Daily Journal - January 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 2007
Gorgeous picture I took of a sailing ship on the
Caribbean - January 1990.  What an awesome shot!  
Excellent photographer!!
Monday, January 8, 2007 - I
still don't have anything much to
say, however, I did want to see
smiley faces today....so I put on
that picture of Bryar with her
bunny, Thumper, and the smiley
balloons that Diane sent to me.

Have a nice day.

later, djb
Grandpa and Grandma Burkholder's
Sunday, January 14, 2007 - Five years ago today, Grandpa
Burkholder died.  I still remember all of it quite well.  One fond part
was Andrew driving us to Rochelle to the visitation because he was
going to be getting his drivers license in one month and one day.  

Oh yeah and the part where Grandpa's spirit sat in the front seat of
my car, all happy and cheery, like, "let's go for a drive."  I kept saying
(mentally, of course, because that's how you communicate with
, "Grandpa, that's YOU, isn't it?"  And, sure enough, it was him,
all right.  That registers right up there with awesome events!

This is the one thing that I've learned since the boys died.  People
WANT TO and NEED TO talk to their dead loved ones just to connect
and make sure they're okay, etc.  I remember the night I went to see
John Edward and there were 500 or 600 people there and he talked
to only 10 people.  What happened to the rest?  They were all VERY
DISAPPOINTED - yes, we were!!!   Don't know if I'll be back or not,
we'll see how I feel about that.  
GO BEARS!  take care, djb
Tuesday, January 9, 2007 - I may go on hiatus and take a
break from writing in here every day.  Usually, we go to
Florida in December so I'm able to get away and walk around
Crystal Bowl Circle and regenerate my brain for a week or so
and look at the park where the boys played....

Since we didn't do that this year, I think I might have to
impose a break on myself  for a while.  No, I'm not quitting but
I feel creatively uninspired and it's not fun.  So why do it?

That's why I put the picture of the boys on the home page
just in case I feel like going on winter break tomorrow.  I'm not
particularly sad - no more than usual !!!!!  So, it's not that.
just need some free time.  see ya sooner or later, djb
Saturday, January 6, 2007 - I don't
really have anything to say.  Isn't that
odd?  That is very, very strange.  Today
is the twelfth day of Christmas also
known as Epiphany and Three Kings

Oh, that reminds me - I have to move my
plastic Magi over by baby Jesus and the
manger scene that Andrew and I bought
when he was just a little guy.  Probably
1987 or maybe 88 right before Jarrett
was born.

okay, that's all I have, djb
Here we are in Florida right before
New Year's Day 200

First, we went to Berg's house for
the annual Christmas Eve
celebration.  Then we drove over
to Port Charlotte to spend some
time with Grandma and Grandpa

It was two weeks before Grandpa
died of a massive heart attack.  
The boys didn't fight and were
quite well behaved.  It was a
Christmas miracle!
Friday, January 5, 2007 - I just heard that there isn't going to be as
much sap from the sugar maples (out east) because of the mild winter
this year.  Apparently, the trees
(with the sap inside) need prolonged
temperatures below 25 degrees to convert the starch to sucrose and to
get a high sugar content in the sap so the resulting maple syrup tastes
very sweet and yummy.

Temperatures out east have been similar to ours but I heard they're
going up to 70 degrees tomorrow!  It's not right.  Did I mention that I
have flower bulbs coming up in the big garden out front????  At first, I
thought it was crazy.  Now, I'm thinking, okay, some flowers will bloom
sooner rather than later.  I like that idea.
 (A picture will be taken to
document the odd occurrence.)

These are the flowers (right) that someone sent here on Wednesday to
remember Jarrett's 19th birthday.  Aren't they gorgeous!  The picture
was on the home page but since that's changed every day, I was going
to put it with Jarrett's birthday page but then I'd have to move everything
and I don't want to.  whine, whine - so I put them here--------->

bye for now, djb
Sunday, January 7, 2007 - It's another grey day in Illinois.  It
reminded me that in Jan 1990, Bob and I went on our one and
only cruise with Bill & Bobbie.  It was shortly after Jarrett had his
febrile convulsion
(scariest moment of my life until they died).

It was a cruise on a private yacht for around 110 people.  There
were about 120 crew members.  It was the cruise of a lifetime
that's why we can't go on another one.  So very perfect, so
beautiful.  sigh.........  

We were sitting out on the deck as the sun was setting and Bob
said, "take a picture of THAT."  Okay, so I took one of the best
shots of the cruise seeing as how I always had my camera with
me wherever I went.

It was the first time I ever left the boys for longer than a few
hours.  I never liked to be away from them.  That's why when
they died, I didn't know what to do without them and I still don't
know what to do.   hasta,djb