Remembering Jarrett on January 3, 2011
Monday, January 3, 2011 - When I went back and looked at the pages of
photos for Jarrett, I couldn't believe how unorganized they were.  One of these
days, I'll fix it.  Now, it's getting more difficult to find everything since I got the new
computer and all the pictures are scattered to the four winds.

Last year I linked up to the BIG old journal pages below.  They are HUGE.  I
made the links yellow
(instead of blue) in honor of Jarrett since he loved that
color.  God bless my sweet Jarrett.  Forever in my heart ~djb

JANUARY 3, 2005 - Jarrett would have been 17 years old today, if he
hadn't died.

JANUARY 3, 2006 - Jarrett would have been 18 years old and Hobbes had
recently died.
Here's the card we got from Grandma & Grandpa Berg last year
letting us know they haven't forgotten Jarrett.  They always
remembered his birthday.  God bless them!
Here's a picture Uncle Ron took of baby Jarrett looking
straight at me like he's thinking, "Hey, I'm only going to be
here for 15 years, so be nice to me!"
Uncle Boogie is giving baby Jarrett his bottle in
the summertime.  It must've been in late August
because I breastfed him until early that month.
Jarrett's blowing out his 9th birthday candle.  
Otherwise, I'd have no idea what year this was.
Jarrett's holding the money that Bergs gave him for his
birthday while we were in the limo coming home from Fla.
I have a lot more pictures to put on here but I was able to
find the ones up above, so that's why they're up there!