Daily Journal - January 24 & 29, 2009
Jewell Burkholder at Fisherman's Inn in
rural Elburn at 9:06 pm on June 23, 2005.
Jarrett and Grandma on or about September 5,
2002 - we celebrated Grandpa's birthday with a
pool party at our house.
Saturday, January 24, 2009 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA
 I was pretty sure it was Grandma Burkholder's
birthday TODAY -- and it is.  For many years, I thought it was the
26th -- so that's why I remain confused after all this time because I
had the wrong date stuck in my memory banks.  

If she were alive, it would be her 83nd birthday.  A few years ago,
Bob was in Florida on business the week before Grandma's
birthday.  He told his mom that he'd take her out to any restaurant
in town, and she could invite whomever she wanted.  Anyone?  
Sure.  Everyone.  Even Linda?  Sure, why not.

Oh boy!  Did Grandma ever have fun with that!!  The others who
celebrated her birthday may have had doctor or lawyer sons but
that paled in comparison to Jewell -- she had a son who was
actually there in person on her birthday treating her and her friends
to a very lovely dinner.  She was "Queen for a Day."

That reminds me.  As I recall, the restaurant was in Punta Gorda --
right exactly where Hurricane Charley made landfall in 2004.  
Ouch.  Hopefully, they're now back in business because it was a
very beautiful place with lots of windows, gorgeous view -- right on
the water, delicious food.  Near the putt-putt golf course.

Somewhere around here, I have the pictures she sent us from the
festivities.  hmmm  Wonder where they are?  Could be anywhere if
I know my filing system - random and capricious.

She always had such beautiful, perfectly white hair that a lot of
older ladies would pay big bucks to get the same result but hers
was God given.  So you'd think she'd be thrilled to have it -- not.  
For some reason, she decided that she wanted black streaks in it
which turned out to be a minor disaster.  We kept telling her to
leave it alone.  It looks like she took our advice in these pictures!!!

God bless Grandma.  Hope she's having a good time on her
heavenly journey.  We know she missed Grandpa very much after
he died, and I hope it's true that he met her on the other side.  

We miss her very much.  You know how they say that one person
can make a difference.  She did.  Now that she's gone, the family
seems scattered to the four winds....something that would NEVER
have happened if she were still here.    Hey Gram, say hi to the
weasels from me.  See ya later and I always remember the gator
in your canal.  love ya, djb
Bob, Bev, Jewell, Glen, Bill and Jim at THE WEDDING - 1994
Glen, Jim, Bill, Jewell in front.  Bob and Bev in back.
The Burkholders at Woodhaven -- Jewell and Glen -- Bob,
Jarrett and Andrew - maybe 2000
Grandpa, Karen, Grandma , Krissy, Andrew and Jarrett in
the front - Christmas 1989
Thursday, January 29, 2009 - There were so many things I had
planned to take care of these past few days but the best laid plans
of moose and women
(as opposed to mice and men) often get
interrupted six millions times.  Finally, I'm able to write in here for
a little while without any kind of pain or pokiness in my eye --
Monday was really bad.  Then on Tuesday, I was better but not
perfect.   Right after I wrote that, I had to put in an eye drop and
now my eye is bothering me again.  This is driving me crazy!!!

Wednesday morning, when I went out to get the papers and take
out the garbage, I was greeted with 3 inches of snow.  Oh boy!  It
was light and fluffy -- so from 6:15 until 6:45 a.m., I shoveled as
much as could -- thankfully, it had a 1:25 water ratio which made it
easy to move around.  And I would've finished the entire driveway
except for the fact that I had an eye doctor's appointment at 9 a.m.

When I finally got to
SEE the doctor (after waiting longer than I
thought I should)
, he said that I have to get off the prednisone
drops because that's where my problem is with the uncomfortable
feelings in my eye.  There is absolutely NO INFECTION in my
eyeball and he did look at it every which way for a very long time.  I
was afraid that my stomach would start growling or gurgling -- but
it didn't....whew.  How embarrassing would that be!!  OMG

So much weirdness in the world - too much craziness in the state
of Illinois -- and many other parts of the country, too.  The hubris -
unmitigated gall, absolute arrogance - exhibited by AIG is beyond
the pale -- millions of dollars for bonuses using the TARP money
-- yeah, no one thought THAT was going to happen!!!  duh!

Then there's that executive who redecorated his office for $1.2
million.  Wasn't it $84,000 for one stupid rug -- how insane!!!   I
guess if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

I think I'll go and watch the birdies.  bye.  see ya later, djb
Sammy's climbing down the tree to get some food.  The thing hanging
is a kabob basket.  I put suet in it for the woodpeckers.  They love it.
Sammy's in the snow chomping down on squirrel chow.
You can see the snow on Mama Cardinal's beak.
Mama Cardinal getting ready for her morning snack.