MONDAY - May 10, 2004 - My cable to the computer was off until just a few minutes ago (it's 9 a.m.), so I wasn't able to do my magic and start a new page for this week.  That's the way it goes sometimes, eh?  I had a good Mother's Day all things considered.  After all, I am the mother of saints!!  I love to say that.  Bob and I went out to breakfast in St. Charles and we saw a mother save her child's life.  That basically made my day!  The poor like tyke was choking on a piece of bacon and his mom whacked the crap out his back and dislodged the offending pork product.  It was a miracle.  I loved to see that.  Mothers are the BEST!  doncha know.  I asked the boys why we couldn't have nice weather for this weekend instead of the cold, rainy weather we'd been having and I think they talked to the Heavenly Weather man and lo and behold, my favorite temperature every day:  82 degrees.  That's fantastic.  What a wonderful weekend we had.  I'm starting to move my plants out onto the deck.  It's so exciting!!!  This is such a great time of year.  sigh.....  I'd better get going here.  Have to go shopping with Lindsay.  Maybe we'll go to Ozzie's.  okie dokie see ya bye, djb

happy mother's day to you - Sunday, May 9, 2004 - It's finally Mother's Day.  I know it's hard to believe that tomorrow will be May 10th and all the hoopla and hype will be over.  Thank God for large favors.  Isn't it funny that a lot of time we get so wrapped up in our drama that we miss someone else's thing.  Well, I don't know exactly where I was going with that, but I'm going to put in a picture of MY mother.  She's holding me when I was a munchkin.  It's a rare photo.  I don't know if I put it in here previously or not.  Here it is:

Mary Ellen holding Donna Jean in 1950 - Yikes! We're old!

Have a very nice day, all you mothers out there!  Our neighbor and sweetheart, Bonnie, brought over a coffee cake for Bob and me.  Isn't that kind?  Kind is good.  Better go.  The sky looks VERY weird...odd color.  Must go check it out.  See ya later, djb

Saturday - May 8, 2004 - It's not sunny here, but it's not raining either.  We only had about an eighth of an inch of rain yesterday.  I was able to do some work in the yard but I didn't mow the grass because it was too cold.  When a person had to wear GLOVES to mow the grass, there's something wrong with that scenario!  It supposed to be hot and sunny.  I should put a picture of the tulips in here.  They're so gorgeous!!!   Bob's going to Kaneland High School this morning to get the applications for Andrew and Jarrett's scholarship.  This is the class that Andrew was in before he skipped second grade.  We just don't seem to know as many of these kids as we did last year's graduating class.  Thank God, we don't have to go to graduation.  That was VERY difficult.  Bob and I are going to the Honor's Awards ceremony later this month.  That's okay - we don't mind doing that.  THIS time, I'm actually going to write a short speech.  Short and sweet....that's my motto.  Okay, I've got to go upstairs and turn up heat, see how Hobbes is doing and get the other newspaper.  see ya later. bye, djb

Tulips and other flowers earlier this spring. 

Friday - May 7, 2004 - It's thundering and lightning out there like crazy so I thought I'd better get on here and update this before the storm hits and all of our electronic stuff starts FLASHING.  In the olden days, it took us a little longer to realize that the electricity had gone out, but nowadays (and by the way, ONLY old people use that word!) you can tell in an instant if the electrical flow has been interrupted.  ha.  I'm going to write something about Mother's Day in here later, but I did want to put in a picture of ME with my boys.  It's very quite ironic that although I have thousands of pictures of the boys, I have very few of them with me!  That's because I TOOK THE PICTURES!!!!  My advice to EVERYONE on Mother's Day:  Take a picture of mom with the kids (this does NOT include dad...sorry, but you get your day in a few weeks!). Take several pictures because someone is usually making a face!  Or, and this is not a bad idea, ALSO take a picture of Dad with the kids.  And I mean this advice for EVERYONE who will be with their mother (and/or fathers) on Mother's Day on Sunday, May 9th.  YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT.  Trust me on that one.  You may regret it if you don't do it!  God bless.  Gotta go.  MUST drink coffee.  see ya, djb

Bob, Me, Andrew, Jarrett in 2001 in Florida at Christmas

Thursday - May 6, 2004 - This must be Rosita's week because Denny called yesterday and we're going to meet them and Ron & Liz there this weekend one day (is that vague enough?).  It was supposed to be in the 80's for the next four days, however, that has changed.  Instead of changing and being stuck in NICE weather why does it always change to cold and rainy for days on end?   Especially on the weekends.  I don't get that at all.  I spent all day yesterday on my project for Mother's Day.  Finally....late in the afternoon, I finished it.  Whew.  All I can say is, it's a good thing that I have TWO permafix dispensers!!  Yesterday morning, I helped Krissy get rid of her Sasser worm.  The only reason I had even the slightest  clue as to how to do it is because I had that other worm last summer.  What a shock that was.  shudder......  Okay, this is really boring.  I'm going to pop in a picture from a Florida vacation many years ago.  see ya, djb

Jarrett, Bob Andrew sitting on the porch swing at the Berg's house in Florida many years ago. 

miercoles - 5 de mayo 2004 - CINCO DE MAYO - Muy bueno.  Creo que necessito escribir en espanol hoy porque es el cinco de mayo.  Estoy trabajando en un projecto que es muy importante y necessito que voy a la tienda para comprar algunas cosas.  Hasta la vista.  I should have put the picture from Rosita's on here today - so I think I'll do that!!!  adios, djb

Mis hijos (Paco y Jesus) en DeKalb al restaurante de Rosita algunos anos pasados.

Tuesday - May 4, 2004 - It's nice and warm this morning (53 degrees).  Okay, it's not warm, but it is warmer than yesterday.  Some of my little precious plants got frostbite yesterday.  I covered them last night and of course, it didn't freeze.  Hobbes and I were outside this morning and we saw Mr. Gray Cat walking across the driveway.  I told him to scat cat!  Poor Hobbes hasn't recovered from  his beating at the paws of Mr. Gray which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Hobbes seems to be staying in his own yard these days so I'm very happy about that!  Yesterday afternoon, I had to mow the grass in the back yard, then I had to mow the grass in the front yard so it would all match.  The grass is going to seed right now.  I don't understand that process but it seems to me that if a person let their grass go completely to seed, then you'd have more seed on the lawn and the grass would be thicker.  I imagine that process would take a long time and the grass would get too high, then I'd never be able to cut it.  Thanks to Ron for suggesting the mulching blade for my mower.  What a great idea that is!!  I found this picture of the boys at Rosita's.  Andrew's smiling at someone's joke and Jarrett looks like he's trying to stifle his laugh.  It was probably Andrew's joke and Jarrett didn't want to encourage him. 

Andrew smiling and Jarrett stifling at Rosita's in DeKalb.

Monday - May 3, 2004 - I wanted to get this new page up and running....I don't have a lot to say yet since its only 6:30 a.m.  It is frosty here, but of course, Weather Bug chirped yesterday to warn me to bring in anything that might freeze.  I love Weather Bug!  Okay, that's enough chatter for now.  Let me go into my files and find a picture.  I found this one yesterday.  Andrew and Jarrett on the first day of school - which year?  who knows?

Jarrett (with mohawk) probably 7th grade and Andrew (short haircut but not TOO short) would be a sophomore.