Current Journal - January 7, 11 & 14, 2011
Friday, January 7, 2011 - WOW!  It's already
the 7th day of the first month of the year.  How
did that happen??  Time is flying by so fast.

The Friday and Saturday crossword puzzles in
the Trib are the hardest ones of the week.  
They're not so much difficult as they are
strange.  But I have to do them because they
keep my brain from totally turning into mush.  
Hey, that was one of the clues today.  haha!!

It's so cold here and there's NO SNOW.  There
should be snow but that stupid rain and 54
degrees melted it all except for the BIG piles
that are still out there.  It looks so ugly without
snow.  Snow is pretty and hides a lot of the
things that should be hidden.

When I came across the page with the star
reflecting off of Jarrett's side of the gravestone
on his birthday back in 2008, I was once again
taken aback by that occurrence.  What a great
gift from my sweetie.  It's simply awesome.

Haven't really had many cosmic events lately.  
I live for the weird and the unusual things that
happen for no reason -- when you least expect
it.  Although, the other night, I did have a nice
chat with Elvis.  He was looking good.

It's time to wrap this up and put it up where it
belongs.  haha  Can't say snow ya later any
more. boo hoo, djb
This is one of the nicest political signs I've
ever seen. It's clear, readable and
big and bright and bold.  Good luck to
Uncle Bergy!
Here's Andrew's and Jarrett's gravestone a
few years ago. I'm thinking it's 2004
because of all the snow.  2003 - no snow
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - that's
1-11-11 and

In honor of Marc's birthday, we got some
snow during the night.  Not too much, just
enough to cover the ugly grass.  oh boy!  
It looks much better out there today.

Well, it's still dark so I can't tell for sure
exactly how much snow we got but there's
white stuff all over the ground - hey,
maybe it's really confetti???  Happy

Right now, the computer is quiet
(it's not
updating or searching for bugs)
plus it's
early here in the midwest, so I want to put
up my website before things get too busy.

Last night, I realized that I haven't had
any music on my website for a long time,
and I haven't put any on here since I got
the new computer.  The old computer was
so slow, it took forever to do anything!!

I know that Marc doesn't mind if I put his
wonderful, soothing music on here so
that's what I did on the home page.  Now,
I have to publish it to the server.

UPDATE:  It's on there. Hurray!!  So nice
to hear it again.  See ya later, djb
Diane and Marc on 12/24/-2005 in Casselberry
with a palm tree in the background.  nice...
Robert, Diane and Marc on 12/24/-2005 in
Casselberry with a Christmas tree in the
background.  ho, ho, ho  
(~photos by djb)
Sunday, January 16, 2011 - Go Bears!

This morning, I put the boys' BEAR pictures
on the home page BEFORE the Chicago
Bears beat the Seattle Seahawks because I
like those pictures of the little boys wearing
their Bears' outfits.  So, I decided to put some
more of them on here to the right....

It's going to be a very WILD week here with
the famous rivalry between the Bears and the
Packers.  The last time these two teams met
in this type of playoff game was a week after
Pearl Harbor.  On  December 15, 1941.

They keep saying it was 60 years ago.  duh!  
It was almost 70 years ago.  Because 60
years ago would be 1950.  Must be those
youngsters using the NEW math.  haha!

It's cold here.  I just heard them saying the "S"
word on the radio.  SNOW flurries are coming
some time during the night or in the morning.  

Brrrr.  It's cold.  It's never going to be warm
again.  However, I have noticed one thing:  It's
lighter later.  I'm loving that.  Go Bears!  snow
flake ya later, djb
Young Bear fans --  they're so darn cute!