Daily Journal - January 19,20,21,22, 2007
Here's Zoe and Hopey with Oreo T. Bunny.  Oreo reminds
me of Hobbes in a way because if he doesn't like what's
happening, he'll make his wishes known in his own special
dwarf bunny manner.  His fur is SO soft the girls love to hold
him, although Zoe's obviously better at it because she's
older.  Hope is learning.

He's much tamer now than he was when he first came to
town.  It's hilarious to see him get out of his cage and run
around and jump a foot in the air.  I don't mean a rabbit's foot
- I mean 12 inches of hopping straight up in the air.  Hey, Air
Bunny!!!  wazzup?

Some day, I may be able to capture that picture.  Although,
just like Hobbes, it's hard to get a normal looking photo of a
critter using the flash.  All of the pictures of Sable
she's looking at the camera)
have those weird eyes that look
like scary marbles.

I'm still working on the Christmas decorations.  It takes such
a long time
(for me) to take them down and figure out which
box they go in and on and on.  Plus, I don't want to put them
away.  Now I know why people leave them up all year.  And I
used to say those people were crazy.  Now, I know the truth -
they like twinkly sparkly starry lights setting a happy mood.  
okie dokie

It is very, very, very COLD here today.  I heard that this  
Sunday, we're supposed to get 2-3 inches of SNOW* in time
for the Bear's game -

If we win, then this media-inspired Bears-inspired  insanity
goes on for another two weeks.  If we don't score more
points, then it's over and everyone is sad and depressed.  
hmmmm  Good luck to us.  bye, djb
Zoe holding Oreo T. Bunny while Hopey
clutches her plastic egg.
Zoe with Oreo - nice bunny!!!!
I noticed that yesterday, I typed 2006 instead of 2007.  I guess
it'll take a while to NOT do that.  It's still cold here - it was 7 when
I got up this morning.  At least, it wasn't ZERO.  Then tomorrow,
we get more snow.  oh boy!!  The driveway is one big frozen
chunk of ice with snow frosting on top.  Some day, it'll melt, yes?

Yesterday, I saw some critter tracks in the front yard.  While I
was standing at the sink doing something domestic, I noticed
that a squirrel was scampering across the street and made a
beeline for the crab apple tree.  You can see his second set of
little paw prints on the right and the other day's are on the left.  
Then, he climbed up in the tree and started munching on the
crab apples that were left in the tree.  It was pretty cute.
The one thing I do like
about the snow is that
you can see the animal
tracks.  It is so
fascinating to see how
many critters are out
there wandering around
in our yard.  I'd go out
and take some pictures
but it might freeze my
camera and would surely
freeze me.
Top:  raccoon tracks -
Bottom:  raccoon tracks
Looks like they were dancing in the
I don't have anything much to say except that I made some
awesome shrimp scampi last night.  Yum!!!  see ya later, stay
WARM, djb
It snowed during the night, so when I went out to pick up
the newspapers this morning, I had to shovel my way out
there.  It's very fluffy - maybe there's 3 or 4 inches.  I
wanted to get the papers early before they got buried by

For one thing, they've been delivering a "free"
Beacon-News newspaper for the past week, so now I have
three papers to pick up.  Plus, the last time it snowed a lot
(December 1st), the papers got buried and then when
Gene came over with his snow tractor, they got mangled
inside.  Not a pretty sight.  

In this picture of Andrew standing on the fireplace, I'm
trying to figure out how old he is.  He's older than one -
maybe he's 18 months?  I'm not really sure.  The picture
on the right is from 1990, so I know he's four in that one.  

All of the non-stop media hype is driving me crazy (or
!  Bob is totally immersed!  Watching the TV,
listening to the radio and reading the papers.  
Go Bears!  
At some point, I just want it to be OVER.  haha  People love
to live their lives vicariously through sports teams.  If the
team wins, they say, WE WON.  If the team loses, they say
THEY LOST.   very funny.  

I really like being able to have a theme so I can find photos
that match it.  The music is another story.  I don't always
have the song that I want to put in.  Although I totally love
"Sweet Home Alabama" any time.  
Go Bears!

Better get my shoes on, my feet are freezing, and it's
getting late.  I have to do something besides type and look
at stuff on the internet.  
LEFT:  Andrew, Bear's fan  
RIGHT:  Andrew, Bear's fan
View of the front yard this morning -
let it snow!!!!
Monday, January 22, 2007 - I'm trying to avoid starting a new
page today.  Did you hear about the
CHICAGO BEARS going to the
SUPER BOWL ??  Yes, it's true.  It was fun to see it snowing in
Chicago during the game and also snowing here - synchronicity.

Here in the country, Bob used the snow blower
(which is now
called a snow THROWER)
to blow the snow off the driveway.  We
had about 3 inches early on and then about 2 more inches fell
during the Bears game.  You can see that there's a little bit out
there that I'm just going to shovel sooner or later.  Either before I
drive on it or after - if it's after, then it'll be much more difficult.  

I love the snow.  I'm so happy it's here.  It's so pretty and white -
like a big blanket covering the earth.  Maybe I'll be able to build a
snowman later this week.  Wouldn't that be fun?  Yes, it would.  
see ya later, djb  Have a WONDERFUL day!!!   
This is how the driveway looked this morning.