Wednesday, January 19, 2011 - I started this page early
in the morning but didn't get it published until Thursday,
so I guess I'm a day late and a dollar short.

I've been looking in my extensive photo files for Andrew
and Jarrett in their Chicago Bears outfits but because I
name my  pictures with goofy names, I can't ever find
them by searching for the name only.  I have to actually
find the picture and see what I called it.   

But when I eventually do find the photos, I always say to
myself, "Oh, that makes sense."  A crazy person making
sense....that's CRAZY!!

It's going to be very, very, very cold here in the next few
days -- maybe below zero.  Certainly, the wind chills will
be below zero.  Hey, it's January and it's NORTHERN
Illinois, what do you expect???

They've been working on putting siding on our neighbors'
house (Gene & Brenda).  They live across the street so I
see their house all the time.  I found an old picture before
the transformation.  

I'm always taking pictures of the woods when it's snowy
and foggy and because their house is in front of the
woods, well, it gets in the picture.  

It's fun to watch.  But even more amazing than all that is
the fact that the guys doing the work are out there in this
cold, frigid, soon-to-be brutal weather.  brrrr

I'm going to skedaddle -- so, see ya later,  djb

Jarrett, the toddler Chicago Bears fan.
Lion at the Art Institute wearing his Bears helmet.
Friday, January 21, 2011 - All morning, I've been
monitoring the temperature outside. It got down to 9
BELOW zero here at 7 a.m.  Just now, I looked at the
Andrew and Jarrett website Weather Bug
temperature and it's TEN BELOW ZERO (-10).  

I like that it says "
! Severe Weather Alert"  

That's an understatement if ever there were one.  
Although, I did hear that it's 44 below in Minnesota.  
And that isn't wind chill, it's the for real temperature.

Just yesterday, it was the 26th anniversary of the
coldest ever recorded temperature in Illinois.  27
below zero on January 20, 1985.  Still remember that
day & where I was standing in the kitchen. How weird.

Maybe one of the reasons I remember it is the fact
that Bob decided to do something bizarre, so he
walked around the block so he could say that he
walked around the block on the coldest day ever in
Illinois.  Although I haven't heard him say it lately.  

It's true.  I did NOT go out that day.  It must've been
on a weekend because otherwise, I would've been on
a train into the city
(that would be Chicago).

Oh yeah, Go Bears!!  Hopefully, by the time they
play their special football game on Sunday, the field
will have warmed up.  I can't even imagine how cold
that must be.  

I guess I'm just not a very good Norwegian because
my favorite temperature is 82 degrees ABOVE zero.  
bye, djb
Left:  Young Bear fan, Andrew (North Aurora)
Right:  Older Bear fan Andrew (Elburn)
January 19, 21 & 24, 2011 - Current Journal
Monday, January 24, 2011 - The Bears lost.  boo
hoo.  Better that they lost now than at the Super
Bowl.  That would be so much more embarrassing.

During half-time of the game yesterday, I drove into
Elburn to mail some letters and get some stuff.  
There were hardly any cars on the road.  However,
as I was driving home, I spotted a BIG truck behind

Way before I was supposed to, I turned on my left
turn signal, I already had my lights on, and I
eventually braked, so there were quite a few
indications that I was slowing down to turn LEFT.

Apparently, the truck driver in the tanker truck was
busy with other activities, because he was NOT
slowing down.  He was coming behind me at full
speed.  I would've turned left as soon as I noticed
him driving like a complete asshole except for the
fact that there were multiple cars coming north in the
other lane.  

This is right in the exact same spot where Wade and
Denise were killed two years ago on Memorial Day
weekend.  As I slowed to a stop and prepared to be
killed by this maniac behind me, he started to drive
around my car on the right.  No shoulder there really.

Anyway, besides scaring the complete crap out of
me, he didn't seem to ever slow down or give a shit
that he could've killed me.  What a careless jerk!

TWO THOUGHTS:  apparently, not my day to go.  
And I'm pretty sure Wade and Denise sent some
angels to watch over me.  God bless them.  Be
careful out there, djb
This photo of us at the Farm has never been on
here before. There are two others of all of us but
not this one.  The Farm, Rochelle, IL, USA 1953
Almost full moon setting in the west the other