Daily Journal - January 13, 15, 17, 2008
Sunday, January 13, 2008 - Can you believe that this month is almost
half over!?  This has got to be a time warp!!!!

Ron and Liz spent a week in Florida at Bergs' house and got back to
Illinois last night.  When I saw this picture of the boys doing their
homework on the patio, it reminded me of how much we all enjoy sitting
out there whenever we visit.

I was wondering what year this was and then I figured it out.  It was
1996, when we went to Florida in February for Grandpa and Granny's
50th wedding anniversary.  I distinctly  remember that blue shirt that
Jarrett wore.  He won the white tiger out at Sea World doing something
or other.

The most amazing thought occurred to me this afternoon.  Bob always
gets impressed when I use percentages, so he should be REALLY
wowed by this thought.  Jarrett's classmates, who are now 20 years
old, have lived 25% of their lives since he died.  Think about that!  
That's huge.

In fact, I would venture to say that these past five years have probably
been more intense than the first 15 years --- the remainder of their
high school years and going on to college or getting a job....

A lot of them are trying to figure out what they're going to be doing with
the rest of their lives, plus they've got their Myspace page to keep
current, and I know that takes a very long time!!  haha

There's not much to do today - let me rephrase that sentence - my
creative energy has frozen.  Of course, there's that little matter of
taking down my decorations inside the house that I haven't done yet.  
I'll do it tomorrow. I always wait until the 15th of January.  Really, I do.

We're supposed to be getting very, very brutally cold weather this
coming week.  I've finally decided to put the plastic wrap up on the
sliding glass door in the family room but Bob's sitting in his chair by the
door watching the football GAMES - maybe I could seal him in there.  
haha!  That's just a joke.  Better go take care of business. bye, djb
Andrew was 10 in this picture and Jarrett was 8 (February 1996).  
They were able to get out of school, IF they did their homework
while gone!!
Avis and Bergy on the patio at Granny's birthday party.  The same
location as the above picture.
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - It's very COLD here!  The month is
officially HALF OVER.  How are those New Year's resolutions going for
you?  I made my usual one:  TO GET ORGANIZED.  (hahahaaa)

This morning, when I got up, it was 58 degrees in the house and 10
degrees outside.  double brrrr  Where is my favorite temperature?

Yesterday afternoon, I got the plastic wrap put up over the door and the
window in the family room downstairs.  Now that it's up and all stuck to
the tape, it poofs out a lot so you know there's some gappage going on
there.  At least, there's one good thing about having air leaking into the
house, we'll most likely never die of carbon monoxide poisoning.  So,
we've got that goin' for us.....

When I drove home from town yesterday, I noticed how beautiful the
landscape looked.  You can see the bare bones of the trees and all of
the extraneous foliage has been blown away.  Then, there's the
fogginess that creeps around and makes everything look so eerie and
mysterious.  It's quite beautiful in a cold, barren way.

Better go.  Did you see the Green Bay game on Sunday?  Go Packers!
They keep saying that Brett Favre is old - he's 38.  oh my, using that
formula, I must be elderly.  That's funny.  I want to see Green Bay and
New England in the Super Bowl.  THAT would be a good game.  By the
way, Tom Hanks said, "There's no crying in baseball."  later, djb   
This picture was taken 20 years ago.  Big baby Jarrett looks like he
isn't too darn happy but I think his little paws are inside those hand
protectors so I can understand his dismay.  Bob bought me that
"little house on the prairie dress" because he thought it would make
me look more motherly.  I guess it did look better than a sweatshirt
two sizes too big for me.
Thursday, January 17, 2008 - It's about 12:30 pm and I'm sitting in
the computer room watching it SNOW.  It's very exciting to see it
snow again. We're only supposed to get 2 inches or so.  But I know
how that works - last time it snowed, the predicted 3 inches turned
into 9 inches of fluffy white stuff.  Oh boy!

Yesterday, I was actually cleaning out a drawer in my desk in my
office/room/sanctuary, and I found some of those SanDisk cards
that went into my first digital camera
(that's where the pictures on
the right came from)
.  Because I'm so crazy, I HAD TO have a digital
camera as soon as I heard about them.  It wasn't as user friendly as
the latest models are.

Well, in the olden days, we didn't really know exactly what we were
doing with our HUGE photo files....plus, there were no photo
websites to help us, plus you couldn't send multiple pictures over
the dial-up lines because they were too big and you'd get cut off
every time -- annoying!  

It does kind of make me laugh when I think about some of the
(that's really a word now) photo files we'd send.  They
would be as big as a house.  I'm NOT kidding.  They were so big,
you couldn't see what they were.  Then, when you'd try to print
them, you'd get an 8 x 10 print of a someone's foot.  It was hilarious.

Our weather is getting ready to go into the deep freeze.  Good news
is that the plastic wrap I put on the door and window downstairs is
working like a champ.  Now, in the mornings, the temperature is not
even close to 58 degrees any more.  Good thing for my toes.

Did you know that of the colors, white, black, gray and green, only
one is NOT the name of a Supreme Court justice.  I know what it is.  
I saw it on a TV show right before the news at noon.  It's the one I

Better go.  It kind of looks like it stopped snowing.  Have to get the
garbage can and the recycling bin before they get blown into the
street. see ya later, djb
I was finally able to download this picture of me on my  
birthday - 2006 - yes, nice shot, Donna.
Andrew in Bergs kitchen on December 25, 1999.
Jarrett at Bergs on December 25, 1999 - playing video games.
Bread and butter pickles that I made myself.