Monday, January 15, 2007 - Seriously!  Think about it
- today is the 15th of January already!!!!!!! That is just
not possible, is it?  Time is flying by.  As of noon
tomorrow, this month is HALF OVER.  Didn't it just
start??  I still have my little Christmas tree sitting on the
counter.  I may leave it there until next Christmas
because it's so cute and makes me happy.

This morning, I went over to see Jordan and got my hair
cut.  It's the shortest I've had it in a long time.  I think she
took off an inch and a half - it looks GREAT.  She does
such a good job, and it's always a treat to see her and
chit chat up a storm - yak, yak, yak.
Andrew took everything
out of the cupboard
and then sat in it and
smiled - it was so
TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2007 - It's VERY COLD here today.  Last time I looked at
the thermometer, it was 11 degrees.  brrrrr  When I got up this morning, the wind
chill was -4.  Yikes!  Winter has returned.

I just got a call from Uncle Ron.  Aunt Liz went to O'Hare yesterday at 1 p.m.  They
kept delaying her flight, and finally they cancelled it!!!!  She didn't get  home until
10 p.m.  Ron had to drive in and pick her up.  What a nightmare - snow, slow
traffic & flights cancelled.  Plus, she couldn't retrieve her luggage.

Even though her flight was cancelled, they were still going to fly her luggage TO
Nashville on another airplane and then fly it back.  WHAT???  Now, I'm wondering
if she has to pay for her luggage to fly round-trip????  Up is down and down is up.

Last night, Diane called and happened to mention that it was in the low 80's
yesterday in Florida.  That's my perfect temperature.  What am I doing here????  
Oh yeah, waiting for the Bears to play on Sunday.

GO BEARS!!!   see ya later, gator, djb
The front yard this morning.  
Wednesday, January 17, 2007 - I don't know how it already got to be Wednesday so
fast.  It seems like it should be Tuesday.  Last week, I got a note that they're changing
our garbage pick-up day.  Apparently, one of our neighbors didn't get the word
because I noticed they have their big can out by the curb.  It's hard to change a habit
- especially the garbage day routine.

Last week, I had a reading  with a psychic who talked to Andrew and Jarrett.  It was
beyond awesome.  Normally, I keep that type of personal news to myself because I
know most people think it's a bunch of crap or just creepy weird stuff.
Grandpa Burkholder's visit?!)

But then, most people have never buried two children in one day, so to those people I
say, "walk a mile in my shoes, then see what you'd do."   After I went to the John
Edward presentation in Chicago, it struck me that most everyone there who lost a
child wanted to communicate with them just for the simple reason that as a parent,
they wanted to know that their child was okay.  That's what this is all about.

Before I contacted her, I was seriously thinking about seeing a shrink
(and I knew that
would be a disaster)
.  Now, I feel as though the cloud that surrounded me has been
lifted.  I feel like she REALLY, REALLY, REALLY connected with them.  They're doing
fine.  Their only concern was my sadness.  "Mom, we're always watching over you."  

And when I get the feeling that they're sending me a message, they are.  Although
today, they've been surprisingly quiet.  hmmm?  Wonder what they're up to?   And by
the way, they did see Marcus.  Indeed, why wouldn't they?!   May you have a happy,
happy day - I will, djb
The view out the kitchen window this morning - brrrr
Thursday, January 18, 2007 - I'm in the midst of the final stages of packing up my Christmas
decorations.  Plus, it's the NEW garbage day day so I'm trying to find all the "stuff" that has to
be thrown out today or else it will be here another week or month or year or decade!!!  Granny
and I have a disorder called, "I Can't Throw That Away" (or ICTTA syndrome).

After years of keeping something and investing all that time in guarding it and keeping it safe,
HOW can we throw it away!?   That's why I love Christmas decorations so much because as
the years go by, they become MORE precious, they're not just junk even though some things
are glued with yellowish-tinged glue or crackly yellowish tape - barely hanging on for their
yearly escape from the attic/basement/ closet/crawl space.

Plus, I have the various little grade school decorations that Andrew and Jarrett made over the
years....  Yikes!!  Can't get rid of those - are you crazy?  haha

Here's Jordan drying my hair the other day, notice the green orbs above her head.  Plus the
FLASH covers MY face.  Pretty cool.  djb
While Jordan was drying my locks, I took a picture with my
NEW camera.  I finally got a camera that has ANTI-SHAKE.  
They made this camera just for me!!!  
Daily Journal - January 15,16,17,18, 2007