Daily Journal - January 18, 19, 20, 22, 2008
Friday, January 18, 2008 - HAPPY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TO
.  I won't divulge which one it is.

It's funny that Bob and I are going over to Rosita's tonight to meet
the girls for dinner.  Colleen is now attending NIU and she and
Jeannette are meeting us. Last we heard, Stephanie won't be there,
but you never know.

Whenever anyone has a birthday around here, we always go to
Rosita's because we love the food and it's centrally located.  So, we''ll
have to enjoy a beverage in honor of Veralee.  Corona or frozen
margarita.  Feliz cumpleanos!!

It's cold today but it's going to get BRUTAL before this weekend is
over.  We hearing about wind chills of 20 BELOW zero.  That's cold,
amigo.  brrrrr

It's time to go clean the house before I get ready to go to DeKalb.  I
probably won't have time to put this up here today since it takes a
while to hook up everything for a new page.

Hopefully, I'll have some pictures of the girls to put on here
tomorrow.  Muy bueno.  hasta la vista, djb
Birthday girl, VERALEE, with Uncle Al, at Bonefish Grille in Florida
while we were all there for Granny's special birthday in October.  It
was a very nice restaurant and a whole lot of other people thought so
too.  After we ate, we went over to Journeys to listen to Marc play his
music outside.  
Saturday, January 19, 2008 - Okay, so it's officially BRUTAL here today.  
When I got up this morning, it was 56 degrees in the house and
degrees outside. brrrrrrr

When I went out to get the newspapers, I totally bundled up.  BUT when I
walked down the driveway - crunch, crunch, crunch, I could see that there
was only one paper out there, so I had to go back out later.  Yeah, bundled
up within an inch of my life once again.  I could barely move.

I have NO idea what the wind chill is or was....somewhere in the 20 below
range.  It's supposed to be 10 below zero (w/o the wind chill) here tonight.
Personally, I knew this was coming so I was prepared to cook food this

However, we're now out of milk and orange juice so I'm going to have to go
to the store tomorrow.  Oh yeah, bananas, too.

We had such a great time having dinner with the girls last night.  They're all
doing well in their respective schools  which Bob and I totally encourage in
all of the youngsters.  Doesn't matter what you do, just LEARN SOMETHING
- as long as you enjoy it and it's legal.  

They're all so sweet to keep in touch with us. We're old enough to be their
grandparents - seriously, we are almost retired -- wait a minute, I AM
retired.  haha....Talk about your boomers.  That's us!!!  Boom-shaka-laka

Every time they say two below.....it sounds like
tuba low - that makes me
laugh so much.  They keep saying it because that's the temperature in
downtown Chicago tonight. haha

Bergy was supposed to go visit the Bergs today because he's in Florida on a
whirlwind golf outing.  I'm not sure, but I think he has to come back to
Illinois tomorrow???  Like I said, not sure.  But he's going to be in for a BIG
BRRRR surprise.

You don't really appreciate how cold below zero is until you feel it again
and then your brain says, "Yikes!  This is not happening.  Am I in the
Arctic??  Am I in a freezer?"  Brutal.

Better get this up onto the www.  It's taken a long time to do this today
because I had to cook and that took me hours and hours.  But it was fun
and delicious.  see ya later, djb
Colleen, Jeannette and Stephanie at Rosita's in
Grandpa, Granny and Bergy in Florida - October
2007 celebrating Granny's birthday with some
Sunday, January 20, 2008 - It was only 8 BELOW zero when I got up this
morning.  Of course, who knows what the official temperature is?  
However, the coldest day in recorded history in Chicago happened on this
day in 1985 -- it was 27 degrees below zero (real temperature).  That was
the day that Bob walked around the block in North Aurora so that he'd
always remember the occasion and he could later brag about doing
something really stupid.  duh...  Can you say frostbite???

Happy Birthday to my cousin, Patty (Berg) Yocum.  She's only 3
months younger than I am but I always thought I was a YEAR older than
she was because I was a grade ahead of her.  It wasn't until just a few
years ago that I realized how close in age we really are.  That does crack
me up.

It totally reinforces the age-ism that occurs in grade school kids.  Unless
you've seen it, you don't even think about it.  But it is quite a scandal to
associate with someone younger than you are when you're in the lower
grades.  They all know exactly how old everyone else is.  Of course, your
siblings don't count.  But if they are younger, they're not as cool as you

Speaking of Bergy -- he is coming back to the deep freeze this morning.  
They're flying into Rockford....which is a good thing.  At least, the drive
home will be shorter, the walk to the parking lot will be closer.  Although, I
think that someone drove a van so that guy can get it and warm it up
before the others have to venture outside.  It's going to be quite a shock to
their systems.

It's time to go out and get the newspapers.  brrrr  see ya, djb
Here we are at the farm visiting Grandma and Grandpa
Berg.  On the ground:  Baby Ron next to Steve who is
grabbing Pat's ankle.  Bergy has the ball in a throwing
position.  Pat and I have our arms around each other's
shoulders and Rod is next to me.  Notice that our skirts
are almost exactly the same length.  For some reason, that
fascinates me.
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - Today's the full moon, so when something
serendipitous occurs, why should that surprise me???  It doesn't.

It was pretty cold this morning - not as brutal as it has been.  But there was a wind
chill in the single digits as I recall.  Usually, the Daily Herald newspaper is in the
driveway by 6 am, so I figured at about 7:15, I'd shovel my way to the road and
scoop it out of the snow if I could figure out where it landed.

First, I had to get bundled up fairly well because I knew I'd have to do a little bit of
shoveling.  It wasn't a little bit -
IT WAS A LOT.  At first, I thought the snow
(forecast was for 1-3 inches)
in the driveway was as much as we had last time, but
as it turned out
(after I measured it with Jarrett's metal yardstick), it was only

I weaseled open the gate and started shoveling - oh boy, this is pretty light.  When
I had pushed about 6 feet, the snow had turned into a 3 feet high snowball.  Okay,
I had to use another tactic.  I started pushing it from side to side in the driveway -
first by the garage door so Bob wouldn't get stuck.  

Then, I shoveled down to the road....not that easy.  It was freaking hard.  
Although, I did do that maneuver where you yell while you're pushing the shovel.  
Ayiiiiii   That seemed to work for a while.  Push, shovel, push, shovel.

Since the ditch is close to the road, I can shovel the snow without having to pick it
up - that's key to my success.  Back and forth.  Push and push and scrape and
push.  It was VERY, VERY, VERY COLD.  My hands were starting to get frozen.  
I comforted myself with the thought that if I could just shovel the right side of the
driveway, Bob would be able to go to work.

All of sudden, as I pushed a big pile of snow to the west, I slipped on some ice and
fell in the snow.  Of course, I had to laugh because I had my flannel-lined jeans on
with my full-length goose-down coat so I was very well insulated but it was hard
to get up - there was no traction anywhere to be found.

But just as I fell, a man in a white truck
(think White Horse) drove by and asked
me if I was hurt.  I said I was fine.  He asked, "Are you going to shovel that whole
driveway?"  My reply, "Hell, yes, my husband has to go work.  I don't want him
sitting around here all day."  He laughed and responded, "That's what my wife

Since he had a plow on the front of his truck, he offered to plow out the driveway.
 I protested slightly.  He ignored me and proceeded to drive up and back three
times and the whole thing was clean except for a few spots which I was glad to
shovel.  Then, the garage door opened and Bob drove away to work.

Now, it's about 5:30 and I'm finally getting this put up on the www.  What a nice
start to my day.  I would've shoveled it all but I'm GLAD I didn't have to.  God
bless Gary in the white truck.  see ya later, djb
You can see the sun coming up over the trees -
right by the big evergreen.  Of course, you can also
see LOTS of snow!
Here's the driveway after it was plowed.  The
brightness on the evergreen trees is the sun coming
up.  It was very sunny today and it melt a lot of
the snow.  So, that's good.