Daily Journal - January 1 & 2, 2007

Not much going on.  It's colder today than it has
been.  This morning, I read about the immense ice
shelf that  broke off in the Canadian Arctic
(can you
say Global Warming?).
 When I went back to the
online news later to refer to it again, it was gone!  

Apparently, it's not sexy enough news, I believe it
was replaced by a football story - it's too scary, I
guess.  Speaking of pitiful football teams - BEARS -
could they be any worse?  No.  Grossman's
quarterback rating was 0.0.  I feel sorry for his mom.

I'm pretty sure everyone has better things to do
today than read my comments - like eat ham hocks
and blackeyed peas.  Hey, wait a minute, I have
better things to do, too...  haha  Sometimes, we're
just not inspired to say anything pithy
.  later, djb
Andrew and Jarrett posing (once again) in
front of the fire place.  I'm pretty sure this is
also from 1998 - I could go and check but I
don't feel like it.  
TUESDAY, January 2, 2007 - At some point, I
know that I'll type
2006.  But, it'll be easier next
year to change a 7 to an 8 than it is to change a
6 to a 7 because of that loopy loop on the 6.

It's cold here but the sun is shining - the temp is
in the 20's.  Looking back in the
OLD Journal
at Jarrett's birthday two years ago
when he turned 17, it was 2 below zero.  brrrrr  
-- good or bad?

Try an experiment:  Can you go for an hour
without using any first person, personal
For example, I, me, my, mine  Try
it.  It's quite enlightening how much we all talk too
much about OURSELVES --- blah, blah, blah....

Of course, if you're all alone for an hour then it'll
be easy....unless the voices in your head start
talking!!  see ya later, djb
Here's a sunrise from January 1, 2004
that occurred at 7:11 a.m.  This is really
beautiful.  What a great way to start a
new year!