Little Glen posing in December 1922
Brother Melvin with baby Glen 1921
Baby Glen being held by his brother 1920
Glen on Grandpa Burkholder's tractor, holding little Bobbie -
this is probably 1948
Glen wearing his sailor's outfit
in 1923
Grandpa with Karen and Jarrett in Rochelle
Left:  Bev,
Bob, Grandpa,
Grandma, Jim
and Bill at our
house in
Elburn a few
years ago.
The grandkids and the grandparents and Uncle Jim
Andrew, Grandpa and Jarrett at our house
Andrew wearing the same
outfit in 1988
Grandma and Grandpa at their 50th wedding
anniversary celebration/wedding in Rochelle.  This was
always Grandma's dream - to have her dream wedding.
Grandpa went along
(because he had no other choice)
but he totally enjoyed himself that day
(and he looked
good in the tux)
.  It was a very nice wedding.  
Grandpa, Jarrett, Andrew and Bob at our house
Grandpa making a face (love it) and Grandma reading a card
I took this picture on the first anniversary of
Grandma's death.  I'm so glad that Bob and I
decided to get a nice gravestone for their grave.

Poor Grandma couldn't decide WHAT to put on the
plaque that the VA would put on the grave for
Grandpa.  So, we told her that we'd figure it out.  
And we did!  Of course, it's like Andrew and Jarrett's
stone and considering that it's the only black stone
out there at the cemetery, it's easy to find.  And that
was our intention.  

They really did pick a very nice, beautiful place to
rest in peace.  God bless them both.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1920 -  (93 years since he was born in Minnesota)
JANUARY 14, 2002 - (12 years since he died in Port Charlotte, Florida)