Gift of Hope
but not so many thanks
We received only one thank you letter after the donation of Andrew's organs, tissues, corneas, etc. through the
Gift of Hope network.  They seem to be really gung ho about trying to make you want to donate your loved
one's organs
(while you're in shock) but once they get them, they don't seem so good on the follow-up.

For example, wouldn't we love to hear from the persons who received parts of our son's body?  Darn right we
would.  They should make the donors sign a thank you card
BEFORE they get the organs.  Yeah, a simple
thanks would be appreciated.  And then, you can have a nice life with your new and improved body parts..

As I said, this is the only letter we received -
from a child.  I'm so glad that she got Andrew's right kidney.  I
couldn't have picked a better person myself.  God bless her
(I did change her name but I'm not sure why).

My name is Sarah.  I am 13 years old and in the 8th grade.
I just wanted to write a letter to say thank you!  I don't
know how I can possibly thank you enough for what you
have done for me.  The kidney you gave me has given me
a new life!

I had kidney disease and was on dialysis three days a
week.  I was always tired, and I missed a lot of school.  I
could only drink 1.5 liters a day and could not have pasta,
pizza, hot dogs or any of the good stuff.  But thanks to you,
I feel great.  I'm back in my dance class and I can eat
anything I want.

I am really sorry for your loss.  I offer my heartfelt
sympathy. I pray your memories will be your sunshine.  
There will always be love in my thoughts for you because
of what you've done for me.  I know it was a tough decision
and I'm glad God gave you the strength to do it.

May God bless and keep you.   

Sincerely, Sarah
You see what I mean.  What a
sweetheart!  I hope she's still
dancing all day long!