Happy Birthday to you...
I made Jarrett a snowman birthday cake for his third birthday.  Whatever type of beverage he was drinking left its mark on his face.  I
think the reason he's so excited is that at three he's able to understand that this party is for HIM.  It's HIS cake and HIS candles.  He
can barely contain his joy.  And, of course, Andrew is saying "HI" or something else weird (in six weeks, he'd be five years old).
Jarrett's getting ready to blow out the
candles on his cake.
I like the pictures that tell a story.  In the old days, we had to snap, snap the pictures one at a time.  Andrew, Jarrett and I were in
Florida for our respite from the cold.   As I recall, we were celebrating BOTH boys' birthdays.  And, I think I also recall that Aunt
Diane made the cake.  Maybe it was from Baskin Robbins??  
I love to see how happy he was on his birthday.  Once again, we were in
Florida.  Wait a minute, I didn't take that picture above because I'm IN IT!
Jarrett on his birthday - nice smile!!!
This was the year of the mummy cake and
the pinata whack.  Too much fun!!!
This was taken at Jarrett's birthday party on 1-1-99.  I
have another picture with everyone toasting their
glasses full of sparkling grape juice at midnight, but
Jarrett wanted to play his new video game!
This was taken on Jarrett's birthday 1-3-99
Jarrett's blowing out his birthday candles - 8 years old.
The day he came home from the
hospital - I'm amazed by his gaze!
Another New Year's Eve birthday party - Jon,
Ben, Jacob, Andrew, Felix, and Jarrett (this
was the year Jarrett was in first grade).
Thursday, January 4, 2007
- Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from Colleen.  She and Jeannette joined us at Bennigan's  last night
to celebrate Jarrett's birthday AND to chat.  While we were eating, Kevin called Colleen, so I got to talk to him.  He's probably going to
Iraq in February.  Yikes!!!  It was so nice of the girls to come out and visit with us seeing as how most people are afraid of us.  What a
couple of sweethearts!!!!!   Plus, I have to put the picture of the flowers for Jarrett in here somewhere.  I'll do that later.  
MANY, many
thanks to EVERYONE who remembered J-man's birthday.
 It helped a lot.  Days like yesterday remind me of that article about the scar
that's left after the gaping wound has healed.  It's still there, and even though you remember the initial gut-wrenching pain, it's now a
different pain.   Not as raw and new.  Now, it's old and annoying but still there.  Have a nice day, djb  
Colleen and Jeannette
Colleen, Bob and Jeannette in blurry foto
Colleen, me and Jeannette (not blurry)
Wednesday, January 3, 2007 - Below are pictures from Jarrett's various birthday parties through the years.  He ALWAYS loved his
He kept the cards that he got - in a pile in his room - yeah, they're still there in his desk.  Happy Birthday, Jarrett!  Love you, Mom