January 2, 3, 4 & 5, 7, 8, 2012 * Journal
Monday, January 2, 2012 - One more day til Jarrett's birthday

While working on Jarrett's journal pages, I came across his Autobiopoem.  
It cracks me up.  I had to put in that picture of him in his yellow shirt with his
cat.  haha

Apparently, this poem was filled in using a template of sorts.  I'm sure
everyone in his class also wrote one.  See ya later, djb

Cool, Strong, Smart, Nice
Brother of Andrew
Lover of cats, ferrets, and red-eyed tree frogs
Who feels joy, happiness, and excitement
Who finds happiness in Winning, Money and Command and Conquer
Who needs more money, a house, and a car
Whose hobbies are Command and Conquer and the internet
Who fears Atoms Bombs
Who would like to see lots of money, more pets, and Japan
Who enjoys eating sushi, lobster, and catfish
Who likes to wear
orange, yellow and a mohawk
Resident of Elburn
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - It's the day Jarrett was
born.  Happy Boofday, Jarrett.

You think it's cold today.  I still remember as we were
driving up to Delnor Hospital in St. Charles, the radio
announcer said the temperature was around 20
BELOW zero.   It was COLD.  Brrrrrrrrrrr

In his Autobiopoem below, he mentions that he like
to wear orange and yellow.  That's so true.  What a
colorful character he was.

I hate to say WAS.  

I still wonder what he'd be doing if he were still on the
planet????  I'm sure it would be something very

It's way warmer than the day he was born because
it's actually 10 degrees out there.  Still cold.  Happy
Birthday in heaven, Jarrett.  FOREVER IN MY HEART,
love ya, Mom
Jarrett Berg Burkholder born January 3, 1988.  
Died March 3, 2003.  
January 3, 2008 - This is probably the most stunning  
photo that I've ever taken.  It was on Jarrett's birthday --
on his side of the grave stone.  You can read about my
adventure on the
Journal page *January 4, 6, 7, 2008
where I wrote about it four years ago.  I'm still blown
away by it!!!
Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - OMG!  This morning, I
opened a file that contained my posting from January 4,
2008.  I had forgotten about this incident. It still amazes
and amuses me because I KNOW Jarrett had a hand in
making this happen.  

I'm also amazed at how small the evergreen trees were
back then - four years ago.  They have grown so tall
since they were moved to their new locations. and see
ya later, djb
Thursday, January 5, 2012 - After I saw this photo on
my old journal page, I tried to get some of the other
photos off of My Pictures on the computer that Jarrett
built the Christmas before he died.  The one whose
battery has "low power" that I can't change to a new one.

The power is apparently so low that I can't even copy the
old pictures onto a CD any more.  I called a computer
tech guy who is located near Elburn.  He's coming this
afternoon to help me out.

THAT was also Jarrett's doing because if I hadn't seen
this picture, I would NOT be getting the help I need with
this problem that has been going on for a while. ~djb
Saturday, January 7, 2012 - Tomorrow is Kylie's HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  For some
reason, I think it's the 7th.  
This photo to the right was taken in Morris at Bill and
Susan's house.  We were all there.  Kylie just loved to follow Andrew and Jarrett
around.  They were always so patient with her.

Whenever Krissy or Karen would bring her over to our house, she would burst in
the door and say, "Where's the boys?"  They were always "downstairs."  (on the
computer!)   Seriously, time goes by soooooo fast!!

Last night, we saw one of Andrew's golf team buddies at Schmidt's.  He was
there with his wife and they're expecting a baby in April.  WOW!  They were so

It's always good to see their friends.  Even though, we can't recognize anyone
any more.  Everyone grew up!  see ya, djb
Andrew holding Kylie in the swing at Bill's house in Morris
Sunday, January 8, 2012 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KYLIE!!!   AND
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELVIS - who was born in 1935.  
I've been
moving things around and doing this and that on here (behind the
scenes, of course).  Now, I have to get more coffee and read the
Sunday paper.  So, I'll see ya later, djb