here.  Have to go upstairs....I mean crawl upstairs and drink some water before I get parched.  It's an absolutely perfectly gorgeous day today.  woohoo!!  bye see ya, djb

SUNDAY - June 6, 2004 - That's 6/6/04.  It's partly sunny this morning.  Very nice morning.  I could smell the clover when I went outside to elevate my foot and put ice on it.  It always reminds me of the farm.  One of the favorite smells of my life.  My foot is a little puffy today but there seems to be less bruisy color to it.  It doesn't hurt as much as yesterday, so I've got that going for me.  We had such a nice time at the graduation parties.  Saw lots of people we knew and saw some of Andrew and Jarrett's other friends, which is always nice.  Plus, we went over to visit Tim & Teri and Ryan.  Some of Ryan's buddies were out on the new deck jamming.  It's amazing how these youngsters can learn how to play the guitar so quickly and so well.  This morning, I went out and took a picture of Grandpa Burkholder's rose.  It's quite beautiful as you will see when I put in here.  Plus, it smells fantastically awesome.  I bought the rose in 2002 after Grandpa died.  I was going to put it out at the cemetery but then I realized that it needed more TLC than it would get out there.  So, I planted in my garden and it's happy out there.  In the next few days, I should have pictures of Andrew's and Jarrett's roses.  That'll be fun.  Okay, here it is:

Glen Burkholder's Abraham Lincoln rose.  I wish I had smellavision.

I must be going now.  You know how it is.  Crawl downstairs, crawl upstairs.  hahaaa  bye bye  later, djb

...later on today - (6/5) - I made the graduation cards for Milo, Matt and Nick.  They came out great!  I had various pictures of the boys with each of them so it made their cards extra-special.  I'm trying to water my flowers but it's hard to do because I'm putting NO PRESSURE on my foot today at all!!!!  Last night, it hurt so much.  It's really hard to walk on crutches.  Anyone who has to use crutches has my sympathy and deepest respect.  I think my arms are going to get as big as Popeye the Sailor Man's arms.  Big beefy arms.  No, big sausage arms.  No wait, that's my toes!  I'm trying to find my good attitude.  When I went outside and sat on the boys' bench in their garden, the wind blew their wind chimes, so I know that they're here with me.  Yeah, they always did like to make NOISE.  Oh, while I was sitting on their bench, I noticed that Grandpa Burkholder's rose has blossomed.  It's red and smells WONDERFUL.  Very nice to see that.  That made me happy.  There's a yellow rose for Jarrett getting ready to bloom.  There's the Peace Rose for Andrew that will probably bloom the same time as Jarrett's rose.  I want to dig up a spot for a rose garden out in the sun.  Of course, any of my digging projects have been put on indefinite HOLD.  That annoys me.  I like to keep busy.  I don't like to sit around and do nothing.  That drives me crazy.  Granny told me to knit something.  That'd be a good idea but I don't have any knitting needles.  Maybe crochet something.  I've got that down to a fine science where I don't have to look while I hook (rhyme alert).  That made me laugh.  I'm going to search for a picture to put in here, since I have SO MANY.  Still have boxes and boxes of pictures I haven't even scanned yet.  Here's what I came up with:

Andrew holding Hobbes (the attack cat) Jarrett with Sable crawling on his back ready to have it out with Hobbes.

I'm going back upstairs now....very slowly.  Maybe I'll sit in the sun for a while until we go to the parties.  bye, djb

SATURDAY - June 5, 2004 - It's a beautiful morning.  The sun is shining, there isn't a cloud in the sky and I woke up crying because my foot hurt.  Now, it doesn't hurt so much.  Of course, I HAD TO overdo it yesterday.  Plus, it's hard doing everything by myself.   What a whiny baby I am!  I keep asking God why would he take away the two most important people in my life who loved me more than anyone else.  I miss them so much.  Let me find a picture of my sweet boys to put in here.

Jarrett, Me, Andrew on Andrew's 17th birthday.

Now, I'm going to make some cards for Milo, Matt and Nick's graduation parties today.  I don't know if I'll be able to go since I don't want to cause any more pain to my poor little sausage foot.  see ya, djb