Daily Journal - January 4, 6, 7, 2008
Friday, January 4, 2008 - All of these pictures are cropped from the
same picture.  Well, except for the first one.  That's the original.

On Wednesday, when I stopped at the grocery store, I bought some
bright yellow and orange daisies with sparkles on them because
they were perfect for Jarrett,  My plan was to bring them into the
cemetery on his birthday.  

Yesterday (J-man's birthday), Kathy D and I went out to my favorite
restaurant, The Olive Garden, for lunch.  She just happened to call
me the day before - that's how we operate.  Lunch?  Sure.  When?
Tomorrow.  Same time?  You bet.  It's none of that "let's do lunch
sometime."  Because that means NEVER.

Anyway, after we got back from lunch, she dropped me at the end of
the driveway so I could pick up my newspapers since it was three
degrees BELOW zero yesterday morning and I wasn't going out
until it got to at least 10 degrees ABOVE zero!! haha

When I walked up to the garage door, I noticed a package lying
there....someone had sent flowers.  The card said,
- no signature.  So sweet but I
don't know who sent them so I don't know who to thank for such a
kind gesture - beautiful alstromeria - which I totally love.  

Anyway, back to my story.  When I got to the cemetery, thankfully, it
had been plowed but the snow was very high.  In fact, it went over
the top of my big snow boots.  mercy!  That was cold.

I took my ice scraper and brushed and scraped the snow off the
gravestone, then I put the vase with the flowers in it in the snow and
kind of mushed it around so it wouldn't tip over, then I trudged back
to my car.  AND IT WAS STILL VERY COLD.  brrrrrrr

Right before I left, I thought I'd take a picture of Jarrett's flowers and
the gravestone with the snow from
inside the warm car.  You can
see the conditions - sun shining, blue sky, white snow.  There was
absolutely no reason for my camera's flash to pop up - but it did.

When I took this picture, I wasn't aiming at anything.  I was just
trying to get a shot of the cemetery so I could remember what it
looked like on Jarrett's birthday - snowy and cold.  I didn't even look
at the pictures I had taken until I got home.  That's when I saw the
white thing on the grave and I thought, "what's that?"

As I enlarged it more and more, I realized that the star or soul
energy or Jarrett's white light -- whatever it is, landed right on top of
the drawing of Jarrett on the stone!!!  Now, you can tell me it's a
coincidence all day and all night.

I think it's Jarrett's way of saying, "Hi, Mom.  Thanks for the flowers,
thanks for remembering my birthday - now, I'm going to give YOU
something special - how's THIS?"  

It just blows me away.  It's the most awesome thing that could have
happened to me.  How could it NOT be from Jarrett?!   It makes me
smile.  It makes me happy.  It makes laugh because it's so much
like something that Jarrett would do.  Plus, it's kind of weird and
cosmic, and I totally enjoy that aspect of it.  Wow.

Better go.  Had to get up early and take out the garbage - of course,
today, they 're not even here yet!!!!   Time for some more coffee. bye
see ya later, djb
The boys' gravestone on 1/3/08 at 2:11 p.m.- I used the "backlit" setting.
When I cropped the large photo around the stone, this is what I got.
This picture is a crop of the larger photo.  It shows the six points of
the STAR better than the big one.  Cool....
Sunday, January 6, 2008 - Our temperatures are out of control
--- they're coming from the southwest.  Right now, it's 54
degrees.  However, one of the benefits/drawbacks is the fog.  
It's good for taking pictures, but very bad to be driving in it.

Of course, all the snow has melted, so now I can see the oak
leaves on the grass once again.  Not so good.

When did Epiphany become Three Kings Day?  Boy, miss a
little, miss a lot.  It always reminds me of my plastic Nativity set
that I bought when Andrew was little (that's why I put the
picture of it on the Home Page).  When I'd set it up every year,
I'd put the Wise Men far away and move them closer and closer
each day so they could present their gifts to baby Jesus.   

Over the years, I added cows and sheep from the boys' various
farm sets of plastic toys.  I'm sure they're full of lead and other
toxins because they were made in China.  

Which also reminds me of a package of really cute ornaments I
bought one year on sale before Christmas in the late 80's.  There
were little elves and Santa and reindeer and such.

They smelled "weird" and I was pretty certain they had been
painted with lead paint, so I threw them away.  That wasn't easy
to do, because they were so adorable but I
had to do it.  

Now, twenty years later, it's become quite the issue.  I've
always been ahead of the times which usually makes me seem
kind of weird or maybe I'm just prescient?  hmmmm

Like when I lived in Denver (in the mid 70's) and I carried an
Army backpack for a purse - even though I'd be dressed up in
nice outfits with high heels and nylons and so on.  When
everyone else started copying me, I quit doing it - contrarian!

See ya later.  I miss the snow....  bye, djb
A view toward the woods across the street by our neighbor's house.  
This picture is in color.  You can sort of see green in the evergreens
While I was out and  about shopping before Christmas, I saw one of
these little cherubs at Target.... then I saw the other one, so I got them
both to put out by the red Noel candles in the front yard but they're
not identical, that's what I like about them.
Monday, January 7, 2008 - It's in the 60's during the first
week of January!?!??!  What?  Spring has sprung.  So, that's a
good thing, right!?  I'm not sure where this weird weather is
coming from (global warming) but it's certainly something to
talk about.  

Yesterday, I seized the opportunity of warm weather and no
rain to take down my lights that I had outdoors.  It doesn't
seem like a good idea to keep the lights on Jarrett's tree now
that it's finally grown a little bit.  I'd hate to hurt the

While I was de-lighting the tree, the second pine cone fell on
the ground.  All during the summer and fall, there were two
pine cones on his tree.  I searched for the other one, but I
think Sammy Squirrel absconded with it.  It's very cute.

Did you read about the accidents and pile-ups they had on
the foggy interstate near Madison, Wisconsin (involving 100
vehicles)?  It reminded me of December 22nd (Uncle Bergy's
birthday) when Bob and I drove over to Rochelle on the

That day, it was SO foggy, you could barely see the vehicle in
front of you.  We stayed behind a truck so we felt
"somewhat" safe.  Every once in a while, we couldn't see him
any more because the fog was so dense.  Like driving in a

Amazing and horrifying was the fact that people were driving
WITHOUT their lights on and also driving over 65 miles per
hour.  So, what did NOT happen to us (getting maimed or
killed by idiots who don't know how to drive in extreme
conditions and use absolutely NO common sense), happened
to those poor people in that situation in Wisconsin.  Good
grief!   But the idiots never seem to learn how to drive.  Why
is that?

I'm watching leaves blow by the window.  It's very windy.  I
found out  that Juanita Querida is sitting OUTSIDE in the
elements.  They tell me that's just what they do with
tractors.  I won't get her back until the END of JANUARY.  Say
what??   Mala suerte.  see ya later, djb
Duke in his tux - "Excuse me, my wine glass is empty." (12/22)
Sophie in her Santa Dog dress with Ron & Liz - Duke is napping.