January 24 & 27, 2012 * Journal
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - Today, Grandma Burkholder would
have been 86 if she were still alive.

I've been trying to find some other photos to put in here but I did hit a
(in my opinion) by remembering that I had the black and
white Minnesota pictures somewhere on here.

Found them!
The other day, I realized that I hadn't ever scanned all of the photos
from their 50th wedding anniversary because I had stuck them on a
posterboard for her funeral.  I need to get copies of those and post
them.  If Grandma were here, we'd have a party!  God love ya
Grandma, djb
Jewell Burkholder - the last photo of her.
Jewell & Glen at their 50th Anniversary celebration (right).  

Below:  the whole family:  Bob, Bev, Jewell, Glen, Bill, Jim
Friday, January 27, 2012 - Once again, Happy Birthday, Ginny!

Ginny's birthday always reminds me of an historic day.  In fact, on Wednesday, I saw in the newspaper that the snowstorm we had
on January 26-27, 1967 is still the biggest snowfall since measurements have been kept.  WOW!  That's quite amazing!

And I can still see it all in my mind's eye.  The relentless snow, the birthday cake, standing in the kitchen on the farm, baby Diane
and Uncle Ron wanting to go out and play in the snow.  We kept wondering if they'd close the schools.  Back in the old days, they
NEVER closed the schools but that day, they did.  Wait a minute.  I think 45 years ago was ALSO a Friday.  I'll have to check on that.
 hmmm.  Easy to do in the age of instant information any time, any place, any where.
  YES!  I was right, it was a Friday. ~djb
LEFT:  Diane is
standing next to
the snow
mountain on the
farm - January
28, 1967.  That
is a LOT of
RIGHT:  Ron is
holding onto
Skippy who
appears to be
looking at a shiny
object.  Notice
the ice all over
the fence.