Daily Journal - January 24,25,26,27, 2007
Grandma Burkholder in June 2005 - Fisherman's Inn
Grandma & Allison & her husband - they were
from England
Andrew & Jarrett together (above) and
with Uncle Bergy (below) saying queso
and watching him eat.
Ginny's son, Chris, in front of
the former RTHS - can't believe
they demolished it.
Diane is standing next to a huge
Snow Mountain on the farm - 1967
THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2007 - It was 10 degrees when I got up this
morning.  That's pretty cold, Mister!  Remember, it is the new garbage
day.  That has TOTALLY disrupted my flow of refuse disengagement.   
One of our neighbors across the street didn't get the note about the
change of days, so he's been putting his cans and recycling bins out a
day early.  I don't know why that amuses me so much but I suppose I'd
better give him a heads up on that one.

I'm at a very low ebb in regards to my energy level - it's not depression,
just a lack of forward motion.  I think I'm inert.  Yeah, that's it.  Like one of
those animals that just sits around all winter hibernating.  Like a bear.  I'm
like a bear in a cave.  Maybe it's a premonition!?!?  hmm  very
interesting, I think.

I love to see pictures of the boys when they were older because it's
closer to what they looked like right before they died.  But then again, I
do love the pictures when they were younger because they were SUCH
little weasels.  I can HEAR them in my head saying, "cheese" in that
picture with Bergy.

This is the week they're having the public discussions of the landfill
expansion in Rochelle, isn't that correct?  Good luck to Bergy on that
one.  Everyone wants the consumers to buy their stuff & more stuff &
even more stuff, but when it comes time to throw it away - hey, NOT in my
backyard!!!  There's only one person I ever knew who had minimal or no
garbage every week - that was Super Stan.  Every once in a while, he'd
throw away a small bag and  -
WAIT A MINUTE, this has come full circle.  
He would put it in the garbage of our neighbor across the street who puts
his cans out too early! And it began and ended with talk about garbage.  
Saturday, January 27, 2007 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GINNY!  
Yesterday, she sent me an email to confirm that TODAY is her birthday.
They're showing pictures of the snow from 40 years ago in the
newspapers and on TV.   It just sounds like a long time ago - just writing it
is weird.  We were so young and thought we knew everything.

It would be interesting to do a time warp with us as 18 years old vs. the 18
years old nowadays.  WOW!  What a trip that'd be.  The similarities - the
DIFFERENCES.....  like not being connected 24/7, vinyl records, BW TVs,
shared telephone lines, no malls, no cell phones, no COMPUTERS, etc.   

In remembrance of the four decade anniversary, I had to put in the
picture of Diane next to the HUGE snow mountain from 1967 on the farm
in Rochelle.   Just looking at it makes me shiver.  Of course, that could be
because it's cold here today (as usual).  Next week, we're flirting with
ZERO degrees.  Did I already say, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I'd better go drink some more coffee - they say it's good for your memory.
 Every day, I do the crossword puzzle in the Trib.  One day, I can do it all
in about 5-7 minutes.  Other days, I'm totally stymied.  It's like taking a
pop quiz every day.  Although, it will help me if I'm ever on one of those
game shows on the color TV - but NOT a
high def screen.  later, djb
Friday, January 26, 2007 - Every year, I do this.  I'm almost 100% certain
tomorrow is my friend, Ginny's birthday.  Annually, I go through the
same dilemma.  You'd think I'd write it down somewhere?  I've known Ginny
for (let me see....) okay, 45 years.  Isn't that a riot?  That means I've also
known Avis for the same amount of time.  That's almost 50 years.... that's
almost a half century!  Yikes and double Yikes!!!  Time flies, eh?

There are some people that we are fortunate to know with whom we can truly
be ourselves.  No phoniness, no apologies for being who we are behind the
mask that we wear in public, the facade that we hide behind....Ginny's like a
soul sister.  right on.

When I hear about the blizzard of 1967, it always reminds me of Ginny's
birthday and the cake that I made for her.  We were going to celebrate during
our lunch hour but that darn blizzard showed up and my brothers got to eat
the cake because school was cancelled on the 27th.  Forty years ago, today,
was a Thursday and the 27th was a Friday.  
Forty years ago!  You mean I
can remember
THAT LONG AGO!?!  WOW!  That's impressive.  

One thing I have learned is that everyone thinks they know what I
be doing
- everyone that is, except for me.  Obviously, I just don't "get it."  oh
poor pitiful me  ~djb  
Wednesday, January 24, 2007 - Wonder where I've been?  
So do I.  They shut down my website on Yahoo's end because
I exceeded my transfer limit. The first woman I talked to was
helpful to a point.  I see that two different people went on it
from their end.

Then, this morning, I called them again and got a very smart
young man.  He was dealing with an unhappy customer but he
was able to figure out what was wrong and I paid five bucks for
my overage and bingo!  I'm back on line.  How strange.

On their information page, they say that they will "notify me if I
go over my pre-set limit."  They didn't.  Thanks a lot.  At least,

I learned something
so I've got that goin' for me.

Plus, I have my new alternate website on Google (it's called a
blogger blog)
just in case this one ever goes down again and
we know it will....

I thought yesterday was Grandma Burkholder's birthday.  
Imagine my surprise when I found out it was actually TODAY.  
haha  I'm glad I didn't forget it.  I always used to think it was
the 26th of January.  Then, I thought it was the 23rd.  Now, I
know it's the 24th.  

We were so lucky to have these pictures of Grandma that I
took at Fisherman's Inn the Thursday before she died.  Plus, I
totally love that pink jacket she has on.  What a great color
with her white hair.  

I'm going to get this page up and running on the website.  It's
cold here today.  I'm freezing.  Although, I do think it's not that
warm in Florida today?  Looks like rain down in Orlando today.
 But with Florida weather, you never know!

Gotta go do some other stuff for a while.  see ya later, djb